Starwood XXI
 July 17 - 22, 2001 ~ Sherman, NY

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Jewish Pagan
Shabbat Circle

This workshop and ritual begins at 9pm (sundown), Friday night. All Jewish Pagans, our friends, family, and interested others are welcome! Our circle will start with a discussion of the interweaving of Judaism and Paganism in our lives, and continue into a Jewish/Pagan Shabbat Circle, a service/ritual compiled by Mira, Children's Cantor at a Philadelphia area Reconstructionist Synagogue, and Official Chocolate Bearer for Riverbed, Philly's newest CAW Protonest. Mira has been leading this Workshop/ Ritual at Free Spirit Gathering for over a decade.

Bonfire Lighting Ceremony Rehearsal

Dancers who wish to be part of the ceremony, check the schedule for the two Bonfire Dance Rehearsals (Thursday and Friday at 5:00 PM) and the Drummers' and Dancers' Rehersal (Saturday during the Dinner Break at 6:30 PM). All dancers should attend at least one dance rehearsal, preferably both, and drummers are welcome at each. ALL drummers and dancers must be at the Saturday rehearsal. Learn the ritual dance steps and rhythms we will use for the Bonfire Lighting Ceremony and become part of that Magic! (Of course, any and all drummers, dancers, and others are urged to attend the ceremony, and join in on the drumfun for the rest of the night, straight on towards morning!) - Alex Delbusso

Celtic Music Workshop

The Celtic Music Workshop will include the traditional Irish sounds of the flute and fiddle, and will illustrate the various ways in which these tunes can be backed: with guitar, keyboards, bodhrain (Irish Drum), and djembes. At the workshop, participants will hear what techniques make tunes distinctly Irish, and how backing rhythm and music adds to the tunes themselves. The workshop will also cover different techniques of bodhrain playing, as well as songs sung both in English and in Irish. - Lia Fail

Shielding: The Lost Art of Psionic Barriers

Practitioners of Portal, Guardian and general Magick will be especially interested in this seminar on the many types of body and psychic energy shields. We'll examine various shields for you magical workings focusing on shielding functions, real applications, potential negative side effects and shortcomings. The information shared is particularily crucial for those who walk a more dangerous path. Printed seminar materials are provided. Bring a writing instrument if you want to take notes. - Dav Mer

Nodality and Utility Communing Plus

A "how to" seminar on attaining true linkages with natural Nodes of magick and energy with natural magickal utilities such as Sentinel Trees, Messenger Animals, Identifiers of Ley lines, at cetera and their corresponding nodal reserviors of energy. Learn to identify the unanticipated energy derivatives of linkages to Nodes and Untilities. The seminar will include a guided discussion of participants' experiences that will enrich our knowledge and understanding of communing. - Dav Mer

Getting Published
Part 1

Every year, more books on Pagan topics are being published. Do you dream of contributing your own thoughts and ideas to this boom? Learn the basic format of book proposal presentation as well as facts about routes to publication. Online and on-demand book publishing will be covered briefly, but emphasis will be on conventional trade publication. A follow-up workshop on Sunday is designed for those who want more intensive work on developing their ideas. - Patricia Monaghan

Getting Published
Part 2

For those who have a specific book idea they wish to develop, this intensive workshop will help provide focus and critique. Knowledge of the basic format of a book proposal (see Getting Published Part I) is strongly urged as that will form the foundation of this workshop's material. Participants should expect to have a rough outline of a book proposal by the end of this workshop. - Patricia Monaghan

Twelve Step
Sober Support

This is an opportunity for those of us who are in recovery to connect with others, make new friends, and plan further meetings during the event. We can establish times and places to take a break from the general festival atmosphere and share safe space, conversation, and good company. We'll gather at the Sanctuary's Campfire. (Site L - west of Healers Row). - Jody Morningstar

South African Culture and Zulu Shamanism

A detailed look at the practice of magic in South Africa and how it influenceas the culture. Examples of magick used in everyday life of the average Zulu, and the uses that law enforcement has for magick and shamanism. - Thomas "Tommy" Muller

Dollos (Bones): Their Construction and Use

This workshop teaches the history of the Dollos (Bones) and instruction in how to make your own set. Learn their use in healing work, divination and more. - Thomas "Tommy" Muller

