Starwood XXI
 July 17 - 22, 2001 ~ Sherman, NY

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Ar nDraiocht Fein

Ar nDraiocht Fein (ADF) is the nation's largest Pagan Druidic Fellowship, devoted to public worship and in-depth training. It attempts to revive the best aspects of the Paleopagan faiths of our forebears within a modern, scientific, artistic, ecological and holistic context.

Ritual: The Gate of the Gods: A Rite of Offering and Blessing

Chameleon Club

The Association for Consciousness Exploration was conceived and created by members of the Chameleon Club, an eclectic extended-partying group floundered in 1978 in the northeast Ohio area. Dedicated to the Expansion of the Frontiers of your Consideration, ACE provides programs that celebrate diversity in the fields of consciousness, spirituality, and discovery such as the Starwood Festival and the WinterStar Symposium. To quote their Flounder, C.C. Rosencomet, Their motto is Change!, their spirit in undaunted, their energy is phenomenal, and their number is far from legion. There are many other groups like the Chameleon Club, but they all reside in parallel universes.

Workshops: Your First Starwood
ACE Members Pool Party

Jay Atwood

Jay Atwood is an alumnis of Berklee College of Music in
Boston and a professional performer, conductor and arranger. As a
didgeridooist, he has been a member of the rhythm army for three
years, and frequently performs with the Providence, Rhode Island
band The Wholebellies.

Workshops: Didgeridoo Basics

Barleycorn Bardo

Barleycorn Bardo (Jim Brewster) is a musician, dreamer, kineticpyromage, and part-time computer geek currently attending his 10th straight Starwood. He plays various instruments and sings with the bands KIVA, Green Crown, and the Bardic Bardos.

Workshops: The Magick Flute: Playing With the Gods

Billy Bardo

Doktor Billy Bardo (William J Thorpe) is a master metalsmith, channeler of arcane weirdness, artist, musician, preacher, husband, and father. He is also an accomplished bullshit artist (bovine scatology) and has been endorsed by countless questionable authorities. His first exposure to the bodhran was through his Uncle Jesse Winch of the acclaimed band Celtic Thunder.

Workshops: Billy Bardo's Basic Bodhran for Beginners

Isaac Bonewits

Isaac Bonewits is one of North America's best known authorities on Druidism, Witchcraft and the rapidly growing Earth Religions Movement. A practicing Neopagan priest, scholoar, teacher, bard and polytheologian for over thirty years, he has coined much of the volcabulary and articulated many of the issues that have shaped the quarter-million strong Neopagan community in the United States and Canada. He holds the only accredited degree ever given in Magic (U.C.Berkeley) and is author of the classic intro textbook Real Magic, and lead singer in a band by the same name. He's a founder and Archdruid Emeritus of Ar nDraiocht Fein: A Druid Fellowship (ADF). (Book & tapes available from ACE)

Workshops: Walking Our Talk
Polytheology: Growing Our Neopagan Doctrines
Witchcraft: A Concise History

Muruga Booker

Muruga Booker is a percussionist with an incredible list of credits, from jazz to rock, world beat to techno-rave. He started drumming in Detroit in the mid 50s, playing with such legends as John Lee Hooker and Junior Wells, and with Jim & Jean on their albums Changes and People World in the early 60s. When he played with Tim Harden at Woodstock, he met Swami Satchidananda and began a three-decade quest in Sida/Kundalini Yoga, touring with Swami Muktananda and Ram Das, and eventually attaining the titles of Nada Yogi and Go Swami. He played with Paul Winter Consort on Something Wild in the Wind in '68, at Carnegie Hall with the Brubeck Generation in '71, and replaced Airto with Weather Report to record Sweet Nighter in '73. In the 80s he recorded several albums with George Clinton and the P-Funk All-Stars, and produced trance-drumming records with Prem Das. In the 90s, he was part of Merl Saunder's Rainforest Band, recording with Jerry Garcia, did a CD with Babatunde Olatunji and Sikiru called Cosmic Rhythm Vibrations, and played with his own band, The Global Village Ceremonial Band, featuring ex-Big Brother guitarist James Gurley.

Workshops: The Spirit of Drumming and Drum Technique
Kundalini Yoga and Nada Yoga Drum Workshop

Pearl Breitbach

Pearl Breitbach was Iowa's first Certified Professional Midwife, having attended over 200 homebirths in over fifteen years. All of her own children were born at home. Pearl shares her empowering experiences and her struggles with "the witch hunt" at festivals and events around the country, and plays in the One Hat Band.

Workshop: The Goddess Gives Birth

Jennifer Brunelle

Jennifer Brunelle is Algonquin from Kitiganzibi First Nation in Maniwaki. Before Jen co-founded the Ndodamnama Drama Team, she was a historical interpretor with Fort St. Marie among the Hurons. She is also co-founder of No Reservations. Her soft vocals and gentle words have won the hearts of many No Res fans. Jen's daughter, Hunter was born on Summer Solstice 2000.

