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Jonathan Harrison is Materials Scientist and Entrepreneur who is currently the Midwest Regional Networker for the International Dances of Universal Peace. His spiritual background routed in the Orthodox faith where he has been a Cantor / Reader of biblical texts, Taoism, Scientology, and the esoteric healing practices of Vedic and Eastern medicine. He is currently a practicing Sufi as a member of the SIRS order. Jonathan has as been a professional stage actor, and has performed ethnic circle dancing since the age of 10. He has been associated with the dances since 1995, and is a mentored dance leader.

Wasifah - Invoking the 99 Most Beautiful Divine Attributes of Unity (God) from the Heart
In this session backround in the rudimentary sacred meditative practices of the Sufis will be taught, walked, and danced. These practices go back to the time of writing of the Holy Quran and are the embodiment of the Oneness in the hearts of all beings. These practices are designed to provide great clarity, heal, and enlighten. Elemental breaths and walks will be included inthis session. No prior experience is necessary. Bring an open heart. (There will be hand-outs at the time of the session.)

The Heart of Drumming! was founded in 1997 by Black Hawk and Deborah Miller, who perform nationally with Imani and the musical group Circle, Skin & Bone at concerts, benefits, rituals, festivals, city celebrations and drum circles. Djembe drummer and story teller Black Hawk teaches and performs with Deborah, whose many talents include drumming, vocals and movement. They have studied West African drumming and dance with Mamady Keita, Yamousa Camera, Abdoulaye Sylla, Ibrahima Camara, Fatou N'Diaye, Papus Diabate, Mohamed Joh Camera, Yaya Dialo, and Babatunde Olatunji, enjoying both the traditional form and working with rhythm and sound organically. Drumming is a path to the soul... a vehicle for transformation, an ancient tradition which raises healing energy for people and the planet. Through the drum we connect to the rhythm of life and the universal heartbeat!

Magical Story Time!
Black Hawk and Deborah, drummers, singers and storytellers extraordinare, are known for their playful spirit, great stories and hot drumming! They have selected stories from around the world with positive messages for how we live on the planet. Favorites include: Jamakanda, Donkey and the Fairy Rose, How the Angel got her Wings, Shark and the Monkey, and stories of the sun, moon and seasons. Children of all ages will enjoy this playful journey of stories and rhythm!

Jack Ingersoll is a Clinical Social Worker with an M.S.S.W. and licensed in the state of Wisconsin. He belongs to the Association of Certified Social Workers, and is certified as a Sex Counselor by the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists. He had three years as Analyst in training at the C.G. Jung Institute of Chicago. He is a Scion in The Church of All Worlds and a 2nd Degree Gardnerian.

A Neo-Pagan Jungian interpretation of Revelations
This workshop will explore the idea that Armageddon symbolizes an inner conflict being projected onto the world. The discussion will focus on: (1) John as the archetypal "Man" who is unconscious of his inner conflict, (2) the reconciliation of the opposites which will bring about a transformation of consciousness that is essentially Neo-Pagan and (3) the interpretation of the symbols of Revelations based on a Jungian approach.

Polytheistic Wholeness
This workshop will discuss the idea of Deity having a psychology that is both a system of self reflective wholeness and "chaos". The discussion will show how a polytheism could arise out of the belief that an external awareness of Otherness is an essential part of psychological wholeness and that this psychological wholeness is an invariant of scale found in a system of chaos.

Orgy and Erotic Friendship
This workshop will discuss the role of group sex and erotic friendship in achieving sexual wholeness. The archetypal nature of group sex and erotic friendship will be explored.

Terah Israel began his study of West African percussion in 1986. His studies have taken him to Senegal and Gambia, West Africa, where he learned under the tutelage of master drummers and dancer. A native of Cincinnati, he is a member of Cincinnati's Afrikan Drum & Dance Ensemble, has studied drum and dance with YaYa Diallo, and joined him and 80 drummers from around the world at a ministerial meeting in Singapore where nearly 400 world delegates representing 120 countries gathered.

Terah will accompany YaYa on the Djun Djun.

