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The Starwood XVIII Bonfire Team: The WoodBusters!story

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WoodBuster Lore

During the dawning of the time of the Brushwood Grouple Dome, the Red Suspenders myth was born. Given first to the men, known as the WoodBusters, who gathered the logs to build the fires, now has grown into a Tribe of WoodBusters, Dancers, and Drummers.

For now we will speak only fo the WoodBusters: Men and women who, with the aid of their magical suspenders, have gone through the rigorous torture of busting logs and driving the fire till dawn for many nights, fighting exhaustion, pain, extreme heat, and bizarre hallucinations. Their target prey is the chimney...a hollow log, stood on end, to shoot the flames into the sky like a jet engine, a chimney with yonis on the sides are partucularly sacred.