Starwood XXI
 July 17 - 22, 2001 ~ Sherman, NY

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Mark Seabrook

Mark Seabrook, Spanish River Band of Ojibways, B.A. (Laurentian), B.Ed. (Queen's), is a published poet, musician, painter, photographer, dancer and outdoors enthusiast. He has worked for Debajehmujig Theratre Group acting in four touring productions and is the author of "20th Century Indian Boy", produced by the company and toured in 1992. He is co-founder of the Ndodamnaman Drama Team, which produced and toured two origial one act plays and is co-founder of No Reservation, a popular native music group from Canada. Watch them perform Friday Night!

Workshop: Themes in Ojibwa Paintings

Kristopher Setchfield

Kristopher Setchfield is a spirited didjeridu player, teacher and student with a keen interest in its healing abilities. His primary focus is on the rhythmic and trancing aspects of the instrument, but is well versed in the vocal and almost percussive styles of the Aborigine tradition. He incorporates deep meditation, aura work and chakra cleansing into Didjeridu Vibrational Therapy.

Workshops: Beyond Circular Breathing
Didjeridoo Trance Circle

Elie Shava

Elie (pronounced Ay-Lee, also known as Eliesheva) holds a Masters Degree in Counseling and has studied extensively at the Departments of Middle Eastern studies at Tel Aviv University. She is a Kibbutz member from Israel, where strong and active interest in Earth-connected spirituality has long been and still is at the root of Kibbutz land reclamation. She is a member of the Machane Am Ha Aretz (People of the Land) Primitive Hebrew Assembly, a Peaceful Warrior Path in a Hebrew Earth Spirituality tradition that reconnects to the Shekina, the feminine aspect of the Hebrew Divinity. In the past 20 years she has travelled extensively in Mid-Eastern and other countries, where she has experienced pre-technological societies first hand and lectured and written numerous articles.

Workshops: Gods (Male) of the Ancient Hebrews
Casting Lots: the Divination Methods of the Ancient Hebrews
Totems and Banners of the Ancient Hebrew Tribes

Lady Sheherazahde

Lady Sheherazahde (AKA Eva Snyder) has been in the Craft since 1982 and is the founder of the Braided Wheel Tradition of Wicca. She holds a BA in Religion and Social Change from Empire State University. She was the Local Coordinator for the Goddess 2000 Project and a past Regional Coordinator for the Pagan Pride Project. She regularly lectures on Paganism and Witchcraft for college classes, church, and social groups. You may visit her web site at

Workshops: Wiccan Ritual For Large Groups
Introduction to the Sacred Clown

Mary Jo Smiley

Mary Jo Smiley (AKA Anomie) is a Certified Myofascial Trigger Point Therapist who has been practicing this modality for over two years. A longtime friend of ACE and the Chameleon Club, she was introduced to Myotherapy in 1985 and, after years of informal study and exploration, obtained formal training and certification at The Acadamy for Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy in Pittsburgh, PA.

Workshops: Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy
Stretch Yourself out of Pain

Chas Smith

Chas Smith holds a Master's Degree in Music from Cleveland State University, where his class Roots of Rock and Soul and American Pop culture is the largest-attendance class offered (over 200 each quarter), and he's just completed a text book on the subject for Kendall-Hunt Publishing. His studies focus on composition, ethnomusic and electro-acoustics, and he has also given a lecture series for the Cleveland Clinic advocating alternative ideas in music therapy. He directs and plays keyboards and theremin for Einstein's Secret Orchestra and Motel Records' glam-rock band Cobra Verde, and has programmed ESO Swamp Radio at WCSB 89.3 FM in Cleveland since 1987.

Workshops: Space Trance One
Finding Your Voice in the Cosmic Fugue

Rev. Ivan Stang

Rev. Ivan Stang co-sub-founded The SubGenius Foundation in 1980, and has authored 4 books about The Church of the SubGenius and fringe beliefs, including The Book of the SubGenius, Revelation X, and High Weirdness by Mail. Since 1985 he has produced the syndicated "Hour of Slack" radio show, and has preached the word of J.R. "Bob" Dobbs at hundreds of stage shows. Recent projects include a SubGenius role playing game with Steve Jackson Games, and a new documentary video, "X-Day 1998" (a follow-up to the award winning SubGenius video, "ARISE"). The Church of the SubGenius carved out a niche for itself on the Internet, where Stang now resides (

Devival: Saving Souls from Themselves

Jay Stevens

Jay Stevens is a novelist, historian, and journalist with a special interest in states of consciousness. He is the author of Storming Heaven: LSD and the American Dream and co-author of Drumming at the Edge of Magic and Planet Drum, with Grateful Dead percussionist Micky Hart. He lives most of the year on a farm in Vermont, where he writes and continues the alchemical family tradition of making maple syrup. At present he is finishing a companion volume to Storming Heaven called Burning Down the House.

Workshops: Consciousness Wars
It Ain't The Meat It's The Motion

Evan Stuckless

Evan Stuckless is an instructor/trainer who has composed and performed music for over 15 years. He has played keyboards, accordian, mandolin, banjo, pennywhistle, and djeme throughout the North East in bands from every style from rock to reggae, folk to funk. His numerous Starwood appearances include performances with the African band Djoliba, and the World/Groove band BuddhaHood, among others.

