Magic & Spirit

From the realm of Witchcraft we welcome prominent authors and Pagan Clergy Janet and Stuart Ferrar who, accompanied by Gavin Bone, make their Starwood debut with classes on Wicca, the Neo-Pagan Movement, a Pagan Writers' Workshop, and the Pagan and Fairie Traditions of Britain and Ireland.

We also welcome:

Anodea Judith: Psycho-therapist, C.A.W. Priestess with her workshops Chakras and Evolution and the Gaia Conspiracy.

Kenneth Deigh: Founder of Sheya System of Magic, editor of Mezlim Magazine presents Magical Mudras: Physical Mantras For Use In Your Magical Work.

Morning Glory Zell: C.A.W. Priestess and Co-Founder, with Drinking Deeply/Sharing Water and The Church of All Worlds.

Gavin & Yvonne Frost: Pagan Clergy, founders of the Church and School of Wicca, have lesson in Astral Travel, Heretical Witchcraft 101, and Ethics of Ritual Sex.

Isaac Bonewits: Druid Clergy, Founder of Ar nDraiocht Fein, with NeoPagan Values and Misconceptions, and Making NeoPaganism Accessible.

Deborah Lipp: Practicing British Traditionalist, gives us Mythological Archtypes in Modern Stories.

Miriam: New Orleans Mambo Priestess, .

Ian Corrigan: Celtic Priest & Bard, Chameleon, has the First Steps In The Pagan Way.

Darren Fox: Sorcerer, Author of several books on magic, reveals Intermediate Sorcery 202.

Laurence Galian: Wiccan Priest of the Welsh Tradition, Initiated Sufi Dervish, presents Practical Sigil Magick, and Sufi Dervish Dancing.

Larry Cornett: Environmental Engineer, Chameleon, has a Nature Spirit Workshop.

Catherine Cartwright Jones: Craftsperson, will make Prayer Flags & Batik.

Patricia Monaghan: Author & Poet, Reads and discusses O Mother Sun, Writing with Spirit.