Princess Wei "R" Doe,
Queen of ALL the U.F.O.'s

Tripping on the lid of a daffodil, Wei touches down long enough to add her spin to A.C.E. events. An occasional design consultant to webchameleon1 (creater of the Consciousness Explorer and many A.C.E. mailings), she enjoys all aspects of organizing A.C.E. events. Pathway to ACE: a co-worker attended WinterStar and described it as a gathering of weirdos she just didn't quite fit into, but thought Wei would completely. Wei attended the very next ACE event, a Starwood, and ended up cleaning up with the organizers afterwards. She fit in so well, she was already working with them! Pathway to self: Still happening! A long and winding road! Pathway to fun: Old standby, Church of the SubGenius, New lean-to, Wavy Gravy and Paul Krassner's Universal Church of Fun.