Starwood XXI
 July 17 - 22, 2001 ~ Sherman, NY

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Thursday, 7/19

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See the Starwood Map for locations. All events and times subject to last minute change. Please inquire at the Info booth for details.

9:30 AM
A Tripping & Sometimes Falling Hayes
B Knot and Cord Magic Fry
D Moving with Energy Dickau
E African Drum Making II Wedmedyk
F Occultism & Postmodern... Winslade
G Dollos (Bones) Muller
H Landscaping for Nature Spirits Hedrick

A Healing with Music Plaatjies
B Traditional Witchcraft 101 Govannon
C Spirit of Drumming Booker
D Basic Middle-Eastern Dance II Zimra
E African Drum making II (cont.) Wedmedyk
F Altering Your Consciousness Frosts
G Eros in the Aquarian Age Ingersoll
H Polytheology Bonewits
I LARP (mandatory meeting) Burdick
K Gay Community Russo

11:30 - 12:15

Pool Kids Swim  

12:30 - 1:30

A Lunchtime Concert Owain Phyfe

12:45 - 1:45

Pool CLOSED (no showers)  
J Batik Prayer Flags and Banners Jones


A Encounters w/Counterculture... Krassner
B Building Relationship w/Money Elspeth
C Ritual Drumming for Beginners Turner
D Bonfire Dance Rehearsal Delbusso
F Ancient Music f/t 21st Century Phyfe
G Breaking the Spell of Fear I. Gaskin
H Heathen & Happy Paxson
I CAW Clergy Confab CAW
J History of Henna Jones


A Drumming & Dancing (fee) Amanpondo
B Subtle 7: Psychospiritual Galian
C Polyrythms for Melodic Inst. Stuckless
D Tsalgi Dance of Life Waterhawk
F Sound & Spirit Lieberman
G Paganism in the New Millenium Zell
H Remembering the Ancestors Dorsey
I Sister/Brother Circle Crystal
J History of Henna II Jones
(Didge Dome) Long Distance Drumming Gazda


A Drumming & Dancing - Cont. (fee) Amanpondo
B Casting Lots: Hebrew Divination Elie
D Chi Kung Part II Woods
E Care of your Drum Wedmedyk
F Animal Magic Grudt
G Creating Shamanic Body (PTS:2) Deigh
H Pluralistic Values Based Religions Ingersoll
I What is Myofascial Trigger Release... Smiley
J Salt Dyed Silk Jones


  Dinner Break  


I 12 Step/Sober Support Morningstar


A Bardic Circle - Emcee'd by: Klein


D Belly Dancer Alert! Rafael/Moonhawk


Pufferdome Volta Sound Amompondo


Everyone OM on the Range  
Main Ritual Area Ritual: Gate of the Gods ADF
Pufferdome Morticia's Chair  

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