Starwood XXI
 July 17 - 22, 2001 ~ Sherman, NY

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Current as of 7/13/01, please check back for updates to this listing.


Time prohibits us from completing the on-line, interactive Schedule of activities. This section is incomplete and out of date. We've left it here to provide a sample of the daily activities of the festival. The up to date version will be available on site.

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As past attendees of our events already know, we take great pains to provide as diverse a line-up of speakers we can. As of now, 7/13/01, our roster of speakers and presenters is as current and up to date as we can make it. All appearances are subject to forces beyond our control, check back to confirm your favorites.

NOTE: We regret to announce that due to an emergency, Raven Grimassi will not be able to attend this year. Hopefully next year.
Ric Campbell and Marty Laubach are also unable to attend.

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In addition to our exciting line-up of scheduled musicians and performers, Thursday night is highlighted by the totally irrepressible Bardic Circle. Always wanted to perform on the Starwood Stage (even if only for a few minutes)? Now's your chance. Sign-up sheets will be available on-site.

Live Action
Role Playing

The Starwood LARP is similar in style and form to Changeling: the Dreaming™ &Vampire: the Masquerade™; both popular interactive fantasy storytelling games.

You have an opportunity to tell a story, and act it out as well, something like an actor in an improvisational theatre. Certain bits of plot and pacing will be provided by the Storyteller, and the Narrators as well, but it is important for you to fully realize your role as Co-conspirator. Open your mind. You are responsible for where this story might go, and responsible to take it there for the entertainment of your fellow players. Collectively we will spin a most intriguing yarn throughout the day and evening, and not even your humble Storyteller knows where that tale will take us. ($20 fee required)

The Witching Hour

Midnight Rituals are held in the Main Ritual Area Wednesday through Friday Nights. On Wednesday night we have a Sufi Rite led by Lawrence Galian, on Thursday, Ar nDraiocht Fein: A Druid Fellowship (ADF) performing a Druid Rite of Blessing and Friday night's rite will be led by Phyllis Currott, who will be creating a labyrinth of Luminaria.

The Pufferdome is your stately Pleasure Palace for after-hours entertainment. Leave those wussy assed early risers (hey, plenty of time to sleep in the day) behind and party with the young at heart Wednesday through Friday nights.


If you haven't been regaled with tales of our legendary bonfire, we won't spoil it for you here! Those in the know may be interested in the several ways you can help out.
Drummers: Meet daily at the location for the Bonfire Dance rehearsals and learn the beat.
Dancers: Attend the daily Bonfire Dance rehearsals and learn the dance.
Puppets: Build and master Giant Puppets and other assorted madness.

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