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Rhythm Quest is a multi-cultural drum quartet whose repertoire features drum styles of the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, Europe and Australia with instruments of those regions to compliment the performance. Founded in 1995, the Bloomington, Indiana-based group travel extensively throughout the midwest, and have appeared with such nationally-known artists as Sonia Dada. Members include founders Julian Douglas & Christopher Austin, Rick Donnelly and Mike Rutherford. Rhythm Quest also offers drumming workshops which focus on the individual, the community, and the integration of the two.

Meter, Polymeter; Rhythm, Polyrhythm
This workshop will present the concept of creativity within different contexts. We will first define and explore meter, and develop understandings of the interaction of diferent meters. We will then define rhythm and present the idea of polyrhythm through the exploration of the relativity of pulse and implied pulse, the multiple perspective reality, and the stratification process of polyrhythm.

Responsibility and the Trance Experience
A discussion and exploration of the concepts of trance, respect for others and self, the presence of chaos, and responsibility in drum circles and drum circle communities in modern America. This workshop is open to all participants of magickal, musickal circles including drummers, dancers, singers and observers.

Ronn Walks With Fire (Pele Ahi in Hawaiian) has been a student and practitioner of Hawaiian and Micronesian Spirituality for over twelve years. He lived on the islands of Palau in Micronesia in 1976 and 1977 where he studied native rituals. Prior to that he lived in Nigeria and studied Hausa spirituality. He is a Postulant (6th Circle Scion) in the Church of All Worlds and Priest of Spirit Weavers Church a legally recognized Pagan church based in Toledo, Ohio. Ronn has translated several Hawaiian rituals, created new rituals by melding Micronesian spirituality into Neo-Pagan holiday celebrations and has performed as Priest in many large rituals.

Pele's Caldera: A Destruction / Re-Creation Ritual
This Hawaiian ritual removes "Pilikia" (trouble of any kind, great or small; problem, nuisance, distress, adversity, affliction, perturbation, lack, etc.) from the participant and provides a positive replacement. It utilizes group energy and Magick to fulfill each individual's intent. Its larger goal is to assist in the removal of Pilitkia from Gaia. This ritual is participatory and personal and utilizes fire as the power of change. (Performed by the Church of All Worlds) Participants are also invited to the CAWmunity Potluck that follows.

Don Ross is the only guitarist ever to win the National Fingerpick Guitar Championship twice. Don has a Bachelor's degree in Music Composition from York University in Toronto and has been a full-time touring musician for the past ten years, primarily in Canada and Europe. He has released 6 CDs of original material in Canada, the three most recent on Sony Music Canada/Columbia Records. Don's trademarks are his "fingerstyle" approach and his use of unusual altered guitar tunings.

Fingerstyle Guitar
In this workshop, Don will illustrate some of his techniques: independence of thumb and fingers on the picking hand, ways of getting new sounds out of your guitar through use of altered tunings (both open and modal), and some percussion approaches that help you achieve drumming on the guitar in addition to melody, harmony and bass lines.

Wendy Rover (AKA Rovinghorse) is an initiated High Priestess with a seven-year involvement in the Craft. She is a childbirth assistant/aspiring midwife and a mother of three, pursuing her certification with the Association of Labor Assistants and Childbirth Educators (ALACE). She has worked with herbs for seven years and as a Doula for three years, studying with local herbalists and elders of the Seneca Wolf Clan and her own Clan elders, and is pursuing right livelihood with her own herbal manufacturing and consultation business.

Herbal Magic
Anyone with a love for the "wee planties" is welcome at this workshop; beginner, greenwitch or herbal master. We will discuss the medicinal properties and magical correspondences of herbs, including their relationships to: the Tarot, Astrology, Qaballah, and the various archetypes. Wendy will offer some tips on magical harvesting techniques, the preparation of extracts and oils with the moon, and herbs for scrying and bathing. We will learn about and begin creating Herbal Talismans, and conclude with a short pathworking and a healing circle.

