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Welcome to the A.C.E. Collective Unconscious, the repository of links to our friends and other sites of interest. On the left is the link directory, each category is hyperlinked to their appropriate areas.

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The top graphic is an image map that will link you to other areas of The Consciousness Explorer. <site_map> will take you to the main directory; If you would like to submit your website URL to be added to our collective, click on <link_to_me>; <link_of_the_month> will take you to a featured site for a month (plus, that site gets an Official A.C.E. Link-of-the-Month Badge); as a bonus, if you click on the "chameleon", you will be transported to the Chameleon Club Link Pages, where you can visit the the favorite links of the folks organizing all this; and the <Link_to_ACE> will give you a page of icons you can use to connect to us.

If you need to return to this page, please click on "collective unconscious" on the image map.