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Dr Charles W. Clark

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The Burning Times

THE BURNING TIMES -This open discussion provides unusual insights into the witch-hunts that began in the 17th century. Dr. Clark offers a Profile of the typical victim of the hunts dispelling myths about the nature of their lives and activities and the true motivations behind the persecutions. Topics include; the degree to which these hunts were a suppression of empowered women, the rise of stereotypes, the true numbers of slayings of witches vs. heretics, and the tactic used. Recorded live at the 1994 Starwood Festival. Dr. Charles W. ”Skip” Clark holds a PhD. in Hlstory and is an Associate Professor at St. Andrews Presbyterian College in Laurinburg, N .C. He teaches a class on Witchcraft and Women, has had papers published on Astrology, Astrological Medicine, and Medieval Islamic Science, and has taught in Italy and China. © 1994 Association for Consciousness Exploration. All Rights Reserved.

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