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The Chameleon Club is group of individuals involved in the exploration of inner frontiers, be they Magickal, Scientific, or Spiritual. "Founded May 5th, 1978, their motto is 'Change!', their spirit is undaunted, their energy is phenomenal, and their number is far from legion." They are magicians of many paths, teachers of many reality perspectives, and joyous entertainers.

Their efforts include the creation and operation of the Association for Consciousness Exploration (A.C.E.), best known for the Starwood Festival and the WinterStar Symposium, and they staff these and most other ACE events along with the Chameleon Friends, their circle of volunteers. They also maintain a percussion performance group called Repercussions and an acoustic/electric musical group called Chameleon, and produce ACE's line of books, tapes, and CDs.

The Chameleon Club also considers itself an extended family in the style of the Merry Pranksters; its members can be found from Cleveland to New Orleans, from California to New York. The club's founder, C.C. Rosencomet, says that there are many other groups like the Chameleon Club, but they all reside in parallel universes.

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