Evan Pritchard

is of Micmac Indian descent, and has been apprentice to reknown Micmac Medicine Man Albert Ward since introducing him to the U.S. in 1990 and currently teaches introductory Algonquin language and culture. Evan has studied with elders of many nations around the world and is founder of Roads to Awareness Seminars. He has been a professional musician for 25 years and is the author of 12 books, including No Word for Time, From the Temple Within, and The Fourth Book of Light.

Holding the Center: The Medicine Wheel as Your Compass for Spiritual Survival into the Next Century

The Medicine Wheel is a symbol which ties all things together and brings order into our world. It is a simple yet all-inclusive picture of the universe by which we can steer our course wisely, however unique our destiny. In this workshop Evan will discuss the Four Schools of Wisdom, the oneness, twoness, threeness, and fourness of reality, and the seven directions. He will show how one can create their own medicine wheel ritual, achieve balance through ritual, study, and prayer. Evan will share several powerful Native American chants of the Wheel, and perform original contemporary songs forming a musical journey around the wheel of one's own life.

No Word for Time: The Wisdom of the Algonquin People

This workshop focuses on the beautifully simple, practical wisdom of the strongly spiritual Algonquin civilization. Using the traditional passing of the "Talking Feather," stories, and songs from his own Micmac heritage, Evan guides participants to understand how their own spiritual journeys meld into the timeless perspective where "things fall together."

Rampart St. VooDoo Temple

was established in New Orleans in May of 1990 by Priest Oswan Chimani and Priestess Miriam. Where over the past 7 years the Temple has grown in its setting of knowledge of Voodoo in comparison with World Religions. It meets the needs of many peoples throughout America and the World. It has become known through Television, movie production, and is visited by representatives of universities, anthrolopists, as well as many people doing research in African based Religion. Located 828 North Rampart Street across from Historic Congo Square Park where the African slaves held their rituals on every Sunday evening in the Seventeen through the Eighteen Hunderds. Visit their WWW site at http://www.iac.net/~moonweb/NOSVT/NOSVTMain.html

Healing the Drums

"You are needing healing to the extent you are separate from Spirit" -
Houngan Oswan Chimani
Presented by the New Orleans Voodoo Spiritual Temple and Cabal Tambour Dan-i, this ritual is a Blessing and Feeding of the Drums to bring their voices closer to the Loa. This will be followed by drumming and dancing to honor those whose bodies lie within this land. A fifteen minute talk and 45 minute couche' (ritual seclusion) will begin one hour before the stated ritual time, which attendees of the ritual may participate in. (If you plan to come to the couche', bring food, drink, and clothing for your drum.)

Michael Ranauro

is a talented recording artist and performer of Pagan music, skilled in a variety of traditional instruments including voice, harp, cittern, guitar, lute, mandolin and flutes. He holds an M.A. in Celtic Studies from the University of Edinburgh, and is working on his PhD in Celtic Languages and Literature at Harvard University.

Onward Pagan Soldiers: the Place of the Bard Within the Modern Eco-Pagan Community

Within traditional cultures, it was the place of the 'bard', often through the recitation of praise poetry, to define and reinforce cultural ideals of 'good' and 'noble' behaviour, and to provide vivid, stirring images of past heroes as a means of lending inner strength to those who might be called upon to be heroes in the bards own time.

The current state of our Mother Earth and our relationship to Her provides anyone who cares with the opportunity to be, in a very real sense, a hero in Her service. Those who embrace this opportunity are the heroes, the warriors, of the Eco-Pagan tribe, whose hearts our tribal music should stir and strengthen and support in the struggle. This workshop will address some of the ways in which modern-day bards might meet the challenge of providing such a music.

Magickal Balladry and the Psychedelic Experience

In the early 1960s, Timothy Leary, along with Ralph Metzner and Richard Alpert, produced an ambitious adaptation of the Tibetan Book of the Dead which was meant to serve as a guidebook for the psychedelic explorer of consciousness. At the time, Leary said that this was to be only the first of several such adaptations, which would include Alice in Wonderland and Dante's Inferno.

Another useful provider of tips, warnings, and road-signs for the psychedelic voyager is the body of Magickal balladry and folktale passed down in the oral traditions of Europe. This workshop will explore this side of the continuing modern applicability of the ancient tales and ballads.

Sifting Through the Rubble: What's a Poor Pagan Celt to Do?

With the current popularity - and thus marketability - of things, and even of the very word, 'Celtic', a vast bibliography has grown up over the last decade and a half which purports to offer readers a glimpse of the pre-Christian religions of the 'Celts'. When all the theorizing and wishful thinking has been stripped away, however, what do we actually 'know' - as firm fact - about Celtic Paganism, and, perhaps even more importantly, how and whence do we know it?

