Each year we listen to a bunch of tapes and CDs, see concerts and attend a variety of performance venues to come up with a program of entertainment that we feel presents variety, energy and magic to Starwood. This year should no exception...

In our entertainment program we have Lunchtime Concerts and Evening Concerts, and unique latenight PufferDome parties, as well as a special night of Bardic Concerts, a Dance Party, and a fantastic Laser Light Show.

Starwood On Stage
The program starts at 6PM on Tuesday with the Opening Circle, with classes from 9:30AM to 6PM for the rest of the festival ĺtil Closing Circle Sunday at 1:45. We'll have concerts daily thru Saturday at lunch and evening, beginning with the Reggae/Salsa sounds of Buddhahood Tuesday night. Wednesday classical guitarist Gregor Harvey at lunch and Bluegrass fun with The One Hat Band at dusk lead up to animated films at the Pavilion, followed by the alternative world/rock dance group Big Village Band at the Wednesday night Video-Toasty Dance Party. Thursday at lunch we welcome Latin percussion troupe Drumplay (with guest poet Daniel Thompson), and for the braver (and more foolish?) of us, the open-mic Bardic Concerts that night welcome your performances, which will include the Firesign Clones ' performance of Firesign Theatre's New-Age satire "Everything You Know is Wrong". Friday's lunchtime concert features the percussion ensemble RhythmQuest, and the evening concert will include ACE's eclectic house band Chameleon, fine acoustic music from Don Ross & Kelly McGowan, and the hot African dance band Djoliba, leading up to the infamous Brushfire Island show featuring laser lights, animation & fireworks by Centrak Lasers, with music by Ron Slabe. Saturday at lunch we'll enjoy the World-Music ensemble Something Else Again, and the evening concert will begin with the Starwood Jam Band and an invocation by Nicki Scully, and a special guest performance by Yaya Diallo. Finally, Halim El-Dabh and Yaya will prepare us for the procession down the field to the legendary Starwood Bonfire, the blazing heart of the Starwood Festival!

Starwood at Midnight
The Temple will feature three rituals from different spiritual cultures: Wednesday - Hellenic Paganism with Shawn Eyer, Thursday - Druidry with Ar nDriaocht Fein, and Friday -VooDoo with the New Orleans Voodoo Spiritual Temple.

The PufferDome, our inflatable, hemispherical night club, will host three dance parties: Wednesday - Metal Band Neo-Natal Death, Thursday -Celto-Psychedelic Band Green Crown , and Friday - Electronic Space-Rock Band Einstein's Secret Orchestra.

Music & Drumming
Many of these premier musicians will also present classes on the use of sound & music in trance, worship, and healing, and workshops on a variety of drumming styles including West African, Voodoo, Santeria, Middle Eastern, and sacred polyrhythms. Other musical workshops will be offered by African Ethno-Musicologist Halim El-Dabh (Prof. Emeritus of Kent State University), Shawna Carol (The Goddess Chants), Louis MartiniČ & Luis Nunez (New Orleans Voodoo Spiritual Temple), Black Hawk & Deborah Miller (Heart of Drumming), and Billy Woods & Josh Levine (Seeds of Time).

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