Starwood XXI
 July 17 - 22, 2001 ~ Sherman, NY

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Growing Our Neopagan Doctrines

"Doctrine" does not equal "dogma" - every healthy religion has a core set of principles that most of its members adhere to and share. The various Neopagan traditions have their own body of beliefs and customs, from which a sophisticated shared polytheology can be developed. Isaac will present and discuss the classic "theological issues" of mainstream religions as they have manifested themselves in Neopaganism: the nature of divinity (and the divinity of Nature), monism and pluralism, dualism vs. polarity, the return of the Goddess, lifestyle issues, political implications, ethics and morality. etc. - Isaac Bonewits

Walking Our Talk

How do we manifest our Neopagan ideals in a corrupt and dysfunctional culture? This seminar will cover several thorny topics of Neopagan/Aquarian morality and ethics, including: military service, sexual freedom and polyamory, gender polarity and political correctness, vegetarianism and animal rights, ecological activism, political activism, and the use of magic for political and social change. This discussion has something to offend nearly everybody - and is guaranteed to make folks argue and think. - Isaac Bonewits

A Concise History

Based on his recently released eBook, Witchcraft: A Concise History, and the thirty years of research behind it, Isaac discusses the many forms of real and imaginary Witchcraft, ancient and modern. Concentrating on how the word has changed its meaning over the centuries, from the ancient Anglo-Saxon midwives and cunning men, to the supposed medieval and actual modern worshipers of the Christian Devil, to underground occultists in Europe and America, to the Neopagan priestesses and priests of today, Isaac will show their similarities and distinctions. Linguistic, historical, anthropological, and sociological observations are combined to present a clear overview of this complex topic. - Isaac Bonewits

Tripping the Light Fantastic:
Brighter Realms of Psychedelic Phenomena

Charles Hayes explores various generally illuminating dimensions of psychedelic consciousness, using perspectives uncovered both during and since his research for his book, Tripping, touching upon those of Stanislav Grof, Daniel Merkur, Sasha and Ann Shulgin, and Robert Masters and Jean Houston. Hayes will present brief summaries of several types of experience (e.g., encounters with godhead or alien presences; events or apparent miracle or magic, dramas of eschatological death and rebirth), illustrating them with examples from his book as well with anecdotes volunteered by the audience welcomed at appropriate junctures.

Tripping and Sometimes Falling:
Dark and Difficult Passages of the Psychedelic Experience

A complement to Workshop I (Tripping the Light Fantastic, see above), in which Hayes examines the terror, despair, and disconnection that may develop in the psychedelic experience, presenting several types of such phenomena (e.g. existential black holes, negative transformations, dangerous delusions, temporary psychoses) as well as some suggestions about how to get through them. Again, audience participation will be invited at specific intervals. - Charles Hayes

It Ain't The Meat
It's The Motion

Rhythm is the primal quality of this universe. Quantum rhythms, atomic rhythms, molecular, cellular, planetary, galactic, personal, social and cultural rhythms ---it's all one huge dizzying dance. Put on your rhythm glasses with Jay and observe the real web: all those kaleidoscopic levels of chaos and order, freedom and entrainment that we are embedded within and composed out of and live according to. Having mastered the first three dimensions, we are clearly poised to tackle the fourth: Time. Stevens proposes that the instrumental key just might lie in subtle mastery of the rhythmscape. A higher metaphysics for drummers, dancers and all movement people. - Jay Stevens

Consciousness Wars

In 1969, with America on the verge of a third civil war, Richard Nixon launched the war on drugs. Polls showed that the typical American was far more upset by the Babyboom¹s use of pot (and the animalistic sex that always followed) then by its radical politics. And since most of the people actively pursuing the latter were also heavily indulging in the former... Well, from Nixon's perspective the logic was irresistible. Thirty years later this war is still with us, stronger and more pervasive and more Orwellian than ever, the longest and costliest in our history. Nothing has ever drilled holes in the Bill of Rights with more penetration and dispatch then the war on drugs. Apparently no crime is more dangerous today than the willfull pursuit of the wrong flavors of consciousness.
But history is nothing if not sublime. Thirty years ago, money from the War on Drugs flowed into the scientific community and fostered the neuroscientific revolution that has given us Prozac and Viagra and dozens of other approved psychotropics. By tracing the line between good drugs and bad drugs, between acceptable bodystates and deviant ones, Stevens hopes to reveal the shadowy Buddha body of corporate modernity. - Jay Stevens

