ACE Starwood XXI
 July 17 - 22, 2001 ~ Sherman, NY

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Post-event pages

We're providing space for you to send in stories and impressions of this years Starwood Festival. Some may be edited for content or to eliminate references to those who may not want to have their names published.


My name is Aliyah. Starwood 2001 was my 13th Starwood. I experienced my first Starwood in 1983, at Devils Den, in Tuscarwarus County. This year was an exceptional year, as love and peace were in abundance the entire festival; and of course it is always good to reunite with my spiritual family, from year to year. More...


One of my stories of Starwood XXI involves the campsite I chose--out in the field behind Babylon Heights. It was the only place I could find when I
arrived on Friday of Sirius... More...


This year we had some new camping equipment that would take up a lot of
room to set up, so we decided to camp up in the upper meadow beyond the row of trees behind Healers in order to have plenty of room to spread out. We ended up camping next to three sisters who came to Starwood together (their names are withheld due to privacy), and we shared a firepit with them.. More...


Wow. My husband and I were turned on to Starwood by Jay Atwood, who we know locally. He got us interested, and then, we seduced four others to join us in this new experience. We are glad we did. . More...

Charlene Mann

Beloveds, Starwood 2001 - what fun! What fun!
Living as I have for the past several years in the Psychic Cesspool that is Fitchburg, MA, I could hardly believe my ears at the accounts of my Starwoodian friends of the excellency of the Festival. Apart from our Quidditch Team (see "Quidditch Through the Ages by Newt Scamander/JK Rowling; we're mentioned there!), there is simply nothing doing here that we Pagani don't do ourselves; the apathy of the impoverished and otherwise-damaged local populace is thick enuf to slice and sell. More...

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