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Ian Corrigan

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Once Around the Wheel: Modern & Traditional Seasonal Songs a Workshop/Performance

Before the coming of Christendom to the British Isles, the seasons were celebrated by song and devotion to the Old Gods. In this workshop, taped at the 1986 Musicstar Festival, Ian leads participants in traditional and modern songs of the seasons. Each song is accompanied by comments on the lore and symbolism that it preserves, and many songs are taught in detail, with help from Moira Kyteler, Victoria Ganger and Mary Alice White. This is more than a concert tape and can provide plenty of material for group seasonal work.

CD: $14.95

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Once Around The Wheel - $9.99

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Individual songs from this album are also available for immediate download as Mp3 singles.

Oak and Ash and Thorn Performed by Ian Corrigan $1.99

The Wren performed by Ian Corrigan and Chameleon $1.99

Lughnasadh Dance by Gwydion Pendderwen, performed by Ian Corrigan $2.99

The Holly She Bears a Berry performed by Ian Corrigan $1.99

John Barleycorn performed by Ian Corrigan $1.99

Hoof and Horn by Ian Corrigan $1.99

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