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Jeff Rosenbaum  

Once And Future Legend

This unique discussion was recorded at the Winterstar symposium. It Features Jeff Rosenbaum, Robert Shea,Pat Monaghan, Robert Anton Wilson, Ivan Stang, and Ariana Lightningstorm. It is the only recording known of these unique personalities interacting with eachother. Produced and distributed with the help of the Starwood Festival.

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Jeff Rosenbaum  

The ACE Sampler

We proudly offer this special collection of excerpts from 10 of our CD releases, edited By Jeff Rosenbaum. This is an excellent cross-section of the best of A.C.E.'s library of original recordings. It includes representative excerpts from: Ian Corrigan's traditional music, Dr. Timothy Leary at Starwood, Olatunji live, a Terence McKenna lecture, wonderful songs by Isaac Bonewits, Rev. Ivan Stang at his most Slackful, the great Halim El-Dabh in performance, and more. Experience many of Starwood's most notorious stage performers and speakers in one intense hour! Between the live concerts and presentations from the events of the Association for Consciousness Exploration (in particular The Starwood Festival, the Winterstar symposium, and the Musicstar Festival) and our colaboration with Ar nDriaocht Fein and the Church of the SubGenius (Praise Bob!) we are able to provide you with unique wonderful thoughts and high-spirited performances. Available for instant Mp3 download $4.99

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Bonfire Dreams Cover  

Bonfire Dreams

1. Drums and Doses - Midi (Stealth) Sax-Dave Stephen, LP Junior Congas-Jeff Rosenbaum,Congas-Bongo Bob Smutak & Pete the Drummer

2. The Night is for Dreaming - Lead Vocals & synthesizer-Gill Smith, Elect Guitars-Steve Taylor&Jeff Rosenbaum, Mandolin-Mike Rae, Flute-Morwen Two Feathers, Percussion-Bongo Bob Smutak,Victoria Ganger,Sean Cary,Tom Marienetti, Taliesen

3. Drumbeats on Jupiter - Lead Vocals Todd Alan, Daveed Korup & Ariana Lightningstorm, Electric Guitar Jeff Rosenbaum, Violins Abrahm & Didre Stuart, Bass Dwight Newton, Percussion Tim Gregory, Ken Arnoff, Daveed Korup, Victoria Ganger, Sean Cary, Todd Alan, White Dear, Ariana Lightningstorm, Eva Jones, Nicole Cooley, Diana Sunday

4. Bonfire Dreams - Lead Vocals - Todd Alan, Victoria Ganger, Ian Corrigan, Electric Guitar- Jeff Rosenbaum, Violin-Abrahm Stuart, Clarinet- Richard Uhler, Bass- Dwight Newton, Percussion- Bongo Bob Smutak , Victoria Ganger, Sean Cary, Todd Alan, White Dear, Dave Hope, James Karcher

5. Peace One revisited - Tablas-Badal Roy, Flute- Ralph Koziarski, Bass-Drew Miller, Shakere'-Jeff Rosenbaum, Bodhran - Louis Martinie

6. Meditative Rythms - This was untitled on the album and the performers were not listed.

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