Catherine Cartwright Jones holds a B.F.A. from U.C.L.A., has 25 years experience as a professional artist and craftsperson, and is a professional illustrator with a special interest in bodypainting and batik. She is an instructor at Kent State University, and has offered her classes and services to the Starwood Community for several years. Visit theri website at <http://www.tapdancinglizard.com/>

Batik Prayer Flags and Banners
Prayer flags are a traditional way of sending prayers to spirits dwelling in sacred areas. Learn the techniques and create a prayer flag or banner in direct batik fashion, using a lightfast and washable dye with no dipping or rewaxing, ready to hang at your campsite or home altar, or fly your prayers with others in the community on the Brushwood Flagpole Array. No experience necessary. (Materials fee: $5 for flags, more for banners depending on size, payable at the workshop)

Salt-Dyed Silk Dance Scarves and Wrappers
Learn salt-effect dying technique on silk to create dance scarves, amulet wrappers, altar cloths and yardage for clothing. Salt effect silk dying techniques are especially suited to non-artists who wish to create spectacular, colorful, magical silks for myriad uses. All materials provided. (Materials fee: $5 and up, depending on size of project, payable at the workshop)

Mehandi: Henna Body Decorating
Learn the history and craft of this traditional women's ritual art used to temporarily tattoo hands and feet for blessing, protection and beauty. Can be used to apply ritual blessings on Drum-heads, too! (No materials fee, but $10 kits are available at the workshop to purchase for future use.)

Pagan Origins of Embroidery
A lecture on the traditional patterns and Pagan symbols that have been used in embroidery historically to invoke the blessings and protections of the deities for their wearer. Learn which patterns originated in the cults of Ishtar, Asherah, Inanna, the Sirens of the Sun: which were used for fertility, protection from evil, and how they were used for weddings, births, and household altars. (No materials fee, but $10 kits are available at the workshop to purchase for future use.)

Pagan Greeting Cards
This is a great workshop for any afternoon at Starwood that is DRENCHED, to be held in the Brushwood Barn. Cut and paste Gods & Goddesses, magical symbols, lace, ribbons, nonsense and fluff to create great greeting cards to mail home from Starwood. All materials provided at workshop, including taking the cards to the post office. (Materials fee: $1 per card + postage, payable at the workshop)

Kiln-Fired Chalices, Bowls and Candle-Holders
Glaze hand-thrown porcelain chalices, bowls and candle- holders with brightly-colored lead-free glazes with your own magical designs. Your pots will be kiln-fired overnight in the Brushwood Barn (where the class will be held) and may be collected Saturday at at 1PM. All glazes, pots and other materials provided at the workshop. (Materials fees: Chalices - $15, Bowls & Candle-holders - $10, payable at the workshop)

Roy Jones holds a B.F.A. from the California Institute of Arts, and is an instructor at Kent State University. He has been a professional artist and craftsman for 25 years, and is a talented harpist and drummer. His contributions to the Starwood Festival and other projects at Brushwood over the years have been invaluable.

Ritual Vessels: Primordial Pit-Fired Pottery
Participants will glaze hand-thrown pottery with Earth-toned and mettalic glazes, which in a pit-fire make beautiful unpredictable earthy altar-pieces. The pots will be pit-fired in a bonfire overnight, and may be collected Friday morning. All glazes, pots, and other materials provided at the workshop. (Materials fee: $15 for 2 pots, payable at the workshop)

Anodea JudithAnodea Judith is a Priestess of the Church of All Worlds, founder of its magical training program, a therapist in private practice, and gives workshops coast to coast. She is author of three books on the chakras, Wheels of Life: A User's Guide to the Chakra System, The Sevenfold Journey: Reclaiming Mind, Body, and Spirit Through the Chakras, and Eastern Body, Western Mind. (Books and tapes available from ACE)

Nude Partner Yoga
Come stretch your bootie, hang your patootie, and contort with your cutie. What's good for the Bod is good for the God and what's in the bodice comes from the Goddess. Using the balance of another's body to stretch your own we will learn yoga poses designed for dynamic duos. Wear something stretchy or nothing at all. Bring a partner or find one there. Open to all levels of experience, but do be prepared to laugh, move and bend.

Coming of Age in the Heart
As we undergo the upcoming millennial rite of passage, we are passing from the power-oriented age of the third chakra to the love-oriented age of the fourth chakra in which masculine and feminine, light and shadow, heaven and earth, mind and body, individual and collective are brought into balance and integration. In this presentation, Anodea Judith, known for her enlightening work with the chakras, shares some of her newest information concerning the progression of our global evolution, tracing the pattern of the chakras through historical periods dating back to the Paleolithic, drawing parallels between individual development and cultural progression. Understanding this pattern gives us clear direction about changing the current paradigm of consciousness that governs the way we live on this Earth.