Zulu Methods
of Healing

Zulu healing is done without touch. Learn the roles that thorns and poisons play in healing major illness. Study the construction and use of a healing doll as well as healing work through sound. - Thomas "Tommy" Muller

Preserving African Culture

Dizu will speak on the hurdles that he and Amampondo encountered on their quest for the opportunity to have freedom of speech. Political persecution, martial law, and poverty were all overcome by Amampondo's willingness to risk their personal well- being and take to the streets and heal their people with historical rhythms and powerful percussion. Today they still battle to keep the authentic music of their people alive, in a modern Africa where imported western music rules the airwaves. - Dizu Plaatjies

Healing With Music

Coming from a family of healers, Dizu Plaatjies uses traditional African percussion and voice to heal and increase the well-being of his people in his community of Langa, South Africa. Spiritual rhythms and soothing melodies have been used for centuries as a major element in overcoming physical and psychological illnesses. Dizu has worked closely with people who have mental and physical disabilities and has seen miracles happen with his medicine, the drum. Perhaps inexplicable to modern western medical experts, the ability to overcome illness with the aid of music is an art that is passed down from generation to generation. Come and listen to a man who has inherited the role of healer from his ancestors and has taken that role out beyond his community and spread the word and his knowledge to all corners of the globe.

Hail Holy Earth: Nerthus Procession and Ritual

Traditional cultures all over the world honor the Earth Goddess. All are invited to join in this welcome and procession, based on the traditions of Northern Europe, in which we bring Brushwood's own image of the goddess Nerthus from her island in the pond, carry her triumphantly through the campground to bless us with peace and fellowship, and install her on the shore so that all can honor Her during the festival. Join the parade and bring the Goddess to Starwood with drumming and song. Bring drums, flowers, and colored scarves to wave. (Nerthus statue & cart carved by Bob Stine.) Children are especially welcome. - Diana Paxson

Bidding the Goddess Goodbye: Farewell to Nerthus Ritual

As in the old days, when the Earth Goddess had blessed the fields, her image was returned to her island shrine. Join us in thanking the Goddess Nerthus for blessing us, and in bidding her goodbye as we prepare to say farewell to the festival and return her to her island until next year. - Diana Paxson

Cement Heads and Trance Sluts: How to Invoke and Manage Trance

Some people can't seem to open up, while others have trouble closing down. Learn how to develop the skills and cues to develop and control your ability to trance. - Diana Paxson

Heathen and Happy

Who are the gods and goddesses of the North? How do you worship them? How are heathens and other pagans alike and different? Where can you go to learn more? Diana L. Paxson, Steerswoman of The Troth, an international Asatru organization, offers answers.

Oracular Seidh

Oracular Seidh is the northern equivalent of the Delphic oracle, in which a single seeress in a state of trance can answer questions for a community. Advice on life choices, relationships, etc. takes on new meaning in a traditional ritual setting. Diana L. Paxson is a pioneer in the recovery of oracle work and has taught workshops on this topic all over the US, and in Europe and Canada. She performs seidh regularly at festivals, including Starwood.

A Priestess of Avalon

Diana L. Paxson was famed author Marion Zimmer Bradley's sister-in-law and fellow-priestess. After Bradley's stroke, Paxson worked with her on the books that followed Mists of Avalon. Hear Paxson read from the newest book and answer questions about Bradley and Avalon. (Bring books to be autographed if you wish.)

Ancient Music for the 21st Century

An exploration of the value of ancient music for this new century, with a spirited discussion as to the value and purpose of Art and Music. - Owain Phyfe

Partnered Therapeutic Massage

Learn effective therapeutic techniques WITH appropriate body mechanics that would allow you to be effective and not hurt/strain yourself while giving a full hour massage. Bring a partner to exchange with and a mat/blanket to lay on. Clothing optional. Oil provided. NON-SEXUALDana Piper

Invoking the Goddess

This seminar explores the basics in contacting and invoking the Goddess. Various techniques involving mental, emotional, spiritual and physical preparation will be discussed and demonstrated. This seminar is relative to the "Oh My God!" or the "God Invoked" seminar that succeeds it. Please bring your sense of humor and an open mind. - Raven

Love in the Library

A Guided Tour Through Your Inner Library This workshop teaches you how to tap past-life knowledge and gain insight into current-time situations. By accessing your internal landscape you are given a powerful tool and deeper understanding of yourself and others. Past and current life information is not limited to your lives. Participants of this workshop will be led on a guided tour into their inner library and invited to persue their personal sanctum sanctorum. - Ronn Walks with Fire

