The Chameleon Club would like to thank all of you who formed the wonderful community of the Starwood Festival 2000.

This years' festival was our biggest and safest ever...Thank YOU!!!

We would also like to extent our thanks to the many presenters and performers that makes Starwood the most diverse and entertaining festival of its kind. Learning, sharing, singing, dancing, it all creates the magic that is Starwood. Further thanks to all the work barter and volunteers that help make a gathering like this run so smoothly, you folks did a wonderful job, some even pitched in more because it was a great way to meet other!

Many extended thanks to the woodbusters, Chameleons and volunteers that helped create the biggest Starwood Bonfire ever with a slew of amazing puppets that danced around the emormous blaze.

Thanks also to the Brushwood Staff and Frank, Darlene, & Teresa Barney for an ever beautiful site that can accommodate an event like Starwood. It is truly a magical place you have there!

And many thanks to the Town of Sherman including Rice Hardware, the fire department, the Grocery Store, and the Bed & Breakfast for all of their support.

Thank You ALL, see you next year!

The Chameleon Club