Martinie-Prydwyn speakers
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Louis Martinie teaches Special Education and percussion for the Orleans Parish school system. He is a Bokor (magician) and Elder of the New Orleans VooDoo Spiritual Temple, and drums with the Mambo Muslima, Cabal Tambour Dan-i, and for the ritual shows of the VooDoo Museum. He has written Waters of Return: Aeonic VooDoo, the text for the New Orleans VooDoo Tarot, and is the content editor for Black Moon Publishing. His work has been chosen as a Quality Paperback Book of the Month Club selection and as part of the catalog for the traveling exhibit Sacred Arts of Voodoo assembled by the Fowler Museum. He is an Honorary Member of the Louisana Legislature (possibly the most interesting governmental body on Earth). Louis has been associated with the anarchistic grouping of ritual magicians known as Bate Cabal. (The tape Festival and Ritual Drumming performed by Louis with Mishlen Linden, is available through ACE.)

Litany of the Loa
It is traditional for services at the New Orleans Voodoo Spiritual Temple to begin with an honoring of all the loa and Spirits. The bokor, Louis Martinie, has been doing these calls for the last four years. In line with Aeonic Voodoo, a kabalistic, thelemic context is used for the calls. The Tree of Life is used as a basis for the sequence. The order of the loa/spirits, mental images to be held, and drum rhythms used will be taught.

Drum Prayers
The rhythms to the loa are prayers. Bamboula, the sacred rhythm of Congo Squarr, will be taught and played. Earth from Congo Square will be used to dedicate the drums before playing. The workshop will be followed by a three-hour drumming session at a time to be arranged, playing the Bamboula without letting the hands wander. The effect can be compared to reciting a mantra for three hours without letting the mind wander.

Kyleigh "Cheshire" McBride is a safer sex educator who travels to festivals offering the latest in safe sex information. Her instruction in human sexuality began at Indiana University, and continued with her work as an information services assistant at The Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction.

Safer Sexuality (Adults only)
Cheshire will hold an informational class on the latest in safer sex methods and data, with a variety of supplies, information on HIV and STDs, and frank discussion of topics concerning human sexuality. Some surprising new research will be presented, and tips on such tricky subjects as effective communication with partners and young folk. This class will be offered in conjunction with a regularly staffed safer sex information booth which will be set up on site to distribute supplies and answer questions.

Jeff "Magnus" McBride, both an experienced teacher and student of the magical arts and a respected force in the Magickal Community, is one of the foremost performance magic artists in the world. Presently headlining at Ceasar's Palace's Magical Empire, Magnus is Hollywood's Magic Castle Magician of the Year and NBC's World's Greatest Magician, a founder of The Mystery School and the World Magic Festival, and he created the role of Joran on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Visit for more info on Magnus

From Shaman to Showman
Drawing on his unique experience of the relationship between the craft of the performance magician and the practicioner of the arts of the Shaman, Jeff McBride discusses the role of the Magician from it's archaic origins to the high-tech showrooms of Las Vegas. An incredible journey from the death and ressurection rituals of ancestral cultures to The Magical Empire, a 55 million dollar complex dedicated to ancient magic and mysteries. Jeff will weave a tale of his personal quest for "real magic", that has led him around the world; from the deep woods to Deep Space!

diana mcfadden Diana McFadden has been interested in community living and cooperation for most of her life, and has visited several intentional communities over the years. She is concerned about the perils of competition in society, and its damaging effects on communities and individuals. Diana has a B.A. in Political Science, and currently makes her living as a professional musician with Green Crown.

Working Well Together
An open discussion designed to help understand, and with understanding to prevent and/or overcome, the dynamics of conflict, competition, and discord which so often plague groups and organizations in the 'Pagan' community - with the result that more energy is spent in sectarian infighting than in working the good magic which is so sorely needed.

Kelly McGowan has been performing on the Canadian acoustic music scene for 20 years. She has been a member of Toronto Celtic-rock outfit Taliesin, and has spent the past ten years playing with Harbord Trio, which includes her husband Don Ross and award-winning fiddler Oliver Schroer. She graduated in Experimental Arts from the Ontario College of Art in Toronto. With the trio, Kelly sings and plays Celtic harp and bodhran, the Irish frame drum.

The Celtic Bodhran
In her workshop, Kelly will reveal the secrets of Celtic bodhran technique. One of the greatest mysteries about bodhran playing is how to get such rich and convoluted rhythms out of a simple drum played with only one stick. Kelly will illustrate proper use of the "tipper" (the special two-ended stick used to play the bodhran) and accompany traditional repertoire. She'll also demonstrate her use of jazz brush technique on the bodhran.

