ACE Starwood XXI
 July 17 - 22, 2001 ~ Sherman, NY

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The Lady by the Sea sent these along, they all appear to have been taken on Friday and Saturday afternoons.

The balloon on
Friday evening
rising over the trees
behind healers Row.
(viewed from
Druid Heights)

Why is that witchy woman on the tractor?

Because brooms can't pull trailers and kick up too much dust!

(The lead float in the Childrens Parade)

A little later on in the childrens parade, passing next to the cafe and Phil's Grill.

Building the bonfire...

The Roundhouse by day, dreaming of the night
when the drummers and dancers will create a
ring of ecstasy...

The main ritual area
with the Luminaria
Labyrinth nearly
completed on
Friday afternoon.
(Viewed from
Druid Heights)

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