This presentation will offer a comprehensive overview of the primary sources (literary, archaeological, and ethnographic) available to the serious student of historical Celtic Paganism, along with a brief commentary on the state of Celtic scholarship within the contemporary Pagan community.

Ron Slabe

has been a seeker of unusual sounds for over twenty years. Using electronics and found objects, he weaves diverse influences into a dense sonic web designed to invoke a variety of emotional states. His work has been featured at the Cleveland Performance Art Festival and at Cleveland Public Theatre, the Psychedelicatessen, and small and large venues around Northeast Ohio. He has performed regularly at ACE events since 1986 beginning with the first MusicStar Festival, and he has been the primary performer and mastermind of the StarWood Island Multi-Media Show for the last six years. Objects in close proximity to him display a curious tendancy to burst into flame.

Junkyard Jam

In this participation workshop, Ron will introduce us to the musical potentials of found materials, ranging from objects you are likely to encounter in your normal environment to more unusual items found around the workplace, junkyard, or other locations. Learn how to look for interesting additions to your musical toybox, and join in a jam using whatever he brings and whatever we find.

Abbi Spinner

Abbi Spinner

has been a teacher and performer of music, drumming and dance for ten years. She has studied with master drummers and dancers from West Africa and North America, and facilitated drum circles and workshops across New England and throughout the Southeast. She is a frequent performer with Mothertongue, (New England's largest Pagan choral group), and Circle Skin & Bone, a well-known percussion ensemble. She is also 1/5th of the dynamic women's percussion ensemble, Sister Adsum. Together with J. Magnus McBride she has released one cassette tape, and is in the process of creating another, much-anticipated, collection of music.

Hand Drumming for Beginners

This is the class to take if you are new to playing hand drums, or if you want to review and improve basic technique. We will spend the first section of the workshop reviewing basic sounds, and will then move on to several different rhythms, including warm-up patterns, as well as some of the most common fire circle rhythms. All drummers are welcome, regardless of experience.

Hand Drumming Intensive

This class is for people who have been playing drums, and are already comfortable with basic techniques. In this workshop, we will be focusing on more complex polyrhythms. During our time together we will be working intensely on two different polyrhythms. We also will spend some time working on soloing tips and tricks. Please feel free to bring drums, shakers, bells and other percussion instruments; tape recorders and notebooks are also welcome at all workshops.

Sam Stansfield, PhD.

is a Chameleon and an A.C.E. organizer, holds his PhD in Physics, and has been an amateur astronomer for many years. He has been a Starwood contributor in astronomy and orienteering for several years.


The participants will assemble at the indicated site, then take a short walk to a wide-sky area to look at some of the favorite constellations and stars that are visible in the July sky.

Mary Alice Tummonds

is a founding (confounding) member of the Chameleon Club. She autocratted two S.C.A. Pennsic Wars, and help found and publish an on-site newspaper, the Pennsic Progress. She has continued that tradition with ACE events.

Large Event Organizing

This forum discussion is for veterans of large event organizing and for those planning large events in the near future. We will share concerns and solutions, discuss trends and generally share war stories on large events. Some possible topics include liability issues, information dissemination on site and pre-event preparation, but we'll decide final topics when we meet. Bring photos and printed material from your events!

Jimi & Morwen Two Feathers

Jimi Two Feathers is a co-founder and director of Earth Drum Coouncil, and a co-founder of Dance New England. He has been exploring the connections between drumming, dance, community and magic for many years. He has been creating spaces to drum and dance in community for over 25 years.

Morwen Two Feathers is a co-founder and director of earth Drum Council. She is a teacher, musician, writer, management consultant and mother who has been facilitating ritual and leading groups for over ten years.

Drum Council Dynamics (Drumming in Community Pt.1)

The Drum council around the fire is the original "nightclub", the place where the tribe gathered to celebrate and connect with drumming, dance and song. Join us for a discussion of the elements of a successful drum council, including physical space set-up, coming into the circle, finding your voice, creating space for everyone to be heard and seen, the relationship between drumming and danc, facilitation tips and techniques, and handling the energy raised. Our goal is to set the stage for an ecstatic community experience around the fire. The more we all share the same information and expectations, the better we'll be able to create a drum council to remember!

Many Drums, One Heartbeat (Drumming in Community Pt. 2)

Drum circles, especially at large gatherings, are a melting pot of types of drums, experience levels, and energy. In this workshop we will work with the round robin, a structured improvisation exercise that creates a rhythmic whole greater than the sum of the parts, integrating drums from many traditions and players at all experience levels. All types of drums and percussion instruments are appropriate: bring yours if you have them; we'll bring more. Guaranteed fun for newbies and drum-heads alike. (You need not attend the first workshop to attend this one.)