Bill Kates is a certified SubGenius Radio Pagan, raised in the woods of Lower Westchester county, NY by his dog Flapjack and his understanding parents, Edith and Victor. Bill creates "promos", radio spots and comedy theatre pieces for a major market radio station and does sound for films and theatre. He collects horrible music and bad videotapes, and is well known as a field tester of new rodent species.

Exploring Theatrical Extremes
Bill will lead an improvisational workshop incorporating aspects of the Grotowski method: "make-your-own-theatre-in-an-instant-out-of-your-own-brain". An excellent class for the aspiring performance artist, or any wise-ass class clown.

Richard Kaczynski, Ph.D. has been a student of mysticism and non-mainstream religions for over 20 years, and has made this his specialty as an academician, statistician and researcher. He recently co-edited a collection of Aleister Crowley's essays, The Revival of Magick, and has provided editorial support for books like Magick, The Aleister Crowley Desk Reference and Eight Lectures on Yoga. He has contributed to numerous mazagines (Mezlim, Eidolon, Different Worlds, MECAA Proceedings) and books (The Golden Dawn Reference Series and People of the Earth). He operates southwest Michigan's official Ordo Templi Orientis body, and was the founder of the nonprofit group MAGIC, which operated a pagan/occult BBS for many years. His current writing projects include Crowley on Drugs (co-edited with Hymenaeus Beta), Kosher Kabbalah for Magicians, The Collected Letters of Aleister Crowley, and a biography of Aleister Crowley. He also plays keyboards with the progressive rock groups House of Usher and Page.

What is the Bible Code?
What started out as a curiosity in an academic statistics journal has snowballed into a pop culture phenomena with books like the best-selling The Bible Code and Cracking the Bible Code. This cyber-kabbalah claims that the Torah contains divinely-encoded cryptograms which describe major events in history, from the birth of great sages to the assassination of Yitzakh Rabin...and even on into the future. In this class, you will learn how this high-tech mysticism brings the kabbalah into the 21st century, how it "proves" the existence of a divine intelligence, and how to critically evaluate these claims based on a (non-technical!) discussion of the underlying statistical principles of the Bible Code.

Thelemic Antecedents and Revivals
Although the essence of Aleister Crowley's magickal philosophy can best be summed-up by the inspired motto "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law," Crowley was aware that this sentiment was not original to the Book of the Law, which he channeled in 1904. Indeed, the central idea of Thelemic philosophy has been foreshadowed by great thinkers throughout the ages. This talk will outline these antecedents and discuss how they came to be distilled into Crowley's magick. Material will be drawn from essays in the recently-published anthology The Revival of Magick, as well as Crowley's unpublished letters and journals.

Starwood attendees will once again participate in our traditional moderated discussion group to share information on all things cybernetic, including modems, ISPs, the world-wide web, email, smileys, and internet software. Lurk while newbies shyly ask questions and know-it-alls tell all!

Jim Klar is a Chameleon, an ACE organizer, and a representative of Cleveland Aikikai. A second degree Black Belt, Jim has studied the Japanese martial art of Aikido for nine years, including two years in Japan, and taught for five. He currently teaches at Cleveland Aikikai and Oberlin College.

Aikido Workshop
Aikido is a late 20th century Japanese martial art created by Morihei Ueshiba (who died in 1969). Aikido emphasizes self defense through harmony with the attacker's movement, using their aggressive intentions against them to bring any conflict to a non-violent conclusion. It is an ideal martial art for men, women and children of all ages and physical abilities. This workshop is designed to serve as an introduction to Aikido, including a demonstration of advanced practice along with participatory exercises to demonstrate the art's principles.

Joey Korn is an internationally known dowser, energy worker, and author, who has been dowsing since 1986. He has been a professional dowser and teacher for the past three years. He has made important discoveries about how we, in partnership with Nature and with the Divine, can directly influence the subtle but powerful energies that are everywhere around us. He shares how our thoughts and deeds are recorded in the Akashic Records, also called the Book of Life, and how we can "clean up" our record. Joey reveals his insights in his workshops and in his book Dowsing: A Path to Enlightenment.

