Starwood Photos

Hey all you shutterbugs! If you took photos of you, your friends, your merchant table, or other photos of your Starwood experience, that you'd like to share with the world, please email them (in JPEG format) to We'll even post your name and a caption if you'd like.

Please have permission of your subjects before sending us the photos; if you don't have permission, or if someone in the photo doesn't want to be seem, we can adjust the photo accordingly as long as you give us direction. All photos will be reviewed for content before posting, therefore, all submitted photos may not be posted. Please, no sexually explicit photos (nudes are OK).

Visitors, please respect the rights of the photographers. Contact them and if you want to re-post them on another website. If they say no, that means NO.

Photo Gallery
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©2000MattKomorowski Photos by Matt Komoroski, Arcadia Productions. Contact Matt at
©2000DianaWoodTurman Great shots of the bonfire by Diana Wood-Turman (
©2000IvanStang Photos by Ivan Stang with larger photos by Craig Mitchell. This is only a sampling of the complete Stang-cam experience, more photos are available at
©2000ThaeloBlue Photos by ThaeloBlue. Contact her at
©2000ChasSmith Photos by Chas Smith of Einstein Secret Orchestra. Contact ESO at