Motherhood as Shamanic Initiation

In becoming a gateway for new life, a woman releases all ego attachments, the old self disintegrates and dies. Then the mother must reinvent herself, integrating the new pieces that have been thrown up from the deep inner core by the earthquake od childbirth. This process of ego death, transition, and rebirth is a classic Shamanic initiation. In this workshop we reclaim this process as the Shaman's journey it is, and rebirth ourselves to a new awareness of our own power. This workshop, facilitated by Morwen Two Feathers, is appropriate for any woman who has given birth, no matter how long ago.

Harvey Wasserman

is an environmental activist, a historical anti-revisionist, and author of several books including The Energy War: News From the Front and Harvey Wasserman's History of the U.S. He is a prominent member of Sane/Freeze working against Nuclear power and armament proliferation and senior advisor to Greenpeace, has given hundreds of public presentations, and has debated environmental issues with everyone from Phyllis Schafly to General Westmoreland. (His books and the tape The Spiral Path of American History are available from ACE)

Apocalypse Now

Harvey Wasserman looks at the global political, ecological and economic upheaval accompanying our entrance into the next millenium.

Free the Electrons!

The Solar Revolution has arrived in the latest technologies for converting light to electricity, marking the end of Nuke Power and the Dawn of the Solar Age. Learn how you can guarantee its success.

Don "Two Eagles" Waterhawk

is a Native American of Tsalagi/Mesquakie heritage (Cherokee), and a Wolf Clan and Red Feather Clan member. He has been a student of Native American and Eastern spiritual ways for over 20 years, and is an artist and creator of spiritual tools.

The Tsalagi Dance of Life

This is a workshop centered around the Seven Directional Ancient Medicine Dance from the Tsalagi (Cherokee) People. The movement is much like Tai Chi, and uses the seven directions and the lessons of the Eagle and the Owl. Don will be aided by Daniella Bluestar in teaching this workshop. This dance shows how to share energies with the seven directions for the healing of all things in the universe. Not strenuous at all. Wear loose clothing or come skyclad, and bring water to drink if it is hot. (Please do not come to this class under the influence.)

Alex Wedmedyk, G.S.

is a craftsman, jewelry designer, drummaker, and drummer. He is a member of the Wolf Clan Teaching Lodge and a co-founder of Earth Rhythm Workshops offering experiential workshops, special events, and annual gatherings that promote the unity of all things. Earth Rhythm empowers others to awaken the healer within and to carry the message of oneness into their personal life walk.

Afrikan Drum Making Workshop

(5 hrs. 1st day, 4 hrs. 2nd. Limit 10 participants. Ashiko: $165 Small, $195 Large Djembe: $295 Small, $350 Large)
This two day workshop begins with a ceremony to remind us of our connection to our Source and to honor the gifts from the Earth that will become our drums. Then you will craft your own Ashiko or Djembe drum to completed form. This includes choosing your own natural wood drum shell, selection of fabric and hide, complete assembly, and a lesson in making "diamonds" to keep the drum head tight and tuned. All drums will come with a heavy fabric belt strap to wear when playing. Class limited to ten.


A Drum Ritual to connect to The Seed. Join with others to create a "Liturgy of Rhythm". This ritual will include Ancestral Honoring, a Drum Blessing Ceremony, and conclude with a Drum Jam.

Power Up!

This is a social provided for Drummers and Dancers; all are truly a Fraternity of Brothers and Sisters. Reconnect with old friends and meet new ones. Bring snacks to share.

Joy Wedmedyk

is a minister, drummaker, visionary and artist in ritual ceremonies of the Heart. Joy is a member of the Wolf Clan Teaching Lodge, a co-founder of Earth Rhythm Workshops, and has taught throughout the Midwest. With storytelling, meditation, group sharing and ceremony she creates a safe and sacred space in her workshops, giving each participant the opportunity to connect to their own personal mythology and their own source of healing.

Hoop-Style Drum Making

(2 days, 4 hrs. per day. Limit 10 participants. $95)
Walk with others on a sacred path and create your own 13" hoop-style deer rawhide medicine drum. This workshop begins with a ceremony to remind us of our connection to our Source and to honor the gifts from the Earth that will become one with our drums. Then we will craft, from our heart, our own drum and beater. This workshop concludes with a blessing ceremony to honor our drums...our own medicine. Class limited to twelve.

Crafting Creation Bowls

( 3-4 hrs. Limit 20 participants. $25)
In this workshop we will make Creation Bowls out of gourds, paints and other natural objects. As symbols of the creative force of the universe, they will remind us of our own connection to our inner fire and to the fire that is the source of all life. This class includes guided meditation, storytelling, and all supplies.

