larry Larry Cornett started along his Pagan path as a civil rights activist in the early 1960's. Rejecting the idea of an all knowing, all powerful, all good, one and only God and the simultaneous existence of evil, he went on to study Physics in search of deeper truth. At Purdue University, he practiced a blend of Shamanism, ritual, and counterculture social and anti-war activism -- with a metaphysics blending quantum mechanics, Oriental mysticism, Unitarianism, and love of Mother Earth. He was also initiated into the Reformed Druids of North America.

He went on from his BS in Physics and some Graduate level Astrophysics, to work for the Vietnam Moratorium Committee and to get an MS in Civil and Environmental Engineering in 1972. He worked as a full-time professional in environmental monitoring, risk assessment, regulation, pollution control, and project and program management until recently -- when he was fired from a Department of Energy (DOE) Contractor after he documented the major dangers to public health associated with DOE sites, actions and plans, along with attempts to cover-up.

In the 1970's, he shared water with Church of All Worlds (CAW) at anti-war conferences and helped found the Chameleon Club (which evolved into ACE).

He apprenticed with Circle in the early 1980s and was initiated in Amaranth Energies (a Dayton, Ohio NROOGD Coven that relocated to San Francisco, CA), and later in a New York City NROOGD Coven. While in New York City, he also studied in a Cherokee Medicine Society, was a member of the original ADF Mother Grove, and started publishing his Calendar of Events The calendar is mentioned in Drawing Down the Moon, To Ride a Silver Broomstick, and numerous other publications.

He moved to Birmingham Alabama in 1985, where he organized Pagan Web (an Earth Religion Rights and networking organization) and a Wiccan Shamanic Coven. In 1986, a new job sent him to the Washington DC area, where he lived in Fairfax Virginia, and later in Vienna, Virginia. In Washington DC area, he founded VisionWeavers Coven in 1986, and later was a founding member of the CAW Triskelion Nest, along with the Coalition for Pagan Religious Rights, the Earth Religions Legal Assistance Network (which has an e-mail list ERAL), the Earth Religions Assistance Association, and Earth Chalice (a Unitarian Pagan group in Arlington VA).

Larry presents workshops at festivals, universities, stores and gatherings on:
He also organizes Magickal Forum and Practicum, a series of workshops in which practitioners of many paths share and practice various techniques related to aspects of magical ritual, one at a time (purification, centering, casting circles, divination, etc.). The forums start out with a session on ethics before the practical sessions. Generally, by the time the forums get past invocation, participating magical groups are recruiting members from among the participants; and some of the participants that started out as novices are getting together to form their own magical groups. Both advanced practitioners and novices find the forums very worthwhile.

His last series of forums (sponsored by VisionWeavers and the CAW Triskelion Nest in Northern Virginia) had about 20 participants, about half experienced practitioners (Wiccans, Ceremonial Magicians, a Taoist Sorcerer, a Jewish mystic, an Akido instructor, etc.) and half novices. Everybody learned allot; two participating covens recruited members from among those who started out as novices; and some of the x-novices went on to create their own magical group (now part of Earth Chalice).

Larry is known for detailed political, environmental, and/or mystical articles and posts on the Internet, similar discussions in person, a sick sense of humor, his Calendar of Events (available in hardcopy or on the Worldwide web at and an Ohio Calendar at (, the Earth Religions Assistance List (, and the Northeast Ohio Earth Religions Assistance Association. He is also known for powerful Pagan rituals and workshops, organizing occasional wild parties, camp-outs and gatherings, recording Pagan workshops and music, and helping with major festivals.

Some of his magical and Pagan writing is in a self-published Amaranth Anthology, and he is currently putting together a book on Earth Religions Rights Activism, with Selena Fox, Pete Pathfinder, Gavin and Yvonne Frost, Lady Sintana, Jacque and Roger (of Iron Oak), etc. In addition, he is working on a book combining the VisionWeavers' Book of Shadows with his own blend of science, mysticism, Unitarianism, philosophy and activism. He also has a regular column, "Event Horizons", in The Green Egg (listing Pagan Festivals), and publishes articles from time to time in various Pagan publications.

He has been busy blowing the lid of a cover-up of the impact of US Department of Energy nuclear and hazardous waste sites and actions, dealing with appeals by his former employer to a favorable ruling from the DOE Office of Contractor Employee Protection ordering back-pay, and organizing and coordinating the Collinwood Environmental Taskforce (which is focusing on a nuke site on LondonRoad in Cleveland).

He appeared on the first Page of the February 15, 1996 USA Today in an expose titled "Tragedy of Errors Engulfs Toxic Material", and in more detailed articles on the cover-up in December '95 and subsequent editions of Inside Energy and the Engineering News Record. For additional details, if you are on the Internet, see the following webpages: February 15, 1996 USA Today Article


October 1996 GAP Summary of Cornett's Case

DOE OCEP May 9, 1996 Decision in Cornett's Favor

GAP Press Release on Winning after Oct. 29-31 Trial

He is not popular with polluters, war mongers or bigots; and his heresy makes him popular in some Pagan circles and unpopular in others. He is currently seeking full time employment in environmental, human rights, scientific, technical, journalistic, Pagan, and/or other organizations. His professional resume is at:

He is also starting an Ohio version of the Calendar; building an Ohio Earth Religions Assistance network (in cooperation with other individuals in various related organizations), and looking for Covens, networks and Pagan magickal groups in the greater Cleveland area (to see if there is one whose practices and practitioners are compatible). He may join an existing group and/or start a Coven, depending on what he finds. Larry may be contacted at:

Larry Cornett
890 Alhambra
Cleveland, OH 44110
(216) 692-2124 (also under construction)