Kirk McLaren's foundation in the study in the mysteries began with Qabalahist and Jazz musician Dr. Fred Katz of Southern California in the mid seventies. Kirk first began teaching Tarot in Spokane, Washington at Yhantra Book store in 1980 and has been teaching seminars for Circles, Gatherings and Conventions ever since. He completed his course work in Visual Arts through the "McLaren Studio Academy". Kirk has combined jewelry design and the study of the Tarot to produce a Three Dimensional Tarot System completed in 1993. This approach is based on the images of the Major Arcana in small sculpture that may be tossed like small stones, then read as they fall.

Introduction to the Tarot Casters
This is an introduction to the Tarot Casters; a system biased on the images of the Major Arcana in small sculpture that may be tossed like small stones, then read as they fall. This new approach to the Tarot frees the reader from the old layouts and enables the intuitive muscles to work in new ways. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional, you may find this a great Joy.

Amulet Making Workshop
This workshop provides all that is needed to produce a carving for a lost wax casting. Within six weeks of the workshop the participant will receive their very own piece of jewelry that they made themselves. Lab Fees: $25 for a bronze Amulet, $35 for a Silver Amulet. (Molds may be made of your master carving for an additional $25.)

The Tarot: an Intensive Seminar
This is a two part workshop that is a little over two hours for each part. The workshop includes hand out notes for each participant to keep at the end of the class. Part One covers the Minor Arcana and how it is based on the Qubalistic "Tree of Life". Each card is discussed to help understand the foundation on which the Major Arcana is built. (Aprox. 2 hours, 15 minutes.) Part Two covers the Major Arcana: it's basic concepts, interpretations for reading and how it relates to the development of a Magical way of Life. Time permitting, an introduction to the Tarot Casters will be provided. Aprox. 2 hours.

ralph metzner Ralph Metzner, Ph.D. has been involved in consciousness research for over 35 years, starting with his early association with Timothy Leary and Richard Alpert (Ram Dass) at Harvard, and co-authoring The Psychedelic Experience. His books include Maps Of Consciousness, Know Your Type, The Well Of Remembrance (Shambhala, 1994) and The Unfolding Self (Origin Press, 1998). He is a psychotherapist and professor of psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies; and also the founder of The Green Earth Foundation, an educational organization devoted to healing and harmonizing the relationship between humans and the Earth.

The Unfolding Self
A discussion of Ralph's latest book, sub-titled "Varieties of Transformative Experience". The book is a cross-cultural examination of basic structures of psychospiritual transformation, such as "awakening from the dream of reality", "from captivity to liberation", "from fragmentation to wholeness", "death-and-rebirth", "purification by inner fire", "integrating with the inner wild animal" and others. This presentation will include a guided meditation on "unfolding the tree of your life".

The Well Of Remembrance
In this talk we will discuss the pre-Christian worldview and Shamanic practices of the Nordic, Germanic & Anglo-Saxon Europeans. This worldview encompassed a perception of the natural world as animated by living intelligences or "spirits". We have much to learn from our Pagan European ancestors, who respected and revered the Earth and all its inhabitants. The presentation will include an experiential inner journey to Mimir's well at the foot of the World Tree -- a drink of which puts one in touch with ancestral, evolutionary wisdom.

mombo miriam Mombo Miriam is a former Bishop of the Angel Angel All Nations Spiritual Church. Miriam is now the Queen Mother of the New Orleans VooDoo Spiritual Temple, and is an active spokesperson for VooDoo as practiced in New Orleans, appearing in Spin Magazine, in movies, and on PBS and commercial TV in America, England and Japan. In the tradition of Marie Laveau, Priestess Miriam was honored by the Spirits to conduct an ancestor ceremony on All Saints Day in which Marc Morial, the Mayor of New Orleans, participated. Miriam carries on the work of her husband Belizean herbalist and VooDoo Priest Oswan Chamani, touching the souls of all peoples regardless of race or belief.

Possession and the Effect of Possession During Ritual
Priestess Miriam has conducted thousands of Voodoo ceremonies at the New Orleans Voodoo Spiritual Temple. Possession is an intimate part of Voodoo ceremonies.