Workshop: Themes in Contemporary Woodlands Music

Baba Raul Canizares

Baba Raul Canizares is truly Santeria's renaissance man; a respected scholar, award-winning poet and essayist, world-renowned artist, and an innovative musician with two best-selling CDs of Santeria music to his credit and a third on its way. A former adjunct professor of Religious Studies at University of South Florida, Baba also holds degrees in Liberal Arts and Psychology. His articles have appeared in Sizygy: A Journal of Alternative Religions, India's Journal of Dharma, Jamaica's Caribbean Quarterly, Sri Lanka's Ethnic Studies Reports, and other publications. Baba Raul has won the prestigious Enrique Jose Varona literary prize in poetry, short story, and essay. He has addressed national meetings of the American Academy of Religions several times, and has lectured at UCLA in Los Angeles, Colby College in Waterville, Maine, the Open Center, the Afro-Caribbean Cultural Center, and the Learning Annex in New York City. At University of South Florida Baba Raul designed and taught the first full-credit Santeria course offered by a major American university. He is the founding oba (spiritual leader) of the Orisha Consciousness Movement, with members worldwide. His book Cuban Santeria: Walking with the Night is considered a classic.

Workshops: Cuban Trance Music
Cuban Santeria Pt. I: Orisha! Deities For a New Aeon
Cuban Santeria Pt. II: OBI Divination For Everyone

Church of All Worlds

The Church of All Worlds was founded in 1962. Their membership has included many of the movers and shakers in the worldwide Pagan community. Inspired by Robert Heinlein's novel Stranger in a Strange Land, it celebrates diversity, freedom of expression and life-style, and a spiritual unity with the Earth. CAW's publication, Green Egg, has won many awards and published over 100 issues. Leaders present at Starwood this year include Oberon Zell, Anodea Judith, Ronn Walks with Fire, and Starwhite. (Tapes on CAW's history and other subjects by CAW members available from ACE)

Workshops: Venus on the Full Shell
Drinking Deeply/Sharing Water
C.A.W. Clergy Confab

Larry Cornett

Larry Cornett, known since 1982 for his Pagan (etc.) events calendars ( and (, is an environmental engineer, an initiated Witch, an initiate of the Reformed Druids of North America, and a Scion with the Church of All Worlds. A Pagan adherent since 1967, he is a founding member of A.C.E., the Chameleon Club, Visionweavers Coven, the C.A.W. Triskeleon Nest, Gaia Rising, the Earth Religions Legal Assistance Network (ERLAN) and the Sacred Earth Alliance. He has been an activist since his days at Perdue University in the 60's, and worked for the Vietnam Moratorium Committee. He has a BS in Physics, an MS in Civil and Environmental Engineering, and he blew the lid off a cover-up of the impacts of U.S. D.O.E. nuclear sites and founded the Collinwood Environmental Taskforce: an alliance of businesses and community organizations that forced the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to shut down and order the clean-up of a dangerous Cleveland nuclear site in 1999.

Workshops: Earth Religion Rights Networking

Ian Corrigan

Ian Corrigan is a Chameleon, ACE organizer, and has been a teacher, writer, singer and ritualist in the Pagan movement for 25 years. Ian is a former Archdruid and Director of ADF, and is presently it's national Preceptor. A founding member and Elder of Stone Creed Grove, ADF's oldest congregation, he is author of four books on Celtic Paganism: The Portal Book, The Book of the Dragon, Grammary, and Druidheachd: Rites and Symbols of Druidry. One of the finest bards of the modern Pagan movement, Ian has been writing and performing songs of the British Isles and Neo- Paganism for over 20 years, and his music and poetry have delighted audiences at A.C.E. events and Pagan festivals across the U.S.A. and Canada. (Music tapes, lecture tapes and books by Ian are available from ACE.)

Workshops: Sacred Fire, Holy Well - Celtic and Druidic Ritual Forms
Lady With The Mead Cup - Gaia, Earth Mother and Goddess of Sovereignty
Offering To The Earth Mother - A Rite of Blessing

Rebecca Crystal

Rebecca Crystal, M.S.W., has been working in the New Age, Feminist and Magical movements since 1978. She has been involved in the Bloomington Metaphysical Fellowship, the Elf Lore Family, and the Covenant of the Universalist Pagans. As an ELF Elder, she coordinated the highly successful 1989 Psychic Fairs, and was one of the editors of The Elvin Chronicle. She has led workshops and public rituals for several years, and is a long-time Starwood contributor. She is not formerly trained but has a wild skill honed over the years by practice and the loud involvement of her spirit guides.

