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New Frontiers

We are please to welcome Stanley Krippner to his first Starwood Festival. A faculty alumnus of Saybrook Institute, Stanley is author of several books on parapsychology, dream states, and Shamanism, and he'll present a workshop on the sacramental use of Ayahuasca in Brazil. Bringing his Presidential Campaign to the Starwood celebration, we are joined by Stephen Gaskin, founder of The Farm (America's biggest hippie commune) and the world-wide charitable organization Plenty International, and author of Haight-Ashbury Flashbacks, This Season's People, and Cannabis Spirituality. Paul Krassner, co-founder of the Yippies and an original member of Ken Kesey's Merry Pranksters, will offer the unique humor and Zen satire that made his magazine The Realist a legend. Paul, author of Winner of the Slow Bicycle Race, Tongue Fu, and his autobiography Confessions of a Raving Unconfined Nut, has been called the father of the underground press, though he demanded a blood test! Io and Marty Laubach each offer classes on Altered States of Consciousness. And the irreverent Rev. Ivan Stang of the Church of the SubGenius, author of The Book of the SubGenius, Revelation X, and High Weirdness by Mail returns to rant the word of J.R. "Bob" Dobbs, the Messiah of Slack, backed by the spacey jams of Einstein's Secret Orchestra!

Magic and Spirit

We are happy to debut Steve Blamires and Helen Star in their first Starwood Festival appearance. Author of Glamoury and Celtic Tree Mysteries, Steve is one of the finest authors on Celtic Spirituality today, and Helen is a widely-respected teacher of Healing, Western Mysticism and Personal Alchemy. We also welcome Amber K, author of several books on Wiccan Ritual including True Magick and Covencraft and fellow Wiccan Priestess Azrael Arynn K.

Workshops and midnight rituals will be offered by members of three prominent organizations in the Magickal Comunity: From the Church of All Worlds, America's oldest Neo-Pagan organization, come co-founders Oberon Zell (former editor of Green Egg Magazine,) Morning Glory Zell (Mythic Images Statuary), and Ronn Walks With Fire. From Ar nDríaocht Féin, the largest Druidic organization in the West, we present ADF Founder and Arch-Druid Emeritus Isaac Bonewits (author of Real Magic), Skip Ellison, and Elders and co-founders of Stone Creed Grove Liafal and Ian Corrigan (author of four books on Druidry and Celtic Paganism including The Portal Book). And from the New Orleans VooDoo Spiritual Temple we welcome Priestess Mombo Miriam and temple liturgist/drummer Louis Martinié (creator of the New Orleans Voodoo Tarot), and Christian de la Huerta (Coming Out Spiritually).

Other Magical speakers include Patricia Monaghan (The New Book of Goddesses and Heroines, The Goddess Path), Donald Michael Kraig (Modern Magick), Phil Farber (FutureRitual), Nema (Maat Magick), Mishlen Linden (Buddhism, Typhonian Teretomas), Kenn Deigh (Sheya Magick, Mezlim Magazine), ElieSheva (Middle-Eastern Paganism, Machame Am Ha Aretz), Maimu Alber (Finno-Ugric Paganism), Laurence Galian (Sufiism, Beyond Duality), Kirk Everist (Christian/Pagan relations), Kris Gilbert (Pagan Landscape Design), Denise Gundt (Animal Magic), Ann Sheffield (Asatru Tradition), Don Waterhawk (Red Feather brother of the Wolf Clan) and Daniella Bluestar Waterhawk (Ohana Circle of Changelings).

Healing and Movement

A variety of healing arts and systems of dance, movement and life choice will be explored as well. Billy Woods (Seeds of Time) will present classes in Chi Gung, Marty Laubach in Tai Chi, Lyrus Landholder in Beginning Yoga, and Jim Klar of Cleveland Aikikai will teach Aikido. The Waterhawks lead the Tslagi Dance of Life, Linda Clemmons and Karen Berggren teach Trance Dance, and Joann Calabrese offers Dances of Universal Peace. Muruga Booker combines Drumming and Kundalini Yoga. Ric Campbell offers Inner Healing Massage, Djenaba will teach Conscious Stretching and Muscle Release, and Dana Piper touches on (Therapeutic Massage). Joseph Rothenberg will demonstrate Mind-Machines, and help coordinate discussion groups on Mens, Womens, and Gay issues, and the Zells will offer workshops on Polyamory. And a special area will host 12-Step meetings and related programming coordinated by Maimu Alber.

Arts and Craft

Hands-on workshops will provide us with new skills and craft items to take home. Alex Wedmedyk will offer African Drum-making and repair instruction and Joy Wedmedyk will teach Prayer Bowl Crafting. Catherine-Cartwright Jones will teach Batik technique, salt-dying, Henna body decoration and more. Tavia Rowan will teach the use of the Spinning Wheel, Mique Maltzer will demonstrate Candlemaking, and there are plans for a metalworking workshop.

Music and Drumming

Many of our premier musicians will also present classes on the use of sound & music in trance, worship, and healing, and workshops on a variety of drumming styles including West African, Voodoo, Santeria, Middle Eastern, and sacred polyrhythms. Other musical workshops will be offered by Muruga Booker, African Ethno-Musicologist Halim El-Dabh (Prof. Emeritus of Kent State University), Louis Martinié (New Orleans Voodoo Spiritual Temple), Jason Gazda & Kristopher Setchfield (Didgeridoo), Chas Smith (E.S.O.), Brett Dreyfus (crystal singing bowls) and Owain Phyfe (Rennaisance Music)

The Next Generation

We've planned a full and growing schedule of fun for our young people, including Co-Op Child Care (ages 5 and under), Kid Village (6-10), Youth Group (11-14), and Young Adults (15-17), with classes, rituals, and a parade (bring costumes or supplies if you like). Those with talents in these areas please contact Liafal/Sue Parker, P.O. Box 173, Perry, OH 44081, sueparker@ncweb.com

Healers Row

The Starwood First Aid Booth and Healers' Row have work barter positions for a few more trained medical personnel. to music sectionIf interested contact Rebecca Crystal, 487 Ethan Allen Parkway Unit 1, Burlington, VT 05401. Phone: (802) 863-1920, everist@earthlink.net