New Orleans Voodoo and the Universal Tradition
A discussion of the existence of a universal tradition and ways to participate in it, with particular emphasis on Voodoo and Spiritualist teachings. Knowledge of the Universal Tradition is a part of the spiritual training offered to students at the New Orleans Voodoo Spiritual Temple. Knowledge of the Universal Tradition is a part of the spiritual training offered to students at the New Orleans Voodoo Spiritual Temple.

A Universal Tradition: Aspects and Atributes
Presented by Bate Cabal, an anarchistic grouping of magicians. Presenters include Nema (Maat Magick), Priestess Miriam (New Orleans Voodoo Spiritual Temple), Lyrus (Malkuth Magick), Luis Manuel Nunez (Santeria), and Louis Martinie (The New Orleans Voodoo Tarot). Presenters will discuss Maat, Santeria, Voodoo, and related traditions with an emphasis on their participation in a universal tradition.

Patricia Monaghan, PhD is one of the pioneers of the contemporary women's spirituality movement. She is the author of O Mother Sun! A New View of the Cosmic Feminine, Working Wisdom, and a book of poetry entitled Seasons of the Witch. Pat's re-released classic The New Book of Goddesses and Heroines just received the award for Best Visionary Non-Fiction at the International New Age Trade Show. She teaches physics and poetry at DePaul University in Chicago, and she has taught classes on Goddess worship and related topics for several years. (Her books and the tape The Way of the Goddess are available from ACE)

Artemis: Goddess of Girlhood
Between the ages of 7-11, girls are most vibrantly themselves. Yet, within a few years, they lose most of their self-esteem. All women have endured this loss of self and the grief and anger that goes with it. But we also carry within us a memory of that vibrant being we once were-and the ability to access her again. Ancient rituals of Artemis, Goddess of wilderness and wildness, give clues to how to bring back the strength of the girl within.

Writing With Spirit
Have you had a spiritual experience you desire to capture in prose or poetry? Expressing non-linear realities in linear language is far from easy. This workshop offers insights into ways to move beyond merely telling "what happened" to create powerful work. Bring writing implements and your creative self and learn to break through to more innovative expression. Come ready to create!

Madonna Moonhawk has travelled the spirtual paths of the Goddess, Native American (Lakota tradition), and the Sufi Order for over 20 years. She regularly leads meetings in Universal Worship encompassing Sufi traditions, Light meditations, and the Dances of Universal Peace. Since obtaining her Massotherapy licence in 1983, she has incorporated healing techniques of Reflexology, Shiatsu, Deep Muscle Therapy (Swedish), Reiki II, Aromatherapy, and Sound Vibrational Healing. She is currently enrolled in a degree program to become an Occupational Therapist.

The Dances of Universal Peace
The Dances of Universal Peace are a form of celebration and meditation in song and movement. These simple dances, fun and profound, are inspired by the wisdom and sacred phrases of the worlds many religious traditions. They invite us to experience peace, love, and unity, and to reflect these qualities in our lives. These dances were originated 30 years ago by an American mystic, Samuel Lewis, as part of his vision of "Peace Through the Arts". All spiritual and religious traditions are represented.

All are welcome. No prior experience is needed. Each dance can be enjoyed with just a few minutes instruction. At the Starwood Festival our focus will on Dances inspired by Earth-based religions invoking the Goddess. Madonna will be accompanied by Jonathan Harrison in offering this workshop.

Sufi Healing
This class is an integration of ancient healing techniques originating from the east and brought to the west by Pir-O-Murshid Hazriat Inyat Khan in the early part of this century. Breath is a principle power needed in healing and sound vibrates and amplifies intention. We will utilize some of these techniques with breath using many of the sacred names of God.
Towards the One.......

Jennifer Elizabeth Moore C.T.F., M.A. is a healer, Wiccan priestess and artist who brings over 15 years of experience as a facilitator for personal growth and transformation. With a Master's Degree in Psychology and Religion, Jennifer uses breathwork and body centered spiritual healing as a vehicle for pastoral care. She received her training and certification as a Transformational Breath Facilitator through the International Breath Institute, and is a founder of the New England Breathworker's Collaborative. Jennifer is a Reiki master, and has offered her services as a professional psychic since 1981. She leads transformational workshops for personal growth and spiritual development throughout the Northeast area. Her Reiki I & II are BOTH double slots, though only Reiki II has a fee.

Rei = universal; Ki = life force. Reiki is a healing technique which transmits energy and health through the laying on of hands. Originally discovered by Dr. Mikao Usui, this ancient art has been passed on through "attunements" by initiated Reiki Masters to countless additional Reiki practitioners. A gentle yet powerful technique, Reiki can be used for relaxation, stress reduction, and virtually any illness, injury or life situation which arises.