Workshops: Sister/Brother Healing
Neo-Pagan Faith Healing

Phyllis Curott

Phyllis Curott has been an attorney and Wiccan priestess for almost 20 years, and is the author of the recently published and highly praised Book of Shadows: A Modern Woman's Journey into the Wisdom of Witchcraft and the Magic of the Goddess. She holds a B.A. in Philosophy from Brown University and a Juris Doctor from New York University School of Law. She is President Emerita of the Covenant of the Goddess (the oldest and largest international Wiccan organization), a member of the United Nations' NGO Committee on the Status of Women, and was a keynote speaker at the Parliament of the World's Religions (a centennial Interfaith gathering of 7,000 religious leaders held in 1993). H.Ps. Curott continues to practice law in NYC, and as a religious rights activist has won the rights for Wiccan clergy to perform legal marriages in New York and perform a public Goddess ritual in Chicago. She has just been honored by Jane Magazine, along with Hilary Clinton, as one of the Ten Gutsiest Women of 1998, and has appeared on The Roseanne Show, The View, Hard Copy, Extra, The O'Reilly Factor, and The Today Show (Weekend).

Workshops: The Labyrinth of Light
Exploding Wiccan Dogma
Out of the Broom Closet and Into the Fire!

Kenneth Deigh

Kenneth Deigh has over 15 years experience as a practicing Magus. As founder of the Sheya System of Magick (a Shamanic path of self-transformation), editor and publisher of Mezlim Magazine, and a practicing Shamanic healer, Kenneth is in the forefront of the Modern Magickal revival. Over the last ten years he has taught numerous workshops on such subjects as Shamanic States of Consciousness, the Magickal Movement, Sacred Space, and Magickal Lifestyles. He has recently finished his first book, Dances With Stones: a Shaman's Journey.

Workshops: Post Tribal Shamanism
Part I: The Map of the Post Tribal Shaman
Part II: Creating the Shamanic Body
Part III: Journeying in the Shamanic Body

Alex Del Busso

Alex Del Busso has been organizing Pagan events in Montreal for over fifteen years. He is a High Priest of a Celtic Gardnerian coven since 1980, and has been a witch and a dancer all his life. He has studied classical ballet, modern dance, and theatre, and he loves drumming and performing. Alex has choreographed the welcoming dance for the Bonfire on Saturday night for the last 4 years.

Workshops: Bonfire Lighting Ceremony Rehearsal

Starwood Childrens Parade, Saturday at 4:30.

Jonathan Dickau

Jonathan Dickau has taught numerous movement workshops, and attended classes in Tai Ji, Chi Gung, both Hatha and Kundalini Yoga, Tantra and Taoist Sex, and little bits of various kinds of dance including Modern and Ballet. He has taught Tai Ji for three years at the Mid-Hudson Modern Dance Studio (now history), where he was also rehearsal pianist for Modern Dance classes. His Tai Ji Master is Chungliang Al Huang, acknowledged all over the world, even in his home country (Mainland China), as one of the foremost teachers of movement and the Martial Arts.

Workshop: Moving With Energy

Michael DiMartino

Michael DiMartino, Founder of Drums Around the World, has traveled internationally building community, sharing culture and producing events centered around the Drum. With his band Worldbeat, he has played at hundreds of venues including Gathering of the Vibes, Drumming in the New Millennium (in Egypt December of 1999), Drums around the World, Horde Tour, and ongoing private shows. He has been teaching and performing for over 12 years, has worked with many musicians from Olatunji to Jimmy Cliff, and played venues from the White House to the jungles of Brazil. He is an interfaith minister and shares a very authentic and grounded spiritual perspective that unifies the traditions and cultures he works with.

Workshop: The Healing Power of Rhythm

Rev. Lilith Dorsey

Rev. Lilith Dorsey comes from many different magickal traditions, including Celtic, Voodoo and Native American spirituality. She is an initiate of Hatian Vodoun and New Orleans VooDoo. Her traditional education focused on plant science, Anthropology and Fine Art (film) the the University of R.I., New York UNiversity and the University of London, including emperical research in New Orleans, Brooklyn and other centers of African- American religious culture. She has been doing successful magick over the past 13 years for patrons of her business, Branwen's Pantry, and is editor/publisher of Oshun-African Magickal Quarterly. Recently her written work has been published in Parabola: Journal of Myth and Tradition and Llewelyn's Magickal Almanac, while her films were shown at NYU's Malafemina festival.