Working With the Light: Using Dowsing and Prayer to Draw Closer to the Divine
Joey will show you how to use prayerful statements of intent to attract Life Force energies into your living environment for healing and balance, to improve the vitality of your food, and to attract what you want and need into your life. He will also show you how to work with Nature to change detrimental energies (such as the harmful radiations of some underground streams, noxious rays, electromagnetic fields (EMFs), and Hartmann & Curry grid lines) that may be negatively affecting your health, moods, and relationships, into beneficial energies that will enhance your life. Joey will help you realize more of your full potential as a Creator Being.

Working With the Light: A Hands-on Workshop
In this workshop, you will learn to use the techniques Joey will demonstrate and discuss in his lectures. Dowsing rods, a pendulum, and a booklet on the basics of dowsing will be included. (Fee: $10)

Lansana Kouyate is a traditional drummer, dancer, and storyteller (or Griot) of the Kouyate clan from Guinea, West Africa, where his family has served the descendants of the Great Emperor Soundiata of Mali for thousands of years. He has toured internationally in Cote D'Ivoire with Symbo of Africa, in Guinea with the Ballet Africain, in Holland with Fatala, and was part of Peter Gabriel's WOMAD Festival. His style blends traditional and modern elements of African music, producing seemingly effortless improvisations that recall the ancient melodies of his homeland. He will also be performing with the African dance band Djoliba.

Traditional Rhythms of Guinea
"My name means musician", Kouyate says. "My music is more than my heritage, it is my life, my soul." Lansana Kouyate performs traditional rhythms such as Yeke Yeke and Soutoucou which reach beyond music, expressing and upholding the ancient values of African culture. This is not just a workshop, but a demonstration of the instruments and a performance of the music and dance of Guinea, West Africa.

paul krassner Paul Krassner is a founder of the Yippies and an original Merry Prankster, and is known as a journalist, a Zen satirist, and the man who guided Groucho Marx on his first acid trip. As the publisher of the legendary magazine The Realist, Paul has been called the Father of the Underground Press (though he immediately demanded a blood test), and one of the best minds of his generation to be destroyed by madness! In response to the F.B.I.'s classification of him as a "raving, unconfined nut", George Carlin said, "The F.B.I. was right. This man is dangerous... and funny, and necessary." (Paul's latest book, The Winner of the Slow Bicycle Race and his auto-biography are available from A.C.E.)

Sex and Drugs
Join in as Paul Krassner picks Starwood XVIII for the live recording of his third album of satirical commentary for Mercury Records, to be titled "Live From the Neo-Pagan Festival." Prepare for hilarity as Paul expounds on such issues as the Swingers' Convention in Palm Springs, the truth about Monica Lewinsky, and the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam.

The Second Coming
In part two of his album, Paul will poke fun at organized religion. Witness his confession about the time he snorted cocaine with the Pope, gasp at the revelation of who killed Mother Teresa, and hear Paul's description of how the second coming of Jesus Christ will take place in a media-saturated culture. Audience participation encouraged.

Lyrus Landholder has studied and practiced many paths of Magick for over twenty years, from Wicca to Thelema, Tantra to Kabbalah. He is an Elder and past High Priest of the Circle of the Sacred Grove (Church of Pantheist Wicca), and a founding member of the Chameleon Club. He is a fine cellist, composer and arranger, with a B.A. in Music, and he trained in Yoga at the Light of Yoga Society in Cleveland

Development of the Magickal Voice
This is a topic that is mentioned in about every magickal system around. The Egyptians called it Ma Kheru, or the True Voice. In his book, Don Kraig calls it vibratory formulae. In voodoo, there is a loa that controls this function. The workshop will combine elements of yoga, classical Qabalah, and voodoo to work on developing this facility.

Marty Laubach is one of the founders of the Crystal Serpent (a Bloomington ritual Magick group) and the Bloomington CUUPs chapter, and was and elder of the ELF Lore Family from 1985 to 1992 and editor of the Elven Chronicles newsletter. He has co-organized major rituals at past WinterStar Symposiums and ELF Fests. He has practiced and taught Tai Chi since 1976, using William Chen's adoption of Cheng Man-Ch'ing long and short forms. He currently works with Black Moon Publications, and is working on a Ph.D. in Sociology with a dual focus on the social psychology of religious experiences and the experiences of the working world.