Reiki I
In this workshop you will receive the 1st degree attunement which will permit you to transmit Reiki to yourself and to others locally. With this 1st degree, you are qualified to call yourself a Reiki practitioner.

Reiki II ($25 fee)
This advanced workshop is open only to those who have received the 1st degree atunement, either in Reiki I or any school of Reiki. In this double session you will receive the 2nd degree attunement, and you will learn the sacred Reiki symbols. This process will strengthen and enhance your ability to direct and channel healing energy, and it will permit you to transmit Reiki through time and space.

Keening Circle: A Time to Honor our Grief
During this awe-filled approach to the new millenium, we all experience as well as witness our own and each other's transitions. Through sacred ritual we will create the space to grieve, wail, lament, scream, cry, or even stand in silence together. Join us to honor our ancestors and ourselves through this ceremony of release for: our recently departed; and the illnesses, trials and tribulations we each endure.

Nema has been practicing and writing about Magick for twenty-five years, with articles in The Cincinnati Journal of Ceremonial Magick, Aeon Magazine, Starfire, and other publications. From her experiences with Thelemic Magick, she developed Maat Magick and it's aim of transforming the human race. She is an Elder (former HPS) of the Circle of the Sacred Grove, Church of Pantheist Wicca, an initiate of Adi Nath Tantra. She is the author of Maat Magick: a Guide to Self-Initiation, and is currently working on a book about Mysticism.

The Way of Mystery
An exploration of the Mystical way of transformation, its characteristics, events and crises, and its visions, ecstacies and raptures. Points for discussion include: Mystery as the other half of Magick, the lure of the unknown, preparations for Mystical experience, cosmic visions, self, corpses on the Path, the essence of rapture, and the Inner Life.

Deborah Nervig is a professional dancer and bodyworker. Her dance background is rooted in Middle-Eastern and modern, but over the last several years she has developed a more spiritually oriented approach to dance as meditation.

Introduction to Middle-Eastern Dance (2 or 3 sessions)
Have a great time learning the basics of Middle-Eastern dance! This form of movement is a natural partner in the circle of sound and motion. Middle-Eastern dance, and the variations that flow from it, are characterized by subtle and exquisitely detailed movements. This class will focus on enhancing body awareness, developing the basic techniques, and learning how to join them together in and around the poetry of percussion. Time will also be provided so that you can use your own creativity to play with these skills. Bring something very comfortable to dance in, and a scarf or sari if you have one.

Live Meditations in Drumming and Dance (with Joshua Levine)
Share in the experience of connection within yourself and with others through organic movement and rhythm. No previous experience in dancing or drumming is required, only the desire to listen, express, play, and soar!

Luis M. Nunez is an Elder of the New Orleans Voodoo Spiritual Temple, where he and Louis MartiniČ are Temple Drummers. Together, they have worked to syncretise Hatian and Santeria rhythms. Luis is author of Santeria: A Practical Guide to Afro-Caribbean Magic, Drumming the Gods: Selections from Traditional Santeria Drumming, and Jim's Notes (a collection of drumming notes of ritual drummer James VanDenAkker. He has studied with James VanDenAkker, Bill Summers (percussionist for Herbie Hancock), and was introduced to Bata by Lazaro Galarraga. He has also drummed at Mardi Gras and festivals for five years with The Mystic Herd of Nutrias.

Overview of Santeria
La Ocha or La Regla, the proper name for the practices popularly known as Santeria, had its origin in the syncretism of the Ifa based religions of West Africa and Catholicism. This workshop will focus on the basic elements of La Regla:
  1. The Orishas: The archetypal entities or forces invoked in LaRegla; their powers, fields of influence, attributes and their relationship with their worshippers.
  2. Possession: The main goal of the ceremonial practices in Ocha; the physical manifestation of the Orishas in the bodies of the participants.
  3. The Oracles: Two of the main oracular systems will bediscussed; the coconuts and the cowrie shells.
  4. Sacrifices: Perhaps the most controversial practice in LaRegla; the types and reasons for animal and other sacrifices will be discussed.
  5. Sympathetic Magic: The use of love spells, spiritual cleansings and other magical practices in Ocha.
  6. Herbal Lore: A brief look at Ocha's sophisticated use of herbs, aromas and colors.

