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Merchants, our program book could include your coupon or ad. It's an easy way to let attendees know you're there - plus extended reach after they leave! See the below for rates, and send in camera ready copy or art for the Tour Guide byJuly 5, 1999. For prices on custom designed ads, please contact or phone the ACE Offices at 932-5421.

All Starwood merchants will have a listing in our program book for no additional charge. No food merchants except those already arranged by and with Brushwood.

Ad payments should be made out to A.C.E. and sent to A.C.E., 1643 Lee Rd., #9, Cleveland Hts., OH 44118. Note Ad Type, Business Name, and Phone# on check or money order. Sorry, no credit cards.

Tour Guide Display Rates
Ads for the Starwood Tour Guide must be received by July 5, 1999. Ads may be sent to us in the following formats:

Camera Ready
Mail artwork to A.C.E. c/o Starwood Ads. Artwork must have solid blacks (85-line screen) and type no smaller than 6pt. in order to assure accurate reproduction. We can also accept Mac or PC formatted floppies(3.5) and zip disks, as well as CDs, from the following file formats ONLY: Adobe PageMaker (.pm), Quark Xpress (.xp), Macromedia FreeHand (.fh), Adobe Illustrator (.art), Adobe PhotoShop (.psd), TIFF files (.tif), JPEG (.jpg at a level of 8-10 quality), and Adobe PDF (.pdf). If sending your ad on disk, please include a hardcopy print of the ad to proof from. We will contact you immediately should any problems occur so please include written contact info with your disk. Zip disks and CDs can be returned if requested.

Electronic Transmission
E-mail artwork to Ads should attempt to be sent for Macintosh receipt; BinHex encoding; and compressed with any of the following formats: .zip, .sit, .sea, .hqx. Better yet, you may place text and graphics on your website and send us an email of URLs or FTP sites where we can download it from. A note about electronic pick-up. JPEG art should be at least set on High Quality (8-10) and 200-300 dpi.

Ad Sizes & Rates Ad or coupon space in the Starwood Tour Guide (approx. 50-page catalog with a print run of 2,000)    
  Quarter Page (3.75"x2.5") or Business Card (3.5"x2") $50
  Half (3.75"x5") $80
  Full (5"x8") $150 Website Display Ads

All merchants pre-registering for Starwood will have their name and service listed on the website, as in the Tour Guide. There are several options for advertising your business or service further on our website including Ad Banners (gifs or jpgs), Ad Pages (individual web page), and Printable Flyers or Ads (PDF).

You can advertise on all year around!

Ad Banners
are for advertising click-through links. is experiencing very high levels of traffic during our festival seasons. To see our hit stats go to our stats page. To take advantage of this, we are opening our site to banner advertisements for insterested merchants. Our increased traffic means that more people will see your ad and visit your site.
We have two banner sizes available, Standard and Icon, listed below. All ads will located on the Merchants Ads page, which will be accessible by links from several location on The Standard Banner may also be placed in our special Rotating Pop-Up window for an additional $25. We'll have your ad online within 24 hours after we receive payment.Please E-mail about how we can advertise your business. The sample links below contain ads for and Starwood; feel free to use them to link to this website.
Standard Banner
300x150 pixels
Rotating Pop-Up Window
300x150 pixels
Icon Banners
88x40 pixels

Ad Pages
Instead of a static ad or listing, you may also have a full web page as an ad, including photos, graphics, animated gifs, image maps and links. Pages are priced by pixel depth (1 screen=550 wide x 400 deep) for a duration of one month. Please e-mail ( for rates or questions.

Printable Flyers or Ads (PDF) PDF documentWith Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF), you can create and share documents across platforms while maintaining the documents' original look and feel. That's why you see PDF files everywhere - on the Web, CD-ROM, and e-mail. No matter what platforms, applications, or fonts your documents' readers have, they can instantly view and print your PDF document and it will look exactly as you intended.

We can create Adobe PDF flyers, printable coupons, newsletters, or even small hyperlinked books on Please E-mail ( for rates or questions. For more information about Adobe PDFs and to get the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader & plug-in, please visit their website at

Sample flyer in PDF: Starwood XX color flyer (348k) or Starwood XX black & white flyer (320k)

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