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Matthew Abelson

is a talented professional musician and tape/CD producer who's prowess on the hammered dulcimer has been well received in many venues in the Northeast. He acquired his musical foundation on the piano, and studied viola with Jeffrey Irvine and harpsichord with Lisa Goode, both of the Oberlin Conservatory of Music. His styles range from traditional Irish and British reels to Bach cantatas, with influences and a repertoire encompassing dances, ballads, jigs, and minuets (and even a little Grateful Dead).(The Flying Dulcimer tape and CD are available from ACE.)

Armor & Sturtevant

play a hybrid of East African traditional, American old-timey, and their own original music on a plethora of instruments. Kelly Armor studied flute and composition at Yale before spending 2-1/2 years in Kenya and Tanzania. There she lived with native people and collected their songs, folklore, and instruments. David Sturtevant grew up listening to and accompanying the fiddle playing of his father. Dave's songs reflect his old-time roots and his lifetime of living along the Great Lakes.

Centrak Lasers Corporation

has been producing laser light shows since 1985, combined with projections, pyrotechnics, computer & laser animation, and many other media including live dance and musical performance. Their work using computer controlled medical ion lasers has been seen in TV commercials and theaters and at raves, sports and music events, civic and corporate events, museums and universities, across the Grand Canyon and at the Great Pyramids.


And you shall gather at the shore of a great lake and gaze at an island in the distance. As you await begoggled, you shall notice an Unearthly Sound. And Swords of Light shall pierce the sky, painting pictures that morph and dance. And Tongues of Flame shall lick at the mist while Showers of Sparks caress it. And the music in it's strangeness shall make your brain drip out of your ear. And you shall smile. (And it shall occur in a punctual manner... really.) Lasers by Centrak Lasers Corp., fireworks by Joseph Rothenberg, and original music & pyrotechnics by Ron Slabe.


is more of a revue than a group, consisting of a changing roster of members of the Chameleon Club (the creators of ACE and Starwood). Since before the beginning, this group's activities have included musical performances at the Coventry and Hessler St. Fairs in Cleveland, OH, at Starwood Festivals and WinterStar Symposiums, at S.C.A. events, and in other venues both live and in studio. Their styles range from rock to blues, traditional folk to tribal rhythms, television commercial jingles to sea chanties, with guitar, drum-set, dulcimer, cello, penny-whistle, dumbek, or acapella... you just never know! The core artists are Ian Corrigan, Vicky Ganger, and Jeff Rosenbaum.

The Firesign Clones

is an impromptu radio theatre group which attempts to recreate the performances of 60s-70s comedy theatre stars The Firesign Theatre. Composed of Chameleon Club members and friends, with a good dose of SubGenii, they will present the classic negative-utopian play and Hugo Award winner, "I Think We're All Bozos on this Bus". A fair for all, and no fair to anybody!

Jeff "Magnus" McBride,

both an experienced teacher and student of the magical arts and a respected force in the Magickal Community, is one of the foremost artists of performance magic in the world. Presently headlining at Ceasar's Palace's Magical Empire, Magnus is Hollywood's Magic Castle Magician of the Year and NBC's World's Greatest Magician, a founder of The Mystery School and the World Magic Festival, and he created the role of Joran on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Babatunde Olatunji

the Master of Drums, has offered the primary introduction of African music to the West. His work with Micky Hart of the Gratful Dead and his own Drums of Passion CDs have been the cornerstone of festival drumming in America. For over forty years, from movie sound-tracks to classes to performances, his rhythms and spirit have brought the joy of authentic African drumming and dancing to all corners of the world.

Green Crown

weaves an eclectic range of influences into an acoustic tapestry all their own, with a strong Celtic and Neo- Pagan base. Inspired by a deep reverence for the Earth, as well as for the legacies of the ancestors, traditional and original material is joined seemlessly in expression of a vision which is at once ancient as the forests, and fresh as this morning's dream. The core members are Vocalist/Harpist Michael Ranauro, who also plays guitar, lute, cittern, mandolin and wind instruments, and Cellist Diana McFadden, also a player of guitar, cittern and mandolin. They are joined by Whitedeer (percussion), Violette Rose (acoustic bass), Jerry Zeankowski (electric bass), Sherry Gibson (percussion, vocals & dance), and Jim Barleycorn Brewster (percussion, whistles, mandolin, fiddle & guitar).