Workshops: Polyrhythms for Melodic Instruments

David Turner

David Turner has been drumming and teaching for the past decade. He teaches a very eclectic range of students from troubled teenagers and mentally challenged adults, to a Mormon youth group. He has performed with people such as Alpha Yaya Diallo and Troutfishing in America. With an emphasis on basic rhythm and respect to the other players, he's trying to get people to play less notes and create a good groove.

Workshops: Drumming For Beginners
Ritual Drumming For Beginners

Daniella Bluestar
Don Two Eagles

Daniella BlueStar WaterHawk has gained much insight into the mysteries of the world on her walk through this Spiritual and physical journey. Blending her studies in many varied philosophies, disciplines and university degrees, she has created her own eclectic Spiritual Path. She is in partnership with Don WaterHawk who has blessed her in teaching her his artform, weaving her own creativity into the work. She sits in the Ohana Circle of Changlings.

Don "Two Eagles" WaterHawk, Tsalagi-Mesquakie & German by heritage, is a Red Feather Brother of the Wolf-Clan and a Spiritual Walker. An artist, craftsman, photographer, Carver of the Pipe, Council facilitaor and Sharer, Don sits on the Ohana Circle of Changlings.

Workshops: Tsalgi Dance of Life
Drum Council

Alex Wedmedyk

Alex Wedmedyk, G.S. is a craftsman, jewelry designer, drummaker, and drummer. He is a member of the Wolf Clan Teaching Lodge and a co-founder of Earth Rhythm, offering experiential workshops, special events, and annual gatherings that promote the unity of all things. Earth Rhythm empowers others to awaken the healer within and to carry the message of oneness into their personal life walk.

Workshops: Afrikan Drum Making Workshop
You and Your Drum: Finding & caring for the RIGHT One

Joy Wedmedyk

Joy Wedmedyk is a cofounder of Earth Rhythm Drums and Workshops, and a member of the Wolf Clan Teaching Lodge. She is a drummaker, dancer, a minister, and a visionary and artist in ritual ceremonies of the Heart. On a spiritual quest for over 30 years, she has studied with indigenous people of the Americas and Africa and is deeply connected to the elements of the Earth and to the Ancestors. She sees the Creator in everyone she meets and in all things. Joy inspires others to make the journey home and find the center of their being, enabling them to touch the fire and passion of their loving heart.

Workshops: Edge Beading
Hoop Drum Making

Jason Winslade

Jason Winslade is a PhD candidate in the Department of Performance Studies at Northwestern University and teaches courses on occultism and popular culture at DePaul Univeristy in Chicago. He has published scholarly articles on Wicca, the Western Esoteric tradition, and the television shows Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The X-Files, most notably Techno-Kabbalah: The Production of Occult Knowledge in Drama Review. He is currently working on a book based on his dissertation, entitled When the Veils are Thin: An Occult Politics. He is an initiate of the Hermetic Order of Chicago, and is a performing artist who has produced his work in both the U.S. and U.K.

Workshops: Pilgrimages and Pathworkings
Wanna-Blessed Be's: Pop Wicca and Television
Occultism and the Postmodern, Magick and Academia

Billy Woods

Billy Woods is a Drum Instructor from Boulder, Colorado, and has been drumming for over 35 years. He is a Taoist and a teacher of Qi Gung (an internal meditational exercise form) and has been an ethnic percussionist performing and recording New Music for Dance for the past 16 years. He is part of the percussion performance ensemble Seeds of Time. (His band can be heard on the tapes Street Drumming Live at Starwood and Seeds of Time Live at Starwood, available from ACE.

Workshops: Chi Kung Excercises: Parts 1 & 2

Oberon Zell- Ravenheart

Oberon Zell-Ravenheart co-founded the Church of All Worlds in 1962. Incorporated in 1968, CAW became the first Neo-Pagan church to obtain full Federal recognition in the US. First to apply the terms "Pagan" and "Neo-Pagan" to the newly emerging Nature Religions of the 1960s, and through his publication of the Green Egg (1968-1975; 1988-96), Oberon was instrumental in the coalescence of the Neo-Pagan movement. In 1970, Oberon formulated and published the thealogy of deep ecology which has become popularly known as The Gaia Thesis. Now in a 6-person group marriage, the Ravenhearts, Oberon is creating devotional statues for the Mythic Images Collection and working on a book to be titled TheaGenesis: The Birth of the Goddess.

Workshops: The Path of the Dearinth
A Bouquet of Lovers: Polyamory for Pagans
Paganism in the Third Millennium


Zimra holds a BA and has done postgraduate work in Anthropology, and has been studying Middle Eastern dance and culture since 1988. Since 1994 she's taught Middle Eastern dance, culture, and costuming through a variety of festivals and venues, including: Private lessons, Kent City schools, the Society for Creative Anachronism, and the festivals Sirius Rising, Convocation, Pagan Spirit Gathering and Wic-Can Fest. Her repertoire includes basic Middle Eastern as well as Egyptian, Turkish, Turkish Rom, Tunisian, Saudi Arabian, Uzbek, and Persian dance styles.

Workshops: Basic Middle Eastern Dance I
Basic Middle Eastern Dance II
Saudi Arabian Womens Dance (Women Only!)

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