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for once again making the Starwood Festival America's Greatest Magical Event! To continually improve the experience, we're happy to have feedback, so please send any along to:

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are a wonderful way of sharing Starwood with everyone. Please share stories, pictures, impressions or general musings about your experience so we can post them on this site. (Please don't send megs of pictures without warning...). will collect, edit, and upload submissions...

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to check the ACE website regularly for other upcoming events and notices. We'll be having a casual get together at Brushwood in the fall, our Winterstar Symposium in February/March, and happenings at our space in Cleveland - the Starwood Center.

Imagine a vacation...
in another realm, where many realities meet. A place where Scientists sit with Shamans and Druids dance with Deadheads. Where African drums jam with bluegrass fiddles, and Celtic harps combine with psychedelic synthesizers. Where political activism meets Earth spirituality, where theatre and life meld, where days are spent in exploration of inner and outer space, and nights blaze with laser lights and bonfire flames.

Once a year, on a Field of Gold and Green, Reality CRACKS!, and Portals Open Wide. Gateways to Realms of Magic and Spirit, of Divinities and Strange Beasties. Doors of Perception to Frontiers of Inner Space. Winding Ways through Wonderlands of Sensation, of Adventures in Music, Art and Science, leading to worlds of undreamt Power, Healing and Beauty. And all roads lead to theFestival: a joyous celebration of Life, Discovery and Limitless Possibilities!

Now in its third decade, The 2001 Starwood Festival is a six-day celebration, offering over a dozen performances of music, drumming, dance and theatre. It's a multiversity featuring over 120 classes, workshops and ceremonies offered by teachers from many fields, disciplines and healing ways from diverse cultures. It's a clothing optional family camping event with tenting and hiking, a pool and hot-tub, movies and fireworks, merchants, a full schedule of youth programming and the biggest bonfire you've ever seen!. Most of all, it's a PARTY: a celebration of the diversity of the human spirit, of learning and doing; people from dozens of paths sharing the very best of their discoveries. The reasonable price completes the formula for an unforgettable outdoor experience that will inspire and activate you for months afterward.

A great way to stay in touch with friends you've made in the past as well as new ones... Please retain any information sent to you about your subscription. Changes to your membership are your responsibility.

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