Oh My God!

or The God Invoked! Explore the basics of contacting and invoking the God in this seminar. Actual experiences will be shared. Be careful what you ask for! Various techniques involving mental, emotional, spiritual and physical preparation will be discussed and demonstrated. This seminar is relative to the Invoking the Goddess seminar that precedes it. - Ronn Walks with Fire

Hands-On Experience With Electronic Meditation Devices

A variety of light/sound and electrical stimulation devices will be available to examine and use. A brief explanation of this technology will be offered, followed by a discussion on artificially induced altered states of consciousness as a tool for art and communication. - Joe Rothenberg

Starwood Faerie Community Meeting

An open house for the gay community at Starwood; this is as much a social event as a goal-oriented one, with an opportunity for new people to meet one another and old friends to get together. The topic for discussion will be networking, and generating new programming of interest to the Starwood Faerie Community. If we can come out of this discussion with a method for communicating interests in speakers, workshops, and programs we will have met our goal. - Joe Rothenberg

Beyond Circular Breathing

So you can breathe, now what? This workshop will present a variety of advanced rhythmic techniques to add to your repretoire. We will not focus any time on how to circular breathe, but rather different ways to work with breath and rhythm. Amazing rhythms can be achieved when you depart from the standard in-out circular breath. All interested persons are invited to attend, even if only to listen.

Didjeridu Trance Circle

Join us as we journey into ourselves and each other in a guided didjeridu circle of slow trance rhythms. Dancers, onlookers, and anyone with an interest in listening is encouraged to come.

Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy

Myofascial pain and dysfunction is a very common cause of chronic pain. It usually goes undiagnosed by most doctors. The usual treatment is rest and NSAIDs or other pain medications, physical therapy and sometimes even surgery. None of these are the proper treatment for myofascial pain, and all of them may damage the body. We will learn how to recognize myofascial pain and how to treat some of the more common complaints that interfere with the quality of life of so many people. - Mary Jo Smiley

Stretch Yourself
Out of Pain

A stretch workshop utilizing the specific stretches used by Janet Travell MD to reeducate the affected dysfunctional muscles that cause the pain pattern. We will go over some of the more common pain causing muscles, then look at some of the specific problems that the participants have. Wear comfortable loose clothing. - Mary Jo Smiley

Space Trance One

Trance music meditation seminar/Live performance, All comers welcome... but kids should be accompanied by an adult. CSU's rock professor Chas Smith plugs in, turns on and pulls out the stops on his analog synthesisers and theremin for a guided meditation voyage to the stars. Imagine our connection to those far reaches... big and small... Quasars and quarks and strings. Imagine how things would look at 99.9% the speed of light. Imagine walking back down the double helix and beyond... When the earth formed. When our sun formed. Were we there? In some way... we were. No participation required besides an open mind and ears. Sagan has finally arrived. - Chas Smith

Finding Your Voice in the Cosmic Fugue

Join members of Einstein's Secret Orchestra, Chas, Michele and Bob in an improvisation workshop. Musical ability large and small, and a large amount of desire to work together made for a tremendously magickal jam last year. Bring your musical instruments of ANY sort (including those crazy homemade contraptions) and find your voice in the fugue. No limits on size of the ensemble... so come one and all. We'll learn to listen to others while we play, which, after all, is the true secret to great improv. In Einstein's view... This ensemble banded together out of the Starwood community, is where the Secret Orchestra truly resides. Dancers welcome too. Everybody's a dreamer... Everbody's a star. - Chas Smith

The Tsalagi Dance of Life

This is a workshop centered around the Seven Directional Ancient Medicine Dance from the Tsalagi (Cherokee) People. The movement is much like Tai Chi, and uses the seven directions and the lessons of the Eagle and the Owl. Don will be aided by Daniella Bluestar in teaching this workshop. This dance shows how to share energies with the seven directions for the healing of all things in the universe. Not strenuous at all. Wear loose clothing or come skyclad, and bring water to drink if it is hot. The Dance of Love will be taught to couples during the same workshop. (Please do not come to this class under the influence.) - The Waterhawks

