Starwood XXI
 July 17 - 22, 2001 ~ Sherman, NY

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In Xanadu did Kubla Kahn a stately pleasure-dome decree...
Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Rising from the field like Gaia's glowing nipple, tattooed in light and ringing with music, the Pufferdome is Starwood's own inflatable hemispherical pleasure palace! Joe Rothenberg and Joe's OM Appliances present midnight parties with diverse musical styles and multi-media projections and effects. Now with a bigger Dome!


Einstein's Secret Orchestra is a Cleveland-based Psychedelic Cosmic-Blues Space-Band, with music of multiple influences reminiscent of early Pink Floyd. The ESO Experience in right- brain communication break-down is now accessable to the Starwood community. Members include Chas Smith on keyboards and Theremin, Michele George (of the Cleveland Playhouse and her own Apollo String Quartet) on electric violin, Lonesome Cowboy Dave DeLuca on guitar, and Nikki on Bass. They'll be performing with the Church of the Subgenius making this one of the hottest tickets at Starwood. -Friday Night

Morticia's Chair

Morticia's Chair, which includes singer-guitarist Mark K., drummer Mike Bostwick, and singer-bassist Jeffrey Deasy, has solid songwriting skills that transcend their industrial roots with a variety of sounds and experimental combinations. Mark K. has a bellowing voice reminiscent of Goth icon Peter Murphy, but the band avoids many of the Goth/Industrial cliches and plays up their pop/rock sensibilities. -Thursday Night

Peachy Nietzsches

The Peachy Nietzsches (pronounced: pee-chee knee-cheese) from Rochester, NY are known for their versatile, energetic and entertaining style. Described as quirky, alternative, cultural gumbo-pop the Kneecheese have appeared at many prominent festivals (including ours!) performing their vast repertoire of original songs and covers.

The P-chi Nichis play danceable songs that touch upon numerous styles including (in no particular order): punk, jugband, swing, rock-n-roll, reggae, blues, and... funk. They've shared the stage with George Clinton and the P-funk All Stars, Me'shell Ndegeocello, Big Brother & the Holding Company, and Johnny Vegas, just to name a few. -Wednesday Night


Rev. Ivan Stang and Einstein's Secret Orchestra will return to Earth briefly to take advantage of the Pufferdome's bizarre, Lovecraftian geometry and otherworldly accoustics, presenting one last Church of the SubGenius devival (short for "down home dome-show revival"). Rev. Stang will be joined by Lonesome Cowboy Dave in a sermon on "Saving Souls from Themselves, or, The Revolution WILL Be Televised, and Sponsored by Nike." This could also be called a workshop in attaining Deep Slack. The most psychedelic videos in Church and ACE collections decorate the dome walls and ESO's music will decorate the audience's consciousnesslessnesses with hopelessnesslessness. - Friday Night

The Volta Sound

The Volta Sound is composed of drummer Michael Prieto, Singer Matt Cassidy, singer/guitarist Michael Cormier, bassist David Geddes, organist T.D. Vainisi and guitarist Ben Yawns. They identify themselves with the American Psychedelic movement, but their sound is purely British. A lazy, hazy groove runs through their music - approaching but never quite becoming spacey. They have a good ear for harmonies and hooks, and even when the ambient drones kick into full lull mode, it still remains pleasant listening. -Thursday Night

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