Things You'll Need To Know

IMORTANT: Please note that we are only accepting

cash or money orders at the door


This is a semi-developed camping facility (no RV hook-ups). Sorry, NO DOGS allowed at Starwood. Bring safe lighting sources, and grills or campstoves if you plan to cook. Although the water is quite drinkable, please bring drinking water to ease the strain on the resources. There are many wooded areas for shady camping, but the windy field requires sturdy camping equipment. July nights in New York State are often cold! Bring warm clothing and extra blankets. But the days are glorious, and Brushwood is a clothing optional site EXCEPT in the areas directly visible from the road or where indicated by signs.

Admissions will be closed each night between 1AM and 8AM. Plan to arrive outside these hours or contact us to make prior arrangements.

Our parking area is located at the front of the site. Vehicles must be parked there once loaded. If your vehicle absolutely must stay on site, special arrangements MUST be made when you check in. For your privacy and security, you must sign a waiver and receive your Starwood XVII pendant to wear throughout the event. Parents of small children will be given a KidSafe form to attach to the outside of your tent, so we can find you on site if necessary.

A.C.E. will be videotaping some selected presentations for our archives. These tapings will be noted on the program, and will include only the presentation, not the attendees. This does not relax our long standing policy banning any photography without the knowledge and consent of those photographed.

Bring your radios and boom boxes, because Radio Starwood will be on the air! Our own site-wide FM stereo transmitter and Chameleon Club and SubGenius DJs will provide festival info and schedule changes over YOUR radio, along with music, comedy, interviews and insanity to tickle your fancy and melt your mind.

WORK DONATION: We ask that all attendees donate a minimum of two hours of their time to help the festival run smoothly. Beyond creating a sense of community, its vital to an event of this scope. THANKS!

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