Gods of the
Ancient Hebrews

This workshop dispels the commonly held (and preached) notion that pagan practice was an anomaly in Ancient Israel. We examine what is known about the male Gods of the ancient Hebrews (particularly Yah, Baal and El) as seen in the light of the latest archeological discoveries, discuss their characteristics and compare/contrast them with male God of the later Jewish and Christian religions. - Elie Shava

Casting Lots:
the Divination Methods of the Ancient Hebrews

This is a discussion of the ancient Hebrew divination method of lot casting, how it was used in ancient Israel, what it was used for, who were the Seers that used these and how it works. In the second half of the presentation, lot casting will be done if there are people who wish to bring their questions to be answered. Therefore the last part of this workshop is more highly interactive. - Elie Shava

Totems and Banners of the Ancient Hebrew Tribes

This workshop discusses the 12 symbols for the Ancient Hebrew tribes, their significance and what it tells us about ancient Hebrew warrior/Shepherd culture. Comparison with modern mid eastern tribal societies will also take place, and a discussion on how these are used today in AMCHA, the modern Israeli Earth spirituality. - Elie Shava

Spiritual Midwifery

An examination of widwives as the female Shamans in society. This class takes an international perspective, and compares woman-centered midwifery with the technological style of care that has replaced it in so much of the industrialized world. Emphasis will be on women, and midwives in particular, as the flywheel of the family and society. - Ina May Gaskin

Breaking the
Spell of Fear

High levels of fear are correlated with high profit levels. The return to community-based midwifery represents one of our society's best chances to return to its senses regarding pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, menopause, relations between the sexes, and death. Stories drawn from 25 years of attending births in a community context point to the way groups of people can break even long standing spells of fear. - Ina May Gaskin

Plan A, Plan B,
and Plan C

Plan A was: Ralph Nader wins the Presidency.
Plan B was: Al Gore wins, and we struggle on with a lukewarm quasi-Democrat.
We are up to Plan C. Plan C is that the ball is in our court; and at least we now know that the fascist Republicrats will stop at nothing. We need to organize every physical, intellectual, magical and spiritual resource at our disposal. - Stephen Gaskin
As Kenneth Patchen wrote:
"Man the Better
Man the Higher
Man the Pumps,
The World's on Fire!"

Encounters With Counter-Cultural Icons

Encounters With Counter-Cultural Icons Adventures and misadventures with such folks as Timothy Leary, Ram Dass, Madalyn Murray O'Hair, Abbie Hoffman, Ken Kesey, Bob Dylan, Phil Ochs, Groucho, Country Joe, Lenny Bruce, Margo St. James, Tom (Billy Jack) Laughlin, Stewart Brand, Yoko Ono and John Lennon. - Paul Krassner

Murder at the Conspiracy Convention

How has conspiracy theory evolved? Is it an industry now? From Mae Brussell and the JFK assassination to Cathy O'Brien and mind-controlled sex slaves. Are UFOs actually a government mind- control program, or are extraterrestrial beings the ultimate plotters? Are jet-plane chem-trails a real threat? Can we tell the difference between research and disinformation? - Paul Krassner

Basic Middle
Eastern Dance I

This class explores the basic history and movements of Middle Eastern Dance (also called oriental or belly dance) with special emphasis on the cultural distinction of the dance form and its basics. It is more of a folk tradition of social dancing than its' "harem dancer" reputation would lead you to believe! We will cover the basic movements of each area of the body, examine the principles of isolation, and learn some of the social and folk traditions of the dance. All genders and ages welcome. - Zimra

Basic Middle
Eastern Dance I

This workshop builds on the material from part I, with emphasis on combining movements and developing the flow of the dance. We will review the basic movements, build upon them with variations, and combine and layer multiple movements to develop a more complete form of the dance. Special emphasis will be on traveling steps and movements in motion. This class is multi-level, for beginners through experienced dancers, though attendance at part one of the workshop is suggested. - Zimra

Saudi Arabian Women's Dance

Women only! This is the traditional "party dance" enjoyed by women in Saudi Arabia and throughout the Persian Gulf. Please wear either a loose, flowing dress or long skirt; noisy necklaces, bracelets and rings are also suggested. (Some will be provided for your use). No dance experience required! - Zimra

