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About A.C.E.

The Association for Consciousness Exploration is an organization in NorthEast Ohio providing services in the fields of Magic, Mind-Sciences, Alternative Lifestyles, Comparative Religion/Spirituality, Entertainment, Holistic Healing, and related subjects. Founded in 1983 by members of the Chameleon Club, ACE has provided programs of an educational, spiritual, and recreational nature to the Greater Cleveland area and the public at large.

Dedicated to 'expanding the frontiers of your consideration', they are best known for the Starwood Festival (America's Greatest Magickal Event) and the WinterStar Symposium (America's Cushiest Magickal Event), and their line of Books, Tapes, and CDs featuring both lecturers and performers from their past events and the ACE/Llewellyn line of tapes.

ACE LLC holds occasional smaller events at colleges and in the community including drumming circles, concerts, and solo appearances by speakers & artists seen at their festivals.

There is also a Wikipedia article here.

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