Introduction to Shamanism

What is a Shaman? This class gives the participant a basic overview of Shamanic beliefs and practices around the world. We will explore Shamanic forms of communication and healing, including the Shamanic Journey.


is a professional musician and long-time Pagan who (when he's not on the road) lives in Wisconsin, with a foot in both worlds.

Finding Your Way Home

This workshop will focus on the return trip. The Magician/shaman/explorer of awareness who walks between the worlds needs a good psychic compass and spiritual map. We will discuss methods of ego return and travelling from oneness to the world of consensus reality. Musical and rhythmic elements will be used as well as simple personal rituals of grounding and centering. If you have a favorite drum, rattle, or other musical instrument used for journeying, bring it. Additional instruments will be provided.

Billy Woods

is a Master Drummer from Boulder, Colorado, and has been drumming for over 35 years. He is a Taoist and a teacher of Qi Gung (an internal meditational exercise form) and has been an ethnic percussionist performing and recording New Music for Dance for the past 15 years. He is part of the percussion performance ensemble Seeds of Time (formerly Street Drumming), whose concert at the 1994 Starwood festival is available on the tape Street Drumming Live at Starwood from ACE.

Drumming: The Beginning

An introductory workshop covering the proper way to hold and strike the drum, the basic sounds of the drum, pulse, time signatures, and the art of counting. Bring your drums.

Middle Eastern Rhythms

An instructional workshop for the somewhat more advanced drummers who at least feel comfortable with their drums. The basic Middle-Eastern rhythms Billy will teach, mostly derived from Egypt and the lands adjacent, are usually associated with the Dumbek, but can be easily applied to other percussion instruments. Bring your drums.

Chi Kung Exercises Pt. I & II

The practice of Chi Kung, developed in China over a period of centuries, increases the level of internal vitality through the use of the breath, slow movement forms which are often based on movements in nature or of animals, and visualization patterns related to the oriental system of energy meridians in the body. This particular form, the Tao Tan Pai or Taoist Elixir Style, is based in the teachings of Grand Master Share K Lew of San Diego, Ca., who studied for 14 yrs. as a resident monk at the Wong Lung Guan (Yellow Dragon) Temple in Canton, China. He has been teaching since coming to America in 1949.

Part I will involve the beginning set of Nui Gung, a short power set of five relatively easy movements along with quiet seated meditation, to maintain good health and increase vitality. Part II will utilize the Shen exercises which help develop Chi energy, improve visual focus, and promote self-healing. Part I is a pre-requisite for Part II.


Oberon Zell

founded the Church of All Worlds in 1962, which upon incorporation in 1968 became the first Neo-Pagan church to obtain full Federal recognition in the U.S. First to apply the terms "Pagan" and "Neo-Pagan" to the newly-emerging nature Religions of the 1960's, and through his publication of the award-winning Green Egg Magazine, Oberon was instrumental in the coalescence of the Neo-Pagan movement. In 1970 he formulated and published the thealogy of deep ecology called The Gaia Thesis. With his soulmate Morning Glory, he founded the Ecosophical Research Association whose projects have included raising Unicorns, chasing Mermaids, visiting ancient sacred sites and exploring the underworld.

Sculpting Images of the Goddess

Working with air-drying clay, you will learn the properties and techniques for sculpting an original paleolithic Matrika in the authentic style of the famous so-called Stone-Age "Venuses". You will come away with a wonderful votive figurine for your own altar, and learn how to make others for your friends and coveners. Confuse the Hades out of future archaeologists!

Psychedelics and Ritual

Psychedelics have been a prime ingredient in Shamanic practices the world over since the dawn of time. Most treatments of this subject have concentrated on the individual use of consciousness-altering substances, such as in Shamanic vision quests, trance voyaging and healing. This presentation will focus on the use of psychedelics in group rituals, from the ancient Eleusinian Mysteries to Medieval Witches' Sabbats to modern initiatory rites, Walpurgisnacht Mysteries, and the famous "Faery Shaman" ritual created by Gwydion Pendderwen.

A Bouquet of Lovers: Open Relationships in a Pagan Tribal Context

Oberon and Morning Glory Zell have had a successful open marriage for over 23 years, and have been in group marriages for half of that time (currently a group of five). They coined the term "polyamorous" to describe such relationships. Oberon presents this special workshop for individuals, couples and more seeking to explore the possibilities of polyamory and Love Without Limits. Those who have read Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land (1961 version) or Donald Kingsbury's Courtship Rite (1982) will have appropriate background, but this class is open to all. Handouts will be made available.