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Starwood on Stage
The program starts at 6PM on Tuesday with the Opening Circle lead by Liafal, with classes from 9:30 to 6PM for the rest of the festival 'til Closing Circle Sunday at 1:45. We'll have concerts daily thru Saturday, both at lunch and evening, beginning with African dance band Djoliba at the Tuesday night concert. Wednesday at lunch, Lansanna Kouyate of Djoliba leads their drummers in Traditional Rhythms of West Guinea. Then get prepared for our best Wednesday Night Dance Party ever, as the Celto-Psychedelic Folk-Rock band Green Crown opens the night, then Starwood welcomes R&R Hall of Famers Big Brother and the Holding Company!

Thursday Lunch will feature the strange and wonderous Peachy Neitzie, with the evening reserved for the open-mic multi-stage Bardic Concerts, including the Firesign Clones. Friday at lunch we welcome Maggi, Pierce & E.J., and the evening concert will feature the all-Chameleon women's group Revelry, followed by Traditional and Original Irish music by Lia Fail, and the incredible percussion of Rhythm Quest! Then Centrak Lasers and Ron Slabe & Pyrosonic will explode the night with laser animation and fireworks for the Brushfire Island Show: Heat Sink!

Saturday's lunchtime concert will feature Craig Woodson, PhD in a performance of Adowa, a traditional drum and dance style from Ghana, with the students of his Starwood African drumming and talking drum making classes. Then the evening will begin with the Starwood Jam Session, followed by Celtic Folk-Rock by Rogue's Cross, the SpaceJam Madness of Einstein's Secret Orchestra, and a special treat: amazing dance and music by celebrated Cleveland performance art group S.A.F.M.O.D.! A fantastic line-up of entertainment leading up to the legendary Starwood Bonfire, the blazing heart of the Starwood Festival!

Starwood at Midnight
The Temple will feature three ceremonies from different spiritual cultures: Wednesday, an elemental ritual of drumming and ecstatic dance by Earth Rhythm; Thursday, a druidic rite with Ar nDraiocht Fein; and Friday Flags of the Loa by the New Orleans Voodoo Spiritual Temple.

The Pufferdome, our infatable, hemispherical pleasure palace, will provide a unique audio visual environment day and night. It will host at least two midnight parties, with Celto-Psychodelic band Green Crown on Thursday, and Rev. Ivan Stang and the Church of the SubGenius on Friday night, with special guests Einsten's Secret Orchestra.

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