NeoPagan Possession Trance This workshop will present some preliminary results of a study of possession trance as practiced in the NeoPagan community. We will discuss how people experience possession and how it is socially constructed, then dabble in theories such as the underlying neurological basis of trances. Finally we will take a moment by moment walk through a Voodoo possession trance, getting in, what its like inside, and coming back. This workshop will be especially good for people who have problems getting into trance, and for those who have trouble putting it all into words. And the best part about it, especially for those skeptics among us and those who have concerns about keeping it under control, we can do it all without losing touch with the "real world".

Exploring Consciousness: "The Method of Science, the Aim of Religion"
The NeoPagan movement bases our spirituality on our own experience, rejecting book-based religious and scientific dogma. But we are a product of the modern world, and we want our claims of spiritual experiences to be authentic. We also want to be taken seriously in the world, and we sure don't want to be dismissed for following spiritual fads like the New Agers. So we wrap ourselves in the legitimacy of science as "explorers." How do we make that work? How can we use science to authenticate our experience? Where does science end and religion begin?

Tai Chi Workshop
Tai Chi Chuan is an exercise, moving meditation, and a martial art form that has been practiced in China since the 11th century. It uses Taoist principles of the soft overcoming the hard, emphasizing yielding and turning an opponent's own strength against themselves.

The Tai Chi workshops will occur daily at 9:30. It will start with a demonstration of William Chen's short form, then provide an opportunity for other practitioners to demonstrate other variations. We will also explore "push hands": an exercise in awareness of the dynamics of balance in the self and in a partner.

Joshua Levine is a spirited drummer with the percussion ensemble Seeds of Time (formerly Street Drumming). His primary orientation is to the rhythms and instruments of the Middle East but is experienced in a variety of drums from the Dumbek (and other full-body drums) to frame drums. His music is available on the tape Street Drumming Live at Starwood from ACE.

The Doumbek and The Tar (2 or 3 sessions)
Come develop your skills on these delicate percussion instruments: the small, hourglass-shaped Doumbek and the basic hoop or frame drum. Classes will be tailored to the abilities of the students. Be sure to bring a doumbek, darbouka, tar, or def.

Live Meditations in Drumming and Dance (with Deborah Nervig)
Share in the experience of connection within yourself and with others through organic movement and rhythm. No previous experience in dancing or drumming is required, only the desire to listen, express, play, and soar

Liafal is a Chameleon, an ACE organizer, and a founder and Senior Druid of Stone Creed Grove, ADF. She is a professional educator and a Priestess of the Traditional Craft, National Members' Advocate for ADF, a past officer of the Ohio local Covenant of the Goddess, and has been a major motivating force behind the Starwood Festival Kids Programming for many years.

Opening Circle
As we join our energies together, we invite the spirits to protect and guide us during Starwood. Join hundreds of people as we spiral dance to raise the power to envelope the festival in blessing.

Closing Circle
We thank those who have aided us during the festival and ask for protection as we return home.

Mishlen Linden has been studying and was initiated into Tibetan Buddhism at the Tibetan Cultural Center in Bloomington, IN, run by Tulku Thubten Jigme Norbu, elder brother to His Holiness the Dali Lama. A talented drummer and dancer, Mishlen wrote most of the drum pieces for the Inner Traditions Release Festival andRitual Drumming (available through ACE), co-performed with Louis Martinie, and has performed temple drumming with the Rampart Street VooDoo Spiritual Temple of New Orleans. She has been the archivist for Black Moon Publishing for 12 years, and is author of the Thelemic monograph Typhonian Teretomas. She is also a talented graphic artist and sculptor.

Tibetan Buddhism for the Western Magickan
This is a general explanation and clarification on the principals and practice of Tibetan Buddhism for those unfamiliar with it. The focus is on understanding the practice from the point of view of a Western Magickan, examining the heirarchy of being, initiations, mantras and tools used in ritual.

Tibetan Mantra, Meditation, Visualization and Initiation
This is a practical workshop, with visual aid hand-outs provided. We will begin by chanting the mantra for purification, then move on to the mantras for the Medicine Buddah, Tara, Amitayus, and Avalokiteshvara, Buddah of Compassion. Each Diety will be unveiled, described, and it's method of meditation taught.

Buddhist Mandalas and the Cosmic Symbolism of the Tibetan Stupa
Mandalas and Stupas are three-dimensional gateways into other worlds. The meditator is either drawn into it's center, or conversely, one draws it into one's own center. How this is done, and the meanings, purposes, and effects on the practitiones are examined.

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