The 1999 Starwood Festival is a six-day celebration, offering over fifteen performances of music, drumming, dance and theatre. It's a multiversity featuring over 120 classes, workshops and ceremonies offered by teachers from many fields, disciplines and healing ways from diverse cultures. It's a family camping event with tenting and hiking, a pool and hot-tub, movies and fireworks, and a full schedule of youth programming. Most of all, it's a PARTY: a celebration of the diversity of the human spirit, of learning and doing; people from dozens of paths sharing the very best of their discoveries.

As a special treat for the Starwood audience, we welcome the legendary rock and roll band, Big Brother and the Holding Company! Best known for their years with Janis Joplin and for such classic albums as Cheap Thrills, BBHC was inducted two years ago into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Follow MeThey come to us after a smash tour, a new CD release, and a circuit of the highly acclaimed play Love, Janis. Get ready for the hottest, rockin'est Wednesday night Dance Party ever, with opening act Green Crown!