Camping Details

Brushwood Folklore Center, our festival site, is 180 acres of majestic woodlands and rolling meadows, with a large pond that has a center island. This amazing site keeps growing and changing! In addition to the beautiful pool pavilion with its spacious hot tub and hot showers, "Downtown Brushwood"; now includes merchants galore, a 24 hour food court, a mini hardware store, and other structures. More hot showers and flush toilets at the Bath House add to our comfort.

Detailed DIRECTIONS here.

This is a semi-developed camping facility (no RV hook-ups). Sorry, NO DOGS allowed at Starwood. Bring safe lighting sources, and grills or campstoves if you plan to cook. Although the water is quite drinkable, please bring drinking water to ease the strain on the resources. There are many wooded areas for shady camping, but the windy field requires sturdy camping equipment. July nights in New York State are often cold! Bring warm clothing and extra blankets. But the days are glorious, and Brushwood is a clothing optional site EXCEPT in the areas directly visible from the road or where indicated by signs.

Admissions will be closed each night between 1AM and 8AM. Plan to arrive outside these hours or contact us to make prior arrangements. Our parking area is located at the front of the site. Vehicles must be parked there once loaded. If your vehicle absolutely must stay on site, special arrangements MUST be made when you check in. For your privacy and security, you must sign a waiver and receive your Starwood XX pendant to wear throughout the event. Parents of small children will be given a KidSafe form to attach to the outside of your tent, so we can find you on site if necessary.

Other Considerations
WORK DONATION: We ask that all attendees donate a minimum of two hours of their time to help the festival run smoothly. Beyond creating a sense of community, it’s vital to an event of this scope. THANKS!

A.C.E. will be videotaping some selected presentations for our archives. These tapings will be noted on the program, and will include only the presentation, not the attendees. This does not relax our long standing policy banning any photography without the knowledge and consent of those photographed.

WORK DONATION: We ask that all attendees donate a minimum of two hours of their time to help the festival run smoothly. Beyond creating a sense of community, it’s vital to an event of this scope. THANKS!

Our restriction on photography is based on the safety and privacy of all the attendees. Though you may be "out-of-the-closet", many other folks are not or they may have jobs that require them to be incognito.

The major rules for photography at Starwood is to not take ANYONEs photo without their expressed permission; NEVER EVER take photos of skyclad children; Photos of clothed children require direct permission from their parents; DO NOT take large crowd photos unless you are ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE that faces will not be recognized, unless you have their permission, this includes the Starwood Bonfire on Saturday Night; You are not allowed to take photos of/in the Roundhouse DURING EVENING exceptions.

If you are found to be violating these rules, or if someones complains that you have photographed them without their permission, Security will conviscate your camera/video and film/tape. You may regain possession of your equipment when you leave the festival, but, depending on the circumstances, your film/tape may not be returned.

If someone approaches you and questions what you are photographing, respond to them in a truthful and calm manner. Unwarranted hostility to someone trying to protect their privacy will not be tolerated.

It is STRONGLY ENCOURAGED that ANY photos being posted on a website be approved by BOTH the persons in the photo and ACE (send us the prelaunched URL, or email us the photos). You may also submit your photos to ACE for display on the Starwood website...please include your name and email address and captions, if you wish, and send them to

Any photos that are to be published in books/magazines/or other print materials will require a signed release form from the person(s) photographed.

Photos should be sent in eith JPEG or GIF format and no larger that 400 x 400 pixels large. All photos submitted are subject to review and possibly resizing.

Disclaimer: Neither A.C.E., the Chameleon Club, or Brushwood Folklore Center are responsible for any legal actions brought upon you for not following these rules.