Lady With The
Mead Cup - Gaia,
the Earth Mother and the Goddess of Sovereignty

Neopagan mythology is full of images of the ‘Earth Goddess’, in many guises. From a generalized ‘Mother Nature’, to Goddesses from specific cultures and times, Pagans honor these divine forms in many, maybe most, of our rites. This talk will take us from the most general Neopagan All-Goddess figures,backward and, perhaps, deeper into some of the Earth and Land Goddesses venerated by ancient Pagan peoples. Finally, we will center on the figure of the Goddess of Sovereignty, so important to the Celts and Germans, and examine how this divine person may be understood in the era when the whole earth has been seen from space. - Liafal & Ian Corrigan

Sacred Fire, Holy Well - Celtic and Druidic Ritual Forms

Over the past 20 years, American Druidic Pagans have been studying the forms and meanings of Celtic Pagan ritual. Drawing on actual scholarly sources, we have built a set of ritual forms that we believe more closely match the rites of the ancients than rites drawn from more recent hermetic and Wiccan sources. This workshop combines story, lecture and simple meditation to draw the basic outline of a ritual form that has proven powerful and meaningful. We will examine the origins of the form in the work of RDNA and Isaac Bonewits, and look at it’s development in the Druidic Pagan community, including new direction growing from continuing scholarship. - Liafal & Ian Corrigan

Offering To The
Earth Mother -
A Rite of Blessing

The Druidic nemeton (sacred ritual space) at Brushwood has become home to a manifestation of the Mother of All, in the form of a simple wooden and copper idol. For the last several years we have made offerings to Her at every opportunity, building a growing current of worship and blessing, tied directly to the land of Brushwood. This ritual will combine meditation and vision with song, poetry and personal offerings, to continue this growing tradition. Participants should bring a personal offering, if they wish - herbs or food or precious stones or metal, or something to give to the sacred fire, or the offering shaft. A chair or blanket to sit on may also be helpful for trance. - Liafal & Ian Corrigan

Vision Quest

"I went through an amazing set of spiritual and magical changes in a recent Cataract operation. I learned stuff far beyond what I expected. Arragh! As above, so below. It is certainly a trip how the humblest and most personal experience can lead to the universal." - Stephen Gaskin

Traditional Witchcraft 101

Most people have heard the words "Gardnerian", "Alexandrian", "Celtic Traditional" and the like. Indeed, for many years, these were the only forms of Witchcraft/Paganism known to the public at all. However, since the Eclectic movement of the late 70s/early 80s, a growing number of Wiccans and general Pagans have little practical knowledge of these traditions and just what makes them different from basic Witchcraft and Paganism. In this workshop, Taliesin will give a brief history of traditional Witchcraft and discuss the role that these 'old' trads are playing in the new century. - Taliesin Athor Govannon

The Paranormal Pagan

At one time, most people came to the Pagan Religions through traditional occultism; ghosts, spiritualism, parapsychology and the like. The recent explosion in accessibility through modern media, however, has meant that a great many newer members of the Neo-Pagan community have little to no experience in these areas of western occultism. In this workshop we will explore "classic" topics like hauntings, poltergeist, demonology, UFOs and more; and look at all through the unique perspective of Earth-Centered spirituality. - Taliesin Athor Govannon

Using Herbs in Magic

Breaking out the herbs, the motar and pestle and the cauldron. This is a demonstration class on using herbs for magical brews, lotions and potions, including which herbs and in what forms to use for magical purposes. - Francesca Hedrick

Landscaping for Nature Spirits

We will discuss types of plant materials, garden structures and landscaping designs. Whether a blue thumb gardner or woodland custodian, we will discuss things to do to create a welcoming habitat for the nature spirits. - Francesca Hedrick

Sound and Spirit:
Using Music in Ritual

During this workshop, many different uses of music in ritual throughout history and today will be discussed. The use of various instruments and tools that can be used during ritual will be demonstrated. Topisc will include music for space clearing, drawing the circle, calling the quarters, spellcasting, celebration and dance, journeying, closing the circle, the sabbats and esbats and more. - Erica Lieberman