Workshops: Spirit Lessons from Sci-fi
Remembering the Ancestors
Warrior Goddesses of Africa and Beyond

Halim El-Dabh

Halim El-Dabh is a Professor Emeritus of African Ethno- Musicology from Kent State University. He has travelled the world on projects by such organizations as the Smithsonian Institute, studying and participating in the music of tribal cultures. He is an experienced drummer and performer on a wide variety of authentic African musical instruments and on keyboard. He was a soloist with Leopold Stokowsky, and he's the composer of the music for Martha Graham's Clymenestra, Nuriev and Maugo Fontayne's The Fallen Angel Lucifer, Nile Festival Music, Ramses the Great Symphony, Lament of the Pharoh, and the sound-light show for the Pyramid of Egypt. His latest production, Opera Flies, was part of the 25th Anniversary memorial program for the Kent State shooting. A pioneer in the field of electronic music, he has a new CD coming out entitled Crossing Into the Electric Magnetic. Halim is presently working with both the Ohio Arts Council and Cleveland Public Theatre. He is a participant in the WinterStar panel discussion The Self in Transformation, available from ACE.

Workshops: The Power of the Word
Drumming Across the Great Rivers

Skip Ellison

Skip Ellison has been a member of Ar nDraiocht Fein since 1990 and has served on its Mother Grove since 1992. He has held several positions and is currently ADF's Archdruid and Chief of the Magician's Guild. He was the grove Organizer for Muin Mound Grove, AFD in Syracuse, NY and became its second Senior Druid, a position he has held since 1992. A retired Industrial Electrician, he now works tending his land and gardens, learning more about history and traveling around the US and Europe visiting ADF groves and talking about ADF at festivals.

Workshops: The Way of the Trees
ADF's Study Plan-Where Do We Stand?
Daily Worship Rites


Elspeth is an Environmentalist, healer, teacher, priestess, minister, shamanic practitioner, irrepressible storyteller and cross-country traveler. Elspeth of Haven is an honored elder of the spiritual community. Her classes and workshops reflect her primary interests- the value of maturity and wisdom in people; our basic relationship with all the Goddesses children; and that healing on any level is healing on all levels. Elspeth is a living example of the messages she brings. Almost completely self-taught, she is a 70 year old great-grandmother who travels around the country in a converted school bus in order to do her work. Her most recent contribution to personal development is her women's retreat "Resonating with the Crone". Ask her about it!

Workshops: Who are "The Elders" and Do We Need Them?
Building a Sacred Relationship with Money

Kirk Everist

Kirk Andrew Everist, a Fallen Radical Anarchist Gnostic Lutheran, was raised a pastor's kid but converted to the church of theatre improvisation. An actor, teacher, and published author, he holds a B.A. from Grinell College, an M.A. from Indiana University, and is completing his Ph.D. in Dramatic Art at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Everist began exploring and practicing esoteric traditions in college and sharing rituals with Pagan communities in Bloomington, Indiana, and teaches theatre studies at Saint Michael's College in Vermont. An actor, director, gamer, and researcher, he's experimented with improvisation and live-action role-playing as well as more conventional forms of drama for over fifteen years.

Workshops: Christian Pagans & Pagan Christians: Cultural Conflict?

Shawn Eyer

Shawn Eyer, a frequent Starwood lecturer, is an author, scholar and translator whose work has appeared in Green Egg, Alexandria: The Journal for the Western Cosmological Traditions, and Quest Magazine. He holds a Master of Arts in psychology from John F. Kennedy University. Best known for his contributions to the neo-Hellenic spiritual community, Shawn is also an initiate of traditional esoteric orders, including Freemasonry.

Workshops: Greek Mysticism and the Mind/Body Split
Your Grandfather's Magic: The Esoteric Legacy of Freemasonry

Maggie Fry

Maggie Fry has been spinning for eight years and is the owner and proprietor of Snow Water Wool Works. She creates and sells yarns for knitwear designers and hand knitters as well as knitting and selling hats, mittens, socks, vests, and sweaters. She is also an organic market gardener and live on a small farm in northwest Pennsylvania with her partner and two daughters. She is of Celtic Wiccan persuasion and is a member of the local CUUPS chapter, CUUPS of Mead.

Workshops: Introduction to Hand-Spinning
Knot and Cord Magic

Gavin & Yvonne Frost

Gavin and Yvonne Frost are internationally-known and well respected elders of the Craft. They have authored several books on Witchcraft, including The Witches' Bible and The Magic Power of Witchcraft. They are among the founders of the 20th Century Craft movement and have appeared on the Donahue Show, PM Magazine, and Tom Snyder's Tomorrow Show. They have run the Church and School of Wicca since they founded it in 1968, which has introduced over one million people to the Craft, and have worked with more than forty thousand students in forty-nine countries worldwide. The Church also publishes the magical periodical Survival and have written 22 books and booklets, some of which have been translated into five languages. (Books available through ACE.)

Workshops: Tantric Yoga: The Royal Path
Altering Your State of Consciousness
Raising, Storing, Focusing and Sending Power

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