This area is dedicated the many stories that people tell us about Starwood. How much they enjoyed it, who they met, how long they drummed for, or wonderful tales of the goings on at Starwood. If you would like to add in your Starwood Story, please e-mail us.

From Paul Krassner:

Dear Jeff,

   I'm back home. I didn't get a chance to say
goodbye to you, or to congratulate you for organizing a terrific
festival. The Chameleon Club and friends provided an invigorating
oasis for us cultural weirdos, and I was happy to be a part of it.

Best, Paul

Anonymous, from feedback survey:

  I sit here right now having returned from Starwood to
the city where tension exists everywhere in everything that I come
in contact with. Thank GOD for Starwood!

  My relaxed, friendly Starwood hug upon my return to loved
ones was a pleasant suprise to my S.O., and my smile at the
waitress even got me a free orange juice - quite an accomplishment
in a big urban center.

  I hope Starwood memories will live long enough to carry me
on through this crazy environmental chaos that some call civilization.

.... Thanks for your consideration and for Starwood.

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