An Invitation
to Join the
Sacred Dancer's Guild

Dance has been a ritualistic and sacred form of expression for thousands of years. Its deep, primal, ancient roots allow non-verbal expression of the ecstacy and beauty of Spirit manifest in flesh. Come explore the correct manners, etiquette, mechanics and magic of the practice of sacred dance. In this workshop Madonna & Penny will teach steps, movements, meditation & toning. (If time permits, Penny will demonstrate ribbon dancing.) Participants may choose to accept initiation into the Sacred Dance Guild, and the responsibility of honoring Sacred Dance Circles & Fire Dances, and mentoring younger dancers. Be prepared to vigorously stretch and work. (All levels of ability welcome. Open hearts are more important than athletic ability.) Bring comfortable clothes and shoes and water to drink. - Madonna Moonhawk & Penny Goody

Sound Vibrational
Healing Meditation

Sound has long been recognized as an important element in healing. The most ancient forms of vibrational healing included drums and chant, and these tools are still used to reach altered states for purposes of enlightenment, healing and balancing energy. Sound is vibration; we feel it in our bones, in our chest, throughout our bodies. As our bodies relate to a scale of light (rainbow), they also relate to a scale of tones which, when healthy, resonate together harmoniously, and the application of sound can help us attain this harmonious resonance. Madonna and David will guide us in a light meditation for healing with sound utilizing digeridoo, crystal singing bowl, drums, rattles, chimes, voice and other instruments. Wear comfortable, loose clothing and bring a blanket or cushion to lie on. You may also wish to bring crystals, medicine bags or other healing tools. - Madonna Moonhawk

Conga Alert

An old fashioned, third shift style fire for congas, didjeridoos, percussion, ect. Bring your Laser Glasses to a quieter mellow alternative from 9:00pm to 2:00am, hosted by Raphael and Madonna Moonhawk.

Belly Dancer Alert

If you are a Belly dancer, or just use that style, if you are a Middleastern style drummer ( rics, tambourine, dunbeks, darboukas. f;utes, tars, zills, etc.) From 9:00pm to 2:00am hosted by Madonna Moonhawk and Raphael. - Madonna Moonhawk

The Disappearing Initiate

Nema deiscusses how magickal successes help the Mage work him/herself out of a job. A group conversation centered on Aleister Crowley's Liber B vel Magi and other sources. - Nema

Belief Spectrum

Nema discusses belief as a Magickal tool. Included are Theism and Atheism in Magick, faith and invocations, AO Spare's "belief devoid of content", and Aleister Crowley's Liber Astarte vel Berylli as considerations for a group conversation. - Nema

Polyrhythms for Melodic Instruments

Bring your guitars, fiddles, flutes, harps, voices or other instruments for an interactive workshop on polyrhythms including alternate meter, polymeter, polyrhythms, and the elusive clave. With voice and instrument we will play through examples of each. You will learn techniques for incorporating these rhythms into your own composition and improvisations. - Evan Stuckless

Drumming For Beginners

In this workshop we will go over basic hand techniques, learn some basic drum rhythms for a drum circle and go over some basic drum circle etiquette. This is a workshop for any level drummer. - David Turner

Ritual Drumming For Beginners

We will learn some basic drum parts that can be played together by any beginner in a ritual situation. We will see how just two or three drummers working together can create the right atmospere for a ritual no matter what their drumming level. - David Turner

A Bouquet of Lovers: Polyamory for Pagans

Oberon and Morning Glory have had a successful open marriage for over 27 years, and have been in group marriages for half of that time (currently in a group of six). They coined the term "polyamorous" to describe such relationships. This is a special salon-style workshop for individuals and multiples, seeking to explore the possibilities of polyamory. Those who have read Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land (1961 version) or Donald Kingsbury's Courtship Rite (1982) will have appropriate background. Oberon Zell-Ravenheart

The Path of the Dearinth

Oberon designed the nine-circle Dearinth to express the Path of Initiation as practiced in the Church of All Worlds. So many others have come to appreciate this unique labyrinth design, embracing both the God and the Goddess, that a full-scale walkable version is being created at Brushwood this year. This workshop will cover the history of labyrinths, including the famous one at Chartres Cathedral in France, which Oberon has walked, and present the elements of the meditational walk, with all its turnings... Oberon Zell-Ravenheart

Paganism in the Third Millennium

The two thousand years allotted by their own mythos for the reign of Christianity has now ended. Paganism is returning to the world. The TV broadcasting of The Mists of Avalon, the popularity of Harry Potter, and the upcoming Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings movies are only a few ways in which the new Pagan renaissance is impacting the popular culture. This Millennium can be ours, if we can seize the day. Let us explore the possibilities... Oberon Zell-Ravenheart

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