Overview of Santeria Drumming (Parts 1-4)
La Ocha or La Regla is the proper name for the practices popularly known as Santeria. Drumming is an integral part of Ocha. It is a prayer, an invocation, and a guide to possession and altered states of consciousness. Bring your drums, as we explore: Part 1. Liturgical Drumming: This section is aimed at those who wish to incorporate drumming in their ceremonies and rituals. The concepts covered will be:
Part 2. Bembe Relationships: Bembes are La Regla's public celebrations. This section will concentrate on a basic bembe rhythm and the relationship between its various parts. (Best for those with some previous drumming experience.)
Part 3. Bata Relationship: Ocha's liturgical drumming is played on three hourglass-shaped double headed drums called the bata. (Smallest: the okonkolo, Medium: the itotele, Largest: the iya.) We will concentrate on the elements that make up two of the rhythms played to Eleggua (the Holy Child of Atocha), the trickster, the owner of paths and the opener of the way. Bata rhythmic relationships can be performed on other drums. (Best for those with some previous drumming experience.)
Part 4. New Orleans Voodoo Spiritual Temple Ceremonial Drumming: Louis Martinie and Luis Nunez have blended the traditional rhythms of Voodoo and La Regla into a form that is a unique expression of New Orleans Voodoo. The drumming will accompany a ceremony led by Mambo Miriam. Drummer participation is strongly encouraged.

Laurel Olson has been a singer, maker of music and performer since she was four years old. A founding member of the West Coast pagan chorus, Gaia's Voice, she has composed a significant portion of their repertoire over the years, and currently functions as their Business Manager. Laurel is a trained seidhkona and a third degree initiate and prominent ritualist in the NROOGD tradition. She serves as LaPlace in her Voodoo society. She is a consecrated priestess with The Fellowship of the Spiral Path and a member of their Board of Directors. She is a dedicate of the Goddess Brigid. She is currently beginning work on her first book, with the working title "To Walk Through The Forge."

How to Write a Pagan Chant
This workshop will feature a step by step walk through the creative process. We will collectively refuse to participate in the fast-food diet of a mere 10,000 words, discuss a variety of styles of chant and vocal rhythms, and create a brand-new chant as part and parcel of the work. Up to 25 interested individuals are welcome to attend.

Calling the Fire Home: A Not-For-Novices Spiritual Discipline for Taking Back Your Power
In the process of life, we encounter experiences that affect us profoundly, and not for the better. These experiences weigh on us and dim or steal away the fire of our spirits. This workshop will teach a practice by which we can retrieve the personal power these experiences have leeched away from us and provide a keener understanding of how to constructively view and interact with our struggles and our sorrows. This practice focuses on deep spiritual work with the Goddess Brigid, and is not recommended for beginning spiritual practitioners. Up to 20 interested individuals, are welcome to attend.

Kwabena Owusu is an Ethnomusicologist and drummer whose primary passion has been for the culture and art of his native people. Born and educated in Ghana, West Africa, he has performed and studied traditional cultures around the world. Musical Director for the 9th Village Music and Dance Ensemble, his expertise as a student and teacher of African music extends to instrument making, such as drums and shakere'. He has worked extensively with the U.C. Berkeley Music Dept., and played with Yaya Diallo, Dr. C.K. Ladzekpo, Malonga, Arthur Hall, Jimmy Cliff, Abudulie Jakateh and others. He plays Djun Djun, tonal bells and shakere'.

Kwabena will be performing and doing workshops with Yaya Diallo.

Wes Owens has been a friend and associate of the Chameleon Club for over 20 years. He is a native of Warren, Ohio and attended Kent State University. Since 1974 he has worked continuously for the US Air Force and NASA. His work has taken him to live in Texas, Ohio, American Samoa, Fiji, California (twice), New Zealand, Colorado, Italy, Israel, Tahiti and Washington DC. He has been with NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland since 1985 supporting Geodynamics Research, the Tracking and Data Relay Satellite Network and since 1995 has worked as an Engineer (and occasional TV Line Producer) at NASA Television Network Master Control.

