Starwood XXI
 July 17 - 22, 2001 ~ Sherman, NY

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Cuban Santeria Pt. I:
Orisha! Deities For a New Aeon

Baba Raul Canizares, religious scholar and leader of the Orisha Consciousness Movement, teaches about the principal Orisha, deities of the Yoruba pantheon, who are now more relevant than ever as their power is felt from Patagonia to the North Pole and from New York to Beijing. - Baba Raul Canizares

Cuban Santeria Pt. II:
OBI Divination For Everyone

OBI divination is an extremely accurate Yoruba system of telling the future and assessing situations, prescribing solutions also. Based on throws of four pieces of coconut or kola nut, the system has served the Yoruba people for thousands of years. Baba Raul, a master diviner, teaches the preliminaries of this wonderful system in this seminar, allowing you to have this great asset at your disposal. ANYONE CAN LEARN TO CAST OBI! Which has been tested to be up to 90% accurate! - Baba Raul Canizares

Cuban Trance Music

Baba Raul Canizares teaches about the Yoruba/Santeria chants to the different deities. Each chant has a particular vibratory frequency that helps heal, balance, and awaken your own centers of awareness. These chants include prayers to Eshu, Lord of Choices; Shango, Lord of Music, Virility, and Thunder; Obatala, Lord of Intelligence; and Yemaya, Goddess of the Sea and of Motherhood. Baba will also introduce new fusions of ancient chants and modern musical modes. - Baba Raul Canizares

Fairie Lore and Myth
in British Folk Music

Join Kenny for a discussion of the myths of fairies and mythic creatures as they are seen in the traditional folk music of Britain and Ireland. Songs will be performed, and strange and insightful comments made in a discussion atmosphere. - Kenny Klein

Drumming Across
the Great Rivers

A celebration of drums to evoke the rhythmic traditions from Egypt, Nigeria, Brazil, and the Louisiana Bayou! This workshop creates a connection between four great rivers: the Nile, the Niger, the Mississippi, and the Amazon, exploring their indigenous drumming techniques and expanding them with meditation enhanced by chant and body movement. Halim El-dabh

The Power of the Word

P'Tah, the ancient Egyptian God of Logos, represents the energy of the Word which can be evoked in ritual, chant, drumming, and sacred ceremony. This power relates to the techniques of vibrating and resonating sacred names and words in many different mystical arts, such as Kabbalah, and to the metaphysical studies of such luminaries as Rudolph Steiner. Halim will demonstrate the way resonating sacred words can raise and transmit power. Halim El-dabh

Your Grandfather's Magic:
The Esoteric Legacy of Freemasonry

Although not explicitly magical in and of itself, Freemasonry served as the basis for the theories of many occultists such as Eliphas Levi, Theodore Reuss, Aleister Crowley, and Gerald Gardner. Can the Craft (yes, Masons refer to their rituals as "the Craft") be considered a link between the contemporary ritualists and the ritual efforts of previous generations? Why were Masonic rituals and ideas important to the magicians of the past? What is Freemasonry really like today? Are non-Christians welcome? Can women be Masons? The speaker, a 32nd degree Mason as well as a member of the Eastern Star, will attempt to answer these questions and more. Shawn Eyer

Greek Mysticism and the Mind/Body Split

How did the concept of psyche make the transition from meaning simply "physically alive" to the notion of a discorporate consciousness or "soul", separate from the body? While Descartes (1596-1650) takes the rap for the split, this dualism is actually found in more of the world's religions, including the Orphic mysteries of the ancient Greeks. Mind/body dualism played a major role in the birth of Christianity and Gnosticism, and is now so embedded in Western thinking that many cannot conceive of religion without it. This workshop will explore how this dissociation from the body may be affecting human attitudes toward the environment, sexuality and somatic experience, and will raise the question of a neopagan response to transcendental mysticism. Shawn Eyer

Support Circle

Leaving all our techno toys to live in the wilderness for a week can be painful and confusing. We know, we've been there. Join us for some geek support. Geeks in the advanced recovery group find they can even leave their palm pilots behind for hours at a time... without costly drugs or medications! - Anonymous

Scarlet Women
in the Underworld

Join us for an engaging workshop on the mysteries of sex and death. This workshop will explore polyamory, Dark Goddesses, temple dancing, and other taboos as paths of initiation and transcendence. Take a walk on the shadow side and discover why the sexiest demons always wear black. - Laurie Lovekraft

The Gate of the Gods: A Rite of Offering
and Blessing

Let us raise the World Pillar, and light the Fire of the Gods; let us draw water from the Well of Wisdom. Together, let us open the Way Between the Worlds...
Join Druids from across the region as we come together to keep the Old Ways. Basing our Work in traditional Celtic Paganism, we will build the Sacred Grove in our ritual space, the Holy Center of the Worlds. Into this center we will invite the Three Kindreds of the World: the Holy Spirits of the Land, the Blessed and Mighty Ancestors and the Gods and Goddesses. We will invite them as guests, and give them sacrifices, food and drink, gold and gems. With open hearts we will seek their blessings, seek to draw the Mead of Inspiration from the Cauldron of Blessing. Those who wish may bring offerings to be given to the Gods, the Dead and/or the Sidhe. Those offerings will be given permanently to the Spirits. Midnight, Thursday - ADF

The Magick Flute: Playing With the Gods

For thousands of years, the sounds of flutes and whistles have been important parts of our communion with the mysteries, often side-by-side with percussion. We'll discuss spirit invocation with flutes, then look at technical aspects such as scales, ornaments, and phrasing, then come full circle to how technique can be applied for greatest effect, and how to facilitate rather than hamper energy flow. Bring flutes, recorders, or pennywhistles (key of "D" preferably). - Barleycorn Bardo

Billy Bardo's Basic Bodhran for Beginners

An introduction to playing the Irish frame drum, or bodhran. We start with how to hold the tipper and play basic rhythms. Then we cover some traditional and non-traditional styles and learn what the other end ofthe tipper is really for. Bring a bodhran or frame drum, if you've got one (a very limited number of loaners may be available), and your favorite bodhran jokes. - Billy Bardo

The Spirit of Drumming and Drum Technique

Muruga Booker will lead people in drumming and teach different polyrhythms, drum textures, and time signatures. He will talk about how to play trance drumming and creating ambiance with the drum by playing the space as well as the note. Will involve hand and stick techniques and how to tap into the spirit of creative invention. This workshop will include some lecture and also live performance and interaction with the people attending. Drums and percussion will be provided BUT people should be encouraged to bring their own drums.

Kundalini Yoga
and Nada Yoga
Drum Workshop

Muruga Booker will lecture on aspects of Kundulini and Nada yoga (the inner divine sound) and will intergrate hatha yoga streching and breathing to achieve health and maximum relaxation for better drumming and musical expression. Kundulini is the inner conscious uncreated energy of creation and Nada is the sound of the energy. Muruga will lead people through tapping into their Kundulini and Nada energy and take this into trance drumming and breathing and chanting which brings about spontaneous Kundalini experience leading to better health, creativity, and cosmic oneness of being. Drums and percussion will be provided BUT people