Brushwood Folklore Center
8881 Bailey Hill Road
Sherman, New York 14781
(716) 761-6750
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Map of Starwood available (107k)here.

Our festival site, is 180 acres of majestic woodlands and rolling meadows, with a large pond that has a center island. This amazing site keeps growing and changing! In addition to the beautiful pool pavilion with its spacious hot tub and hot showers, "Downtown Brushwood" now includes a 24 hour food court, a mini hardware store, an information booth, and other structures. More hot showers and flush toilets at the Bath House add to our comfort.

The nearby towns include Jamestown and Buffalo, the largest, Chautauqua, a resort area, Mayville, next largest town, and several very small towns including Sherman, and Findlay.

There are a lot of Amish in this area so please be careful when passing horse-drawn carts on the roads.

We also ask folks to please TONE DOWN WHEN IN TOWN. You should still wear your Starwood ID tag, but try not to wear overtly medievel garb, cloaks, robes, or revealing clothing.

DIRECTIONS (Written directions below)

ROUTE 17 (Exit 10A) in PA is now ROUTE 86
or so I've heard.

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Maps courtesy of MapQuest through Yahoo!. To get specific driving directions from where you live, go here.

Directions to Sherman:
Take the PA-86 EAST (exit 10-A) from Interstate 90 E.
Merge onto SR-86 E.
SR-86 E becomes RT 86.
Take the NY 86 ramp towards SHERMAN.
Turn LEFT onto RT 86.
Turn LEFT at the intersection of RT 430 to stay on RT 86.
Turn LEFT onto HART ST. (labeled with a tiny sign that says CR-15)
FOLLOW CR-15 to the first 4-way intersection. You will see a large sign pointing to Brushwood on the corner of CR-15 and Bailey Hill Rd.
TAKE Bailey Hill Rd. for about 1 mile (before the hill).
Brushwood will be on the LEFT with a sign.
Follow the driveway to the LEFT.

To get back to Sherman from Brushwood (for supplies, etc.):
At the front gate (Bailey Hill Rd.) Make a RIGHT.
At the first stop sign (CR-15). make a LEFT.
Follow CR-15 straight into Sherman (Stay to the right at all intersections).
Make a RIGHT and you'll be in downtown Sherman (RT 430).

To get to Mayville (large grocery, laundry, etc.):
CONTINUE on RT 430 until you see signs that you're entering Mayville. It may seem like you're going a long way (15-20 min.), but when you realize that, just go a little further.

If you get lost you can call Brushwood at (716) 761-6750. For any other purpose call A.C.E. at (216) 932-5421.

The Region

Jamestown and Buffalo are major thoroughfare cities.

Chautauqua has a large Lake and is a vacation area. There are many wineries in the Lake Chautauqua area with wonderful NY wines that rival California...and at great prices! There are also larger grocery stores and a K-Mart here.

Mayville, NY on Rt. 430 east of Sherman. Mayville has nearly every source for supplies and food for Starwood. Mayville has the only bank machine within an hour drive and has a large full-service grocery store, specialty stores and antiques. Just East, past Mayville on Rt. 430 there is a large liquor and wine store with a huge variety of local wines. (Johnson Estates has a very deliciously fruity, semi-sweet Niagra and sweet, fruity Concord)

Sherman is the town head where Starwood is held. They greatly appreciate our business and help support Brushwood. Sherman is a tiny town located on Rt. 430 and County Road 15. There is a small, but very well stocked grocery, a True Value hardware store, a liquor store, bar, restaurant, pizza shop (that will deliver to Brushwood!), gas station and antique shops. We encourage folks to try there first if you need supplies.

Findlay is a small town located on Rt. 430 coming from the west. There is a small grocery and a pizza place. The one thing Findlay has is the back way into Brushwood: just take the first right after the giant Jesus...this is Bailey Hill road.