Every year we get lots and lots of letter from folks saying thanks and sharing their Starwood experience with us. This year we're creating this special area for those who wish to post their messages of good wishes. Please email your comments to survey@rosencomet.com.

There just arent the right words to express the warm fullness in my heart after being at Starwood again. I feel giddy and gleeful and I want to run around and hug every Chameleon I can find!!! I am glad I got to share my Chameleon wine with Jeff, Vicky, JR, Wei, and almost Ian (he was drinking his ale and didnt want to mix!! ). I know I probably sound like some goofy kid but I feel like I have found "family", the place i belong, the place i've been searching for since my college hippie days.

I can't thank ACE and the Chameleon Club enough...i want to know how I can help out next year!!! And a huge thank you and blessing to Frank and Darlene Barney for giving us such a wonderful place to dance and sing and BE.

Starwood is a gift that I cherish, it has changed my life and I will never miss being part of it for all the years to come. Yes, Ian...I WILL be at Starwood 30!!!

Love & Blessings to you all, Thaelo

I had a blast working on the fire. (I was the big one in overalls with a pitchfork.) Actually, a blast is an understatement. I feel like I had my 15 minutes of fame. Less drugs that at any previous Starwood, for me and apparently for others. A good thing. Got into the intensity of the fact that it was all REAL. Think about it: Starwood is a phenomenon that could never happen at any previous time in recorded history, at least not in the past 1500 years or so, and it's REAL ... because we all got together and made it happen. Working on the fire is tremendously satisfying and rewarding, but more hands would make lighter work. And tending the fire is about the biggest ego trip in the world. Like being a broadway actor and a pro football player rolled into one, but better because one is surrounded by good people, and not swine. We need more Woodbusters, and the Woodbusters need more of the all-important support staff: nothing like a sweetie in black leather bondage gear to urge one on. That's *Motivation*.

I guess if I have a point to make, it's that Starwood belongs to all of us. Everyone is a participant, and everyone's energy goes into the cauldron. It's a joint project, a piece of Immediatist Art in the Hakim Bey sense.

Yes, more portajohns farther afield would be nice, and that is something ACE and Brushwood need to address. But those who complain about newbies should do something about it themselves. I suggest a non-formal "adopt-a-newbie" campaign. Befriend them; make them feel comfortable and accepted, and explain the unwritten rules to them. Every newbie is a regular waiting to happen, and they all can use some help up the learning curve.

It's also easy to complain about children. They are a pain, and the atmosphere does not lend itself to responsible parenting. But for all that, I am moved to tears by how many children come, and the things they are learning. They are our future leaders, more important in some sense than anyone else there, and we all need to pull together to keep them safe, and make them feel like more than excess baggage that walks around. Besides, when they feel loved and cherished, it motivates them to behave better.

All things done for pleasure are Her rituals, and that takes in a certain amount of chaos and decadence. There have been times in the past when I felt like that sort of thing went a little over the top. That's really why I resolved to become a Woodbuster in the first place, since that seemed the best place to sow good energy and gently weed out what seemed wrong. That's what it takes, really, individual initiative. We need to get over the idea that "I with *they* would do things differently." There is no "they." It's only us.



My third - and the best yet!

Thanks to ACE, Chameleon, the Brushwood staff, and especially Anomie - for providing a wonderful space to learn, explore, love, and play. There's really nothing to match it.

To Jason and all of the woodbusters -
Thank you for a week of unparalleled beauty and magick. The BIG fire was truly a work of art. Absolutely magnificent!

To all brothers and sisters of the didgeridoo; Keep Dronin'! What a trance circle, huh?! Glad they got it on tape!
Jason & Kristopher!

...and to all my family at Babylon...You FREAKS! I love you all! Here's howling at you!

Love, Peace, and see you next summer! Jay

I would like to express my heart felt thanks to all who made Starwood XX such a great success. Again it was an honor to retain my title of Chain Saw Monkey Man. Thank you Jason for the use of your Sacred Chain Saw! It made my job SO much easier. And to all the extra wood busting support, THANK YOU !! You made our creation even more wonderful than ever. To the Brushwood staff, I can only say, We are very blessed to have such dedicated people. The beauty of Brushwood, and the safe home you have established for all, truly is the heart of community. Anomie, your magickal hands really saved me! your gift of healing is a wonderful one, and I am grateful for your fireside massage! Pam, Ed, Madeline, Animal, Logan, Matt, Mark, Dave, Johnny, Rebecca,Diana, Jessy, Jason, Tim, Gypsy, JR, Paul you wear the colors well!

I am honored to be a part of such a wonderful family!!!

Love to ALL!!!


I would like to express my thanks and gratitude to everyone at ACE for putting together such a wonderful event. This was my thirds Starwood and this year I had the great honor of being involved with some of the entertainment (I'm in Muruga and the Global Village Ceremonial Band). Each year I have gone to Starwood I have had such wonderful times and each year they just get better. Its a point and time in space that is pure magic.

God & Goddess Bless,

Aaron Vittala Booker

Hellooooo fellow pagans! This was my first Starwood, and definately not my last. I cannot remember a time where I felt so welcome and loved by all who was around me. I am a changed person because of it. I now know that there are good people in this world and they are all pagan!! Everyone that came to our Faerie Wings booth was so nice. I made many new friends and hope to rekindle the friendships next year.

The drumming at the Roundhouse was phenomenal. I danced every night to the enchanting beats and I got good use out of my belly chain. I couldn't believe the energy that was brought forth to the fire every single night. I came home high from all of it.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone again next year. I'm counting the days and seconds until then! Thank you all again!

Love, light and the brightest blessings to all,
The Mischievious Faerie
(Melanie Gartelman)