O Voyagers
Prepare to launch yourself into the next millenium with the most cosmic experience of the Summer, crowning two decades of discovery, joy and wonder! Starwood Festival 2000, our 20th anniversary, is a six-day celebration offering over fifteen performances of music, drumming, dance and theatre. It’s a multiversity featuring over 120 classes, workshops and ceremonies offered by teachers from many fields, disciplines and healing ways from diverse cultures. It’s a family camping event with tenting and hiking, a pool and hot-tub, movies and fireworks, and a full schedule of youth programming. Most of all, it’s a MEGA- PARTY: a celebration of the diversity of the human spirit, of learning and doing; people from dozens of paths sharing the very best of their discoveries.

We have a tremendous line-up of speakers and entertainment this year (only some listed here), including the return of Babatunde Olatunji and Drums of Passion! The Master of Drums, Baba Olatunji more than any other individual introduced African Drumming to the West, and his work with Micky Hart (of Grateful Dead fame) and Planet Drum has been a corner-stone of festival drumming in America. Joining us in celebrating the 50th anniversary of Drums of Passion, he and his entourage of drummers and dancers have brought the spirit of authentic African music and culture to all corners of the world. They will offer both workshops and a Saturday night performance.

Another special treat for the Starwood audience: we welcome Merl Saunders & the Rainforest Band, an incredible fusion of jazz, rock, and sounds inspired by the music of the Rainforest. Since recording the legendary album/CD Blues From the Rainforest with Jerry Garcia, the Rainforest Band has played at Further Fests and venues around the world, raising our consciousness of the plight of our precious planet. O Voyagers From funky jazz to New Age to Grateful Dead-inspired space jams, the Friday night performance of the Rainforest Band will transport you to distant realms and deep inside your mind and heart.