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Jeff Rosenbaum Memorial page 

 The 2016 WinterStar Ball!

Starwood 35 was a great success!

Returning this July: Starwood 36!!

Spread the word!

The Starwood Festival

The Starwood Festival will be held at Wisteria Campground and Event Center             39825 State Route 684, Pomeroy, OH 45769 (740)742-3308                                      Wisteria is a gorgeous site with a long established community and historical links to some of the earliest Starwood Festivals.

All about Starwood Festivals past and present

Read about Wisteria at http://www.wisteria.org

Lots of discussion about the Starwood Festival and ACE can also be found at the  Starwood Yahoo Group

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EMAIL US starwood.festival@yahoo.com
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