We're Living in the Future! So you think the space program is just a waste of money, an expensive trip to play golf on a dead rock in the sky, money that could have been used here on Earth? Not at all! The space program has paid for itself many times over in technologies that have been transfered to other fields, from medicine and surgery to communications, meteorology, electronics, and ecology. A twenty-five year veteran of the American exploration of space, Wes Owens leads a discussion of how the US Space Program affects us, looking at Technology Transfer (aka Spinoffs), NASA's Mission to Planet Earth, and a sidebar on the ongoing transition of the Television Industry to the DTV/HDTV Digital/High Definition TV format. (For anyone with questions/comments/suggestions on space and television related topics they would like addressed at the workshop, Wes can be reached by email at

Diana L. Paxson is known as the author of many novels of historical and metaphysical fantasy, such as THE WHITE RAVEN and the WODAN'S CHILDREN trilogy. The first volume of her new Arthurian tetrology, HALLOWED ISLE: THE BOOK OF THE SWORD, will be out next spring. In pagan circles she is equally well-known as a priestess and leader, founder of the Fellowship of the Spiral Path, whose Board she is once more chairing. She has served as First Officer of the Covenant of the Goddess and is currently on the High Rede of the Ring of Troth and editor of its journal, IDUNNA. One of Paxson's major contributions has been the recovery of the practice of Oracular Seidh, the shamanic divination of the north. She is also a Runemistress, and is currently working on a book on the subject for Llewellyn.

Hail Holy Earth: a Procession to Honor the Earth Goddess
Call her Erda or Nerthus or Gaia, the goddess of the ground we walk on has been honored all over the world. In the North, her image was placed in a cart and carried around the fields to bless them and bring peace and good fortune. Today, we'll carry her around Brushwood. Come help decorate the cart! Join the parade and bring the Goddess to Starwood with drumming and song. After the procession the image will be set up beside the pond so that all can honor Her during the festival.

Bidding the Goddess Goodbye
In the old days, when the Earth Goddess had blessed the fields her image was returned to her island shrine. Join us in bidding goodbye to the Goddess as we prepare to say farewell to the festival, as she is carried to a permanent shrine on Brushfire Island to wait for next year. Goddess image carved by C.L. Hankins.

Mention My Name in Asgard
In this special pathworking to Asgard, home of the Norse Gods, we'll be getting up close and personal with the patron dieties. We will be working with personal devotion, talking to the gods and getting answers.

Northern Magic
A workshop on witchcraft and runecraft (Seidh and Galdor), how they work together, and who did what. Northern shamanic practices such as runespells and trance journeying will be explored, as we construct a runespell for good weather.

All About Asatru: a Panel Discussion
Diana L. Paxson, an elder of the Troth (one of the leading Asatru organizations) who serves on its High Rede, and other leaders in the heathen movement will discuss varied topics, including: How Heathenism differs from Paganism, and how it is the same; the history of the contemporary neo-heathen movement, it's major figures and organizations and their common beliefs and practices; why real Norse religion is neither Nazi nor racist; and the latest news on the millenial festival in Iceland in 2000.

Oracular Seidh
In the Viking age, the Voelva, or seeress, travelled from one farmstead to another to perform seidh, the oracular tradition of the North. Today, Asatru seidhkonaas "see" for the people at pagan festivals in a rite that includes invocation, pathworking, trance, and divination. All are invited to participate and ask questions.

olvardil prydwyn Olvardil Prydwyn is a talented recording artist and performer of Pagan music (solo and with Green Crown), skilled in a variety of traditional instruments including voice, harp, cittern, guitar, lute, mandolin and flutes. He holds an M.A. in Celtic Studies from the University of Edinburgh, and is working on his PhD in Celtic Languages and Literature at Harvard University.

Ars Poetica Pagana: Walking the Bardic Path
Between warriors and butterflies, it is often overlooked that the arts of the Pagan singer/songwriter/musician comprise in and of themselves a valid and essential magical path. in this workshop, we will discuss some of the highways and byways of "The Bardic Way", including the concept of performance as an act of magic, and explore some of the ways in which legacies of past Paganisms can be used responsibly to inspire the creation of a contemporary Pagan minstrelsy and mythology.

Sifting Through the Rubble: What's a Poor Pagan Celt to Do?
With the current popularity - and thus marketability - of things, and even of the very word, 'Celtic', a vast bibliography has grown up over the last decade and a half which purports to offer readers a glimpse of the pre-Christian religions of the 'Celts'. When all the theorizing and wishful thinking has been stripped away, however, what do we actually 'know' - as firm fact - about Celtic Paganism, and, perhaps even more importantly, how and whence do we know it?

This presentation will offer a comprehensive overview of the primary sources (literary, archaeological, and ethnographic) available to the serious student of historical Celtic Paganism, along with a brief commentary on the state of Celtic scholarship within the contemporary Pagan community.

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