ACE Starwood XXI
 July 17 - 22, 2001 ~ Sherman, NY

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My name is Aliyah. Starwood 2001 was my 13th Starwood. I experienced my first Starwood in 1983, at Devils Den, in Tuscarwarus County.

This year was an exceptional year, as love and peace were in abundance the entire festival; and of course it is always good to reunite with my spiritual family, from year to year.

Over the years, I have experienced many miracles and awakenings at Starwood. If I explained each miracle in detail, I would have to write a book to contain them. Being awakened to the energies of the universe, my life has not been the same since my first Starwood, and the experience of this event has created a new look into my beliefs and my way of life. I have fantastic memories to take with me, not only through my life now, but certainly beyond the final initiation of death.

About 10 years ago, I remember when ACE called my Priest, Balintus, to ask him to make the torches for the festival. At that time, only four torches were made to light the bonfire. Myself, Balintus and Don created the first torches, here in Cleveland; at Don's studio.

The creation of the torches was not just a physical act, but a spiritual one. We always put our energies into the torches, evoking the energies into each torch that would correspond to the purpose of it; so that each torch would bring Blessings to everyone at the festival, and the creation of the torches is a ritual in itself.

This year Balintus decided to pass on the task of torch making. His dedication to the creation of the torches, year after year, was outstanding; and I know he was proud to serve the people in this way, as was I.

The torches and the cup of wine were Blessed by Grandma Elsbith, this year. The cup is a horn goblet made by Waterhawk, presented to Balintus last year; for the torchemakers and torchbearers to use in the ritual of the torch presentation. Grandma Elsbith is a wonderful Lady, and I am glad her Blessings went into the torches, as I am sure her wisdom and love was bestowed on all of Starwood. What a perfect way to begin the new millenium, of 2001.

We walked together our last time, this year; leading the people to the bonfire; happy and full of gratitude to have been able to help with this part of the festival. It has been a pleasure to know the folks who helped us with the creation of the torches, and to know the torchbearers, through the years.

Now, there will be new tasks to help with, and I am convinced whatever task I choose; or is handed to me, will be a Blessing; because all tasks help with the unity and harmony of the festival.

I want to thank ACE for being there for us all, and I look forward to many more years of interaction with you folks at ACE, and with the everyone at the Starwood Festival.

Love & Light,

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