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H.E.A.D. Revolution Cover  

The H.E.A.D. Revolution

An editor for Playboy at the height of its popularity, friend and colaborator of Dr Timothy Leary, prolific author, and dedicated counter-culture advocate. Robert Anton Wilson discusses politics, mind expansion, and the ironies of modern culture. This is a rare live recording of one of the greatest stand-up philosophers of the modern age. Recorded in 1988 by the Association For Counsiousness Exploration.

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The Inner Frontier Cover  

The Inner Frontier

Dr. Timothy leary & Robert Anton Wilson discuss amazing developments taking place in the consciousness movement. From interactive computer software that allws you to create and actually enter a "virtual reality" within the program itself to "mind machines" that can change your brain-wave state at the touch of a button, these two luminaries provide a tour of the Inner Frontier.

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The New Inquisition Cover  

The New Inquisition

It seems to me that existence - at this point I have doubts about 'the' 'universe' - is a lot like a Rorschach ink-blot. Everybody looks at it and sees their own favorite reality-tunnel

Robert Anton Wilson

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H.O.M.E.s on LaGrange cover  

H.O.M.E.s on LaGrange

A humorous look at neurological evolution and the future of humanity, ranging from the travails of the Norwegian rat, to mind training machines, New Age Politics, the privatization of space exploration, and the creation of High Orbital Mini-Earths.

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Jeff Rosenbaum  

Once And Future Legend

This unique discussion was recorded at the Winterstar symposium. It Features Jeff Rosenbaum, Robert Shea,Pat Monaghan, Robert Anton Wilson, Ivan Stang, and Ariana Lightningstorm. It is the only recording known of these unique personalities interacting with eachother. Produced and distributed with the help of the Starwood Festival.

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Meeting With Ian Corrigan cover


Religion for the Hell of It

Dr. Robert Anton Wilson discusses unusual and avant garde religions such as the Discordian Society, the Reformed Druids of North America, the Church of the Sub-Genius, the Neo-American Church andand other prankish approaches to divinity. He examines the use of humor in Zen and Sufism, zaniness in art (surrealism) and philosophy (pataphysics) and the possibility that humor is often more serious than we realize. Recorded live at the 1986 WinterStar Symposium.

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Meeting With Ian Corrigan cover


A Meeting With Robert Anton Wilson

August 12th, 1984, The Association for Consciousness Exploration hosted Robert Anton Wilson at an open house celebratingthe opening of its headquarters and stress reduction center in Cleveland Heights, Ohio.Psychologist, iconoclast, author, poet and magician, Dr. Wilson spins a tapestry of anecdotes, philosophy, humor, politics and analyses of themes from his earlier books in a stimulatlng questlon and answer session. Topics included Chapel Perilous, Freemasonry, Pranayama (with a short exercise), the Sirius Connection and Governmental Disinformation.

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