Oroboros delivers their unique brand of roots Rock 'n Roll with intelligent hooks and melodies, tribal rhythms and good feelings that will leave you dancing with a smile. One of Cleveland's most popular bands, they combine the soul of blues, the energy of RnR, the spontaneity of psychedelia and the joy of Calypso, all driven by a funky dance beat. Recent events: '97 Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame Psychedelic Event, '96 Further Festival with members of the Grateful dead, '96 Pocono Mountain Music Festival with he Band, '96 Southern Thailand Jazz & Blues festival, and the '94 Horde Tour with Blues Traveller and the Allman Bros. Featured artists: Mike Bradley - keyboards, vocals and composition; Will Douglas - drums; Jim Miller - vocals, guitar and composition; Scott Swanson - Bass; and Mike Verbik - guitar.

P.L.U.S. Band

The P.L.U.S. Band (Peace Love Unity Syndicate) is a Rasta/Reggae band featuring energetic percussion with a traditional Nyabinghi chant and drum element, performed with a variety of hand drums, electric and acoustic guitar, sampled sounds and synthesized rhythms. It's founder is Carlos Jones, frontman for First Light and formerly of legendary Reggae group I-Tal, who is joined by Bob Caruso (also of First Light) on congas and percussion, local reggae DJ and archivist Bush Doctor on guitar, vocals and percussion, and Peter Platten on keyboards, vocals and percussion. P.L.U.S. delivers a dose of soulful roots Reggae concentrating on a message of peace and harmony while foccusing on the spirituality of the rastafarian tradition.

Real Magic

Real Magic is Isaac Bonewits' and friends reknown Pagan- eclectic folk-rock band. Best known for songs like the title- songs of their tapes "Be Pagan Once Again" and "Avalon is Rising" (available from ACE) and "We Are One family", their repetoire ranges from ballads to filk to anthems of the Neo-Pagan Movement. Members include: Isaac Bonewits on Celtic Harp and vocals; singer/songwriter/musician Constance Doane; electric & acoustic guitaris & vocalist Jeff Kalmar; and singer/songwriter/guitarist Roberta Lipp.

Seeds of Time

is an electrifying performance ensemble utilizing drums as a vehicle for growth and self-expression. They dazzle the festival audience with an amazing blend of chant, poetry, and a unique array of influences including drum corps, Middle Eastern, rock, jazz, Afro-Latin and South American rhythms, using the improvisational style as a true art form. Formerly called Street Drumming, their music is available from ACE on the tape Street Drumming Live at Starwood, and their members are Billy Woods, David Korup, Joshua Levin, and Saphyre.

Ron Slabe

...has been a seeker of unusual sounds or over 20 years. Using electronics and found objects he weaves diverse influences into a dense sonic web designed to evoke a variety of emotional states. Objects in close proximity to him display a curious tendancy to burst into flame.

Electro - Acoustic - Damnbient - Tech - Know - Ethnocentricities

Tongue 'n Groove

combines cool beat poetry with a hot jazz/rock sound. Previously known as "Behavior," this Cleveland quartet's fascinating Poetry/Rock fusion is best described as "Red Hot Chili Peppers, Police, and King Crimson thrown in a blender." Poet & traveling bard Ray McNiece is a National Poetry Slam winner, while guitarist/percussionist Mark Webster received an Ohio Arts Council Grant to study with the legendary Robert Fripp. Other members include Chameleon Sean Carey on drums and Nick Marino on bass. Come join the trip!

The Pufferdome

"In Xanadu did Kubla Kahn a stately pleasure-dome decree..."
...Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Rising from the field like Gaia's glowing nipple, tattooed in light and ringing with music, the Pufferdome is Starwood's own inflatable hemispherical nightclub! Joe's OM Appliances presents three very different late-night parties, Wednesday thru Friday, from midnight to 3AM in the far field. Featured performers include:

DJ Jam

is the Wed. night dance party/mixer, featuring Bruce Florist, the original Starwood Dance Party DJ, returning after a two-year break to blast your brain from the inside out. Bruce spins a wild and warpy selection of sounds, so leave your expectations at the door and get ready to dance your pants off! Shoes are recommended - underwear is not required.

Einstein's Secret Orchestra

is a Cleveland-based Psychedelic Cosmic-Blues Space-Band, with music of multiple influences reminiscent of early Pink Floyd. The ESO Experience in right-brain communication break-down is now accessable to the starwood community... spend the Night in the Swamp! Members include Chas Smith on keyboards and Theremin, Michele George on electric violin, Lonesome Cowboy Dave DeLuca on guitar, and Bob Mosic on drums.


brings their special mixture of percussion, alternative, gothic, and psychedelic music back to the Dome on Friday, integrating elements of tribal dance music with darker, melancholy aspects. Combining their sound with strobes and lighting effects and geared to audience interaction, Barrowfae is perfect for anyone who likes to dance, yell, or howl like the Children of the Night. Artists include Terri Sindar, sade wulfkitten, P.J. Lierer, and Morgan Kozeluh, with lighting by Diane Lierer.

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