Each year we concentrate on bringing you a univer-city of diverse thoughts, skills, and knowledge. Welcome to our grand list of speakers that were scheduled to present workshops, lectures, and intensives at the Starwood XVIII Festival. For speaker and workshop availablility and contact information, please contact Jeff Rosenbaum at ace@rosencomet.com. Person/Group name links lead to bios and workshop descriptions, please feel free to browse.

Maimu Alber
Twelve Step / Sober Support
Twelve Step as Myth:A Neo-Pagan Perspective to Recovery

Ar nDraiocht Fein
A Druidic Rite of Blessing

The Association for Consciousness Exploration
"So It's Your First Starwood..."

Big Village Band
Wild Inner-Child Get Loose Training

Daniella Bluestar
She will be sharing workshops with Don "Two Eagles" WaterHawk. See below for descriptions

new Sylvia Brallier
Ecstasy as a Shamanic Path: A Journey into the Mystery

new Pearl Breitbach
Cultivating Consciousness in Your Child

Shawna Carol
The Living Chant
SpiritSong: Singing in the Goddess

Centrak Lasers Corporation

The Church of All Worlds
Drinking Deeply/ Sharing Water
C.A.W. Clergy Confab

Cleveland Aikikai
Aikido Workshop

Larry Cornett
Earth Religion Rights Networking
Science, Consciousness and Magic
True Tales of the Occult

Ian Corrigan
Through the Mists: an Intensive in Celtic & Druidic Paganism

Kenneth Deigh
Sacred Theatre Pt. I
Sacred Theatre Pt. II

Intuitive Movement
Conscious Stretching

Halim El-Dabh
Starwood Bonfire Lighting Ceremony

Goddess of Hebrews, Goddess of Jews: the People of Israel and the Female Face of the Divine

new Drumplay
The Guaguanco: the Rhythm of the Rumba
The Rhythm of the Samba

Bill Elston
Healing Potential of the Celtic Oghams

new Ron Epstein
The Supreme Court and the Free Excercise of Religion
Privacy Rights and Drug Policy

Shawn Eyer
Entheogens and Immortality at Eleusis: a Transpersonal Perspective
Greek Mysticism and the Mind/Body Split
Hellenic Ritual
new The Balance of Apollo and Dionysus

Philip H. Farber
CyberMagick Unplugged
Into the Unconscious Mind

Celtic Tree Magic
Druidry Ancient & Modern

Stephen Gaskin
Cannabis Spirituality
Living in Community as an Act of Revolution

Jonathan Harrison
Wasifah - Invoking the 99 Most Beautiful Divine Attributes of Unity (God) from the Heart

Black Hawk and Deborah Miller
Magical Story Time!

Jack Ingersol
A Neo-Pagan Jungian interpretation of Revelations
Polytheistic Wholeness
Orgy and Erotic Friendship

Catherine Cartwright Jones
Batik Prayer Flags and Banners
Salt-Dyed Silk Dance Scarves and Wrappers
Mehandi: Henna Body Decorating
Pagan Origins of Embroidery
Pagan Greeting Cards
Kiln-Fired Chalices, Bowls and Candle-Holders

Roy Jones
Ritual Vessels: Primordial Pit-Fired Pottery

Anodea Judith
Nude Partner Yoga
Coming of Age in the Heart

Bill Kates
Exploring Theatrical Extremes

Richard Kaczynski, Ph.D.
What is the Bible Code?
Thelemic Antecedents and Revivals

Jim Klar
Aikido Workshop

Joey Korn
Working With the Light: Using Dowsing and Prayer to Draw Closer to the Divine
Working With the Light: A Hands-on Workshop

Lansana Kouyate
Traditional Rhythms of Guinea

Paul Krassner

Marty Laubach
Self Possessed: Exploring Consciousness Through Altered States
Tai Chi Workshop

Lyrus Landholder

Development of the Magickal Voice

Opening Circle
Closing Circle

Mishlen Linden
Tibetan Buddhism for the Western Magickan
Tibetan Mantra, Meditation, Visualization and Initiation
Buddhist Mandalas and the Cosmic Symbolism of the Tibetan Stupa

Louis Martinie
Litany of the Loa
Drum Prayers

Kyleigh "Cheshire" McBride
Safer Sexuality (Adults only)

new Jeff "Magnus" McBride
From Shaman To Showman

Diana McFadden
Working Well Together

Kelly McGowan
The Celtic Bodhran

Kirk McLaren
Introduction to the Tarot Casters
Amulet Making Workshop
The Tarot: an Intensive Seminar

Ralph Metzner
The Unfolding Self
The Well Of Remembrance

Mombo Miriam
Possession and the Effect of Possession During Ritual
New Orleans Voodoo and the Universal Tradition
A Universal Tradition: Aspects and Atributes

Patricia Monaghan
Writing With Spirit

Madonna Moonhawk
The Dances of Universal Peace
Yoganna With Madonna

Jennifer Elizabeth Moore
Reiki I
Reiki II ($25 fee)
Keening Circle: A Time to Honor our Grief

The Way of Mystery

Luis M. Nunez
Overview of Liturgical Drumming
Introduction to Santeria

Laurel Olson
How to Write a Pagan Chant
Calling the Fire Home: A Not-For-Novices Spiritual Discipline for Taking Back Your Power

Wes Owens

We're Living in the Future!

Diana L. Paxson
Hail Holy Earth: a Procession to Honor the Earth Goddess
Bidding the Goddess Goodbye
Mention My Name in Asgard
Northern Magic
All About Asatru: a Panel Discussion
Oracular Seidh

Olvardil Prydwyn
new Ars Poetica Pagana: Walking the Bardic Path
new Sifting Through the Rubble: What's a Poor Pagan Celt to Do?

Rhythm Quest
Meter, Polymeter; Rhythm, Polyrhythm
Responsibility and the Trance Experience

Ronn Walks With Fire
Pele's Caldera: A Destruction / Re-Creation Ritual

Don Ross
Fingerstyle Guitar

new Wendy Rover
Herbal Magic
Birth Circle

Joseph Rothenberg
Starwood Faerie Community Meeting

Nicki Scully
Alchemical Healing
Sekhmet: the Path of the Warrior as Healer
Invocation of Hathor: a Journey of Divine Union

Ron Slabe

Chas Smith
Trances, Drones, and Citizens of the Cosmos

Richard Speaker
Magic, Music, and Sacred Massage
Abortion Ritual Design

Rev. Ivan Stang
A Fresh Bowl
Milking the Virtual Cow

Sam Stansfield
Brushwood Tree Planting Ritual

The Tarpman (AKA Rev. Dave Anderson)
Tarp Time: Learning the Ropes with Tarpman and Tentgirl

The New Orleans Voodoo Spiritual Temple
Revisioning the Roots

Alex Wedmedyk

Afrikan Drum Making Workshop

Don "Two Eagles" WaterHawk with Daniella Bluestar WaterHawk
The Tsalagi Dance of Life
What is my path?

Rainbow Weaver
The Rainbow Web

Alex Wedmedyk

Afrikan Drum Making Workshop

Finding Your Way Home

Billy Woods
Chi Kung Exercises Pt. I & II

Yaya Diallo
The Healing Drum for Everyone
Dounoukan: The Voice of the Drum
Morning Glory Zell
Dark Ecstasy: The Ritual Use of Pleasure, Pain and Sensory Deprivation as a Psychedelic Experience
A Bouquet of Lovers: Open Relationships in a Pagan Tribal Context

Oberon Zell
Dreaming the Millenial Gaia

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