ACE Starwood XXI
 July 17 - 22, 2001 ~ Sherman, NY

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Wow. My husband and I were turned on to Starwood by Jay Atwood, who we know locally. He got us interested, and then, we seduced four others to join us in this new experience. We are glad we did.

What a great atmosphere, beautiful people, lots of cool learning going on, lots of fun...need I go on? For me, the highlight was INA MAY GASKIN... she was amazing, and wonderful. I was unaware at the time we decided to go, that she would be there. She is my hero... and I happen to be pregnant... what a blessing!

Thanks so much for a beautiful respite from our "regular" life!

I heard that some folks sorta slid through the cracks... that kinda blows.. but
it is their own bad, bad karma. could it be partly a paperwork mixup? I felt really confused at registration, and we were already paid in
advance...anything to that?


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