Drum Council

We invite drummers, dancers and fire keepers to sit in a council to discuss ethics, integrity and responsibility of the fire as it shines towards the community. We will explore the Spitiuality of the four quarter circle as they sit within our fire circle. Fire keepers bring your matches, dancers bring your veils, drummers bring your drums and community bring your voice and ears. We will awaken or birth any new or young drums as we share the heartbeat within the universe. This is not a workshop on rhythms or beats, but a council of the heart in regards to our sacred fire circle. Please bring something to sit on and plenty (non-alcoholic) to drink. - The Waterhawks

You and Your Drum:
Finding and Caring for the RIGHT Drum

This workshop is for anyone who has or is considering obtaining a personal drum. Alex will share helpful hints on how to select the drum that's right for you. They will give instructions on preventative maintenance and "first aid" measures you can take to keep your drum in good shape, and some tips on the care and repair of sick drums. This class will be held as the first part of the Afrikan Drum Making Workshop: please consult Alex about materials costs if you plan to bring a drum to be repaired. - Alex Wedmedyk

Afrikan Drum
Making Workshop

(5 hrs. 1st day, 4 hrs. 2nd. Ashiko: $195 Small, $225 Large Djembe: $325 Small, $350 Large)
This two day workshop begins with a ceremony to remind us of our connection to our Source and to honor the gifts from the Earth that will become our drums. Then you will craft your own Ashiko or Djembe drum to completed form. This includes choosing your own natural wood drum shell, selection of fabric and hide, complete assembly, and a lesson in making "diamonds" to keep the drum head tight and tuned. All drums will come with a heavy fabric belt strap to wear when playing. Class limited to ten. - Alex Wedmedyk

Hoop Drum Making

Walk with others on a sacred path and create your own deer rawhide medicine drum. In this workshop you will craft your own drum start to finish, along with a leather covered beater. We will begin with a ceremony to remind us of our connection to our source, and conclude with a blessing ceremony to honor the drums and our own medicine. This is a two day workshop, all materials included $110 fee. - Joy Wedmedyk

Edge Beading

Have you always wanted to add that special touch to a medicine pouch, altar cloth or ritual clothing? This class teaches basic edge beading and fringe techniques with variations customized to your skill level. - Joy Wedmedyk

Occultism and the Postmodern,
Magick and Academia

In this workshop, we will consider the changing position of the occult within academics, as magick is being taken more and more seriously by scholars from a wide range of fields. Some of the basics of post modern theory and philosophy will be presented aas a new way for Western philosophy and cultural studies to intract with magickal practice. We will also discuss our experiences of weaving our personal spiritual practices with our academic life. - Jason Winslade

Wanna-Blessed Be's: Pop Wicca and Television

As Witchcraft and Wicca are being presented in a less sinister light in popular media, practitioners have wondered whether their deeply held beliefs are being trivialized and cheapened, or that these depictions are actually making a difference in providing positive models within the magickal community. In this workshop, we will wade through the morass of magick on television and its connections to the Internet, discussing the implications of the various portrayals of modern Wicca. We will take a close look at shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the X-Files, Sabrina: the Teenage Witch, Scooby-Doo, Charmed, and other shows in which Wiccans appear in guest roles. - Jason Winslade

Pilgrimages and Pathworkings

We will discuss the basics of pilgrimage from both Pagan and Christian perspectives. We will share our pilgrimage narratives and explore the meaning of worship-in-motion, applying some of this knowledge to exercises in which we create our own pathworking rituals through the mapping of space. - Jason Winslade

Chi Kung Exercises
Pt. I & II

The practice of Chi Kung, developed in China over a period of centuries, increases the level of internal vitality through the use of the breath, slow movement forms which are often based on movements in nature or of animals, and visualization patterns related to the oriental system of energy meridians in the body. This particular form, the Tao Tan Pai or Taoist Elixir Style, is based in the teachings of Grand Master Share K Lew of San Diego, Ca., who studied for 14 yrs. as a resident monk at the Wong Lung Guan (Yellow Dragon) Temple in Canton, China. He has been teaching since coming to America in 1949. Part I will involve the beginning set of Nui Gung, a short power set of five relatively easy movements along with quiet seated meditation, to maintain good health and increase vitality. Part II will utilize the Shen exercises which help develop Chi energy, improve visual focus, and promote self-healing. Part I is a pre-requisite for Part II. - Billy Woods

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