Birth Circle
Becoming a mother is an initiation to the mysteries of the Goddess, and each woman who comes through the birthing process has a story to tell. A birth circle is an opportunity for women of all ages to come together, witness, and celebrate the powerful and transformative experience of birth in each other by sharing our stories, experiences and wisdom. This circle will end with a healing ceremony for those who wish to reclaim their power from a birth experience which was less than ideal. Come with open hearts and positive minds, and with an offering of food for the group and the Goddess. You need not have given birth to attend, but this workshop is for women only. (Babies and young children of any sex are, of course, welcome.)

Joseph Rothenberg, R.N. is a Registered Nurse, an Ohio licensed professional counselor, and a bio-feedback technician. He holds degrees in Psychology and Political Science from Case Western Reserve University. A Co-Director and founder of ACE (and the Chameleon Club), Joseph has studied and presented workshops for over 17 years. (The panel discussion The Self in Transformation, with Joseph Rothenberg, is available from ACE.)

Starwood Faerie Community Meeting
An open house for the gay community at Starwood; this is as much a social event as a goal-oriented one, with an opportunity for new people to meet one another and old friends to get together. The topic for discussion will be networking, and generating new programming of interest to the Starwood Faerie Community. If we can come out of this discussion with a method for communicating interests in speakers, workshops, and programs we will have met our goal.

Nicki Scully Nicki Scullyis an extraordinary teacher and healer,focusing on accelerating spiritual development. She is author of The Golden Cauldron, and has produced a series of guided meditations and tranceworks called The Cauldron Teachings using primarily Egyptian symbology. Nicki utilizes archtypical entities and totem animals to reconnect us with the Akashic Records and to manifest personal and planetary healing.

Alchemical Healing
This is a very concentrated introduction to Alchemical Healing, a comprehensive healing system that utilizes spiritual and energetic components of elements, archetypes, totems and herbs. We will share tools and techniques, as well as initiations and attunements that can be immediately incorporated into your life and/or healing practice. Among the subjects we will explore are: energy transmission, "x-ray vision", the five elements, totems, and distant healing.

Sekhmet: the Path of the Warrior as Healer
Sekhmet, the lion-headed Goddess of Egypt, is a powerful warrior and a compassionate healer. Throughout this time of Earth changes, as we make the transition into a New Age, Sekhmet is calling her own. During this workshop you will meet this Goddess directly, and awaken her energy in your body and your psyche. Henceforth she will be a guardian and guide.

Invocation of Hathor: a Journey of Divine Union
Hathor is the Egyptian Goddess of love and celebration, sexuality, music, and intoxication. This invocation is a taste of Egyptian Tantra in a guided journey set on the Nile. With middle-eastern rhythms and flavors, the music is meant to produce a combination of trance/dance and boogie! This short spiritual offering will be presented at the Saturday night concert.

Chas Smith holds a Master's Degree in Music from Cleveland State University, where his class Roots of Rock and Soul is the largest-attendance class offered (over 200 each quarter). His studies focus on composition, ethnomusic and electro-acoustics, and he has also given a lecture series for the Cleveland Clinic advocating alternative ideas in music therapy. He directs and plays keyboards for Einstein's Secret Orchestra, and has programmed ESO Swamp Radio at WCSB 89.3 FM in Cleveland since 1987.

Trances, Drones, and Citizens of the Cosmos
Imagine the essential event of creation, the Big Bang, as a musical moment: a Big Ring, continually reverberating through space, expanding it, transforming it, giving it life.... and as a part of that space, we become ever more aware that we, our mental and spiritual selves, are a by-product of that sound, that music. If we speak the language of music and join our awareness to that ever complex and expanding note, the doors open to understanding true personal and universal power.

No musical background (if that's possible) is required for this lecture/performance, just open ears, minds and hearts. We will utilize sonic and sub-sonic electro-acoustic instruments, including Therimin. "We are electromagnetic waves. We go on... and on... and on..."

Richard Speaker PhD is a Professor of Communications, and has taught at college level for over 20 years. He has been involved in Magical work and networking with Magical people for many years. He has offered classes on massage and other topics at many ACE events, and has studied and participated in festival drumming since 1987.

Magic, Music, and Sacred Massage
This workshop is a combination of Pagan Ritual and massage technique. The workshop will be held in a secluded and shaded space, and it will be both co-ed and skyclad. Massage oil will be used, and clothes just get in the way. Sexual activity, however, will NOT be permitted. Participants should bring blankets or towels and possibly a pillow, and a ritual candle would be welcome. Richard will provide massage oil, music, and direction. A circle will be cast, divinities invoked, and massage will be performed with rotating partners.

Abortion Ritual Design
Millions of American women have exercised their right to choose an abortion when faced with an unwanted pregnancy. Many Pagan women have experienced in this exercise a sense of empowerment and an affirmation of their reproductive freedom. But in so momentous a decision and event in their lives, is there a spiritual and psychic need for a ritual, both for her and her partner? What might such a ritual contain?

This workshop will discuss the benefits of pre and post- abortion rituals from a Pagan perspective, in a recognition of what could for some be a sacred, Goddess-honoring experience. We will work on individual ritual design and on sharing information for future use in our Pagan Spirituality. Women and men, and clergy and other counselors, with personal experience facing this question are invited to share their insights.

Rev. Ivan Stang Rev. Ivan Stang is Co-Subfounder of the Church of the SubGenius, radio personality, crackpotologist, clay animator, and author of The Book of the SubGenius, High Weirdness by Mail, Three-Fisted Tales of "Bob", and Revelation X: the "Bob"apocryphon (all available through ACE), and Arise!: the SubGenius Video.

A Fresh Bowl
X-Day: July 5th, 1998, 450 SubGenii dissembled and debauched like there was no tomorrow... but there was! The aliens didn't descend, the world wasn't destroyed, and the angry mob tarred & feathered (well, honey & feathered) Stang. Wither the Church, O'Ivan?

Accompanied by Einstein's Secret Orchestra and Rev. Ken "Bleepo" Abernathy, Stang will preach the New Modified All-Purpose Punchline of Prophecy, unveil "Bob" Dobbs' 5 Secret Keys to MaiJikc, and will submit to the taunts of any UnSaved ignoramuses unable to appreciate the Mystery of X-Day. The new "EARTH FIRST" fireworks-and-flags parade and SubGenius Lullaby will climax this devival, marking the Church's ascendence to a New Era.

Milking the Virtual Cow
Rev. Ivan Stang's enormous presence on the Internet through the extensive SubGenius cluster of websites make him particularly qualified to present this workshop on how to milk the Internet for all it's worth, and get away with murder, before the Conspiracy figures out how to spoil it for us.

Sam Stansfield is a Chameleon, an ACE organizer, and holds a PhD in Physics. In the past his workshops include the Star Walk (which isn't happening because of the full moon), Orienteering, and a workshop on crystal structure. He has spent the last three summers living and working with the land at Brushwood.

Brushwood Tree Planting Ritual

We burned over 100 tons of wood at Starwood last year, though most of that wood did not come from the woods at Brushwood, the available wood there having been badly depleted in previous years. It's time to give something back to the land. We will do a small ritual to inaugurate a project of planting trees here at Brushwood. We will plant between 15 and 20 willow trees in a grove in the back part of Brushwood. The area should be quite wet so you may want boots. The ritual will be performed in the new grove. Please bring shovels.

The Tarpman (AKA Rev. Dave Anderson) has a crusade: to keep campers happy and make the world a better place. A seasoned attendee of many festivals and outdoor events, Dave has blessed many lost souls with the gift of his expertise in knot tying and tarp erecting. For years his secret wisdom was offered only to the chosen few, but now hearing the greater cry of Brushwood's masses, Tarpman believes that this sacred knowledge must be shared.

Tentgirl was once a clueless camper, bereft of shade and home, but found Salvation in the Grace of Tarpman's wisdom. Having seen the light, she realized the error of her ways and has learned the proper art of camping, as a doting disciple of the all powerful, all knowing Tarpman. A queen of comfort herself, and veteran of countless gatherings, Tentgirl brings her experience for making home anywhere.

Tarp Time: Learning the Ropes with Tarpman and Tentgirl
Okay campers! Did you wake up and find 3 inches of rain in your sneakers? Did that nifty tarp you spent hours putting up cry mutiny and sail over to the Groupal Roundhouse with that slightest gust of wind? Does the concept of camping terrify and amaze you? Yes? Then join Tarpman and his trusty sidkick Tentgirl to learn how to create a camp site that keeps you safe and dry that will be the envy of all your Starwood friends. Win a free camp makeover! Volunteers with "improvable" campsites sought!

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