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Due to the ever growing demand for vending space, ALL MERCHANTS must now register their vending space with Brushwood Folklore Center, as well as be paid attendees of the Starwood Festival. Advance registration is highly recommended. Fees will be based on a 20'x20' space, which includes the option to camp behind your display and one vehicle pass, if needed. (We discourage vehicles on-site unless you need to store merchandise and/or you camp in your vehicle. Vehicles allowed to park on-site may not be moved until the event is over.) Larger spaces are available at additional cost. All spaces are out of doors and though some electricity is available, daily fees apply and electricity is limited to first come, first serve. When you arrive at Brushwood you will receive a Merchant Package including vendor identification, which must be visibly displayed at your booth. Vending fees do NOT include festival entrance. No food merchants allowed except those already arranged by and with Brushwood. Besides printing the form below, you may also contact Brushwood and have them send you a form.

A.C.E. will still be handling merchant ads in our Starwood Tour Guide, where your basic listing and a few descriptive words are seen by every attendee and then some. To be part of our program directory, complete the merchant parts of the Starwood Registration Form. To purchase a display ad, send camera ready copy or art BEFORE July 5 to ACE, 1643 Lee Rd., #9, Cleveland Hts., OH 44118, Attn: Starwood Ad. Ads may also be sent electronically or on disk; go to Starwood Advertising for details.

8881 Bailey Hill Road
Sherman, New York 14781
(716) 761-6750


Dear Merchant:

Thank you for your request for merchant information. You have indicated that you are interested in vending at the Starwood XIX Festival, July 20-25, 1999. The merchant fee is $45.00 for a standard 20'x20' space.

PRINT OUT (or write out information, if you don't have a printer) and return Application for Vending Space to the above address with check payable to Brushwood.
You may also download a cross-platform/high-quality printable PDF version of this form, however you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader Plug-In to do so (it FREE).
If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader® you may get one FREE from get Acrobat Reader

Give me the PDF version (7.1k).
Merchant fee includes:

We discourage vehicles on-site unless you need to store merchandise and/or you camp in your vehicle.
Please help us reduce the number of vehicles by parking off-site, if at all possible. When you arrive at Brushwood you will receive a Merchant Package including vendor identification which must be visibly displayed at your booth. You must register with ACE for festival entrance. Your business will be listed in the Starwood Tour Guide. If you would like to place an advertisement you must do so with ACE. See Starwood registration form for details.

Display space fees (Starwood Only):

Application for Vending Space

(check all that apply):
Craftwise in the Woods(7/6-7/11/99)
Sirius Rising (7/12-7/18/99)
Starwood XIX (7/20-7/25/99)
Something New(7/30-8/1/99)
Business Name:
Zip Code
*Space Requested: 20x20 20x40 20 x 60
Type of Merchandise:
**Amount Enclosed:

* All spaces are out of doors, electric is very limited and fees apply ($5.50/day). Electric is first come, first serve.

** Vending fees do not include festival entrance. Return vending application with check or m.o. payable to Brushwood.

Other Brushwood Festival Vending Fees (20x20)
Solshine $10
Craftwise $25
Sirius Rising $10
Something New free

If you have questions or are interested at vending at other events, contact Brushwood at 716-761-6750 or email:

Thank you!