Starwood XXI
 July 17 - 22, 2001 ~ Sherman, NY

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Starwood Nights

Starwood nights offer a myriad of choices - from evening concerts to stimulating lightshows, world music from many places and times, speaker cranking wailing parties in our own Pufferdome, and endless nights of ritual and bonfire dances, drumming and more...


Changes are inevitable. Why in fact, the Chameleon Club motto is: Change! Some thought we meant spare change but we really meant change. So expect 'em. We can't expect every change, so let's all learn to live with 'em!

Tuesday Night
Ritual Opening Circle - 7pm Main Ritual Area
Main Stage The Bardos Pavillion
Late Fires - Drums - Dancing Various
Wednesday Night

Main Stage Worldbeat Pavillion
  Various Shorts  
Ritual Sufi Rite Main Ritual Area
Party Peachie Nietzche Pufferdome
Late Fires - Drums - Dancing Various

Thursday Night

Bardic Circle Hosted by Kenny Klein Pavillion
Ritual Druid Rite of Blessing - ADF Main Ritual Area
Party Speaker Cranker Pufferdome
Late Fire - Drums - Dancing Various

Friday Night

Main Stage Lia Fail Pavillion
  No Reservations  
Multimedia Centrak Lasers and Pyrosonic Pond
Ritual Luminaria Labyrinth Main Ritual Area
Party Subgenius Rant Pufferdome
  Einstein's Secret Orchestra  

Saturday Night