Starwood XXI
 July 17 - 22, 2001 ~ Sherman, NY

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Wednesday, 7/18

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See the Starwood Map for locations. All events and times subject to last minute change. Please inquire at the Info booth for details.

9:30 AM
B Blessed Wanna-Be's Winslade
D Moving with Energy Dickau
E Care and Repair of your Drum Wedmedyk
F Spirit Lessons from Sci-Fi Dorsey

A Vision Quest Gaskin
B Flame of Inanna Gonce
C Basic Bohdran for Beginners Bardo
E African Drum making 1 Wedmedyk
F Map of the Post Tribal Shaman Deigh
G Love in the Library RWW Fire
H Sacred Fire/Holy Well Corrigan/Liafal
E Palmistry Jones
K Faerie Community Meeting Russo

11:30 - 12:15

Pool Kids Swim  

12:45 - 1:45

Pool CLOSED (no showers)  
J Batik Prayer Flags and Banners Jones


A Tripping: Brighter Realms Hayes
B Hail Holy Earth: Nerthus Paxson
C Drum Council Waterhawk
D Basic Mid East Dance 1 Zimra
E African Drum Making 1 (cont.) Wedmedyk
F Animals and the Environment Grudt
G Intro to Handspinning Fry
H Daily Worship Rites Jones
I Sound Vibrational Healing Moonhawk


A Drumming Across 4 Rivers El-Dabh
B Your First Starwood ACE
E African Drum Making Wedmedyk
F Christian Pagans/Pagan Christians Everest
G Priestess of Avalon Paxson
H When Earth Goddess was Sky Goddess Ingersol
I Tantric Yoga Frost
J (Didge Dome) Didgeridoo Basics Atwood

4:30 - 5:30

Pool Teen Swim  


A Preserving African Music Plaatjies
B Intro to the Sacred Clown Scheherazade
C Drumming for Beginners Turner
D Christian Pagans/Pagan Christians Woods
E Edge Beading Wedmedyk
F Hebrew Totems and Banners Elie
G Paranormal Pagan Govannon
H Shielding Mer
I Goddess Gives Birth Breitbach
J Batik Silk Jones


  Dinner Break  


I 12 Step/Sober Support Morningstar


A Concert World Beat
Elspeths Storytelling Elspeth


D Conga Alert! Rafael/Moonhawk
K Faerie Welcome Circle Russo


A Dance Party Amompondo


Pufferdome Peachy Nietszche  
Main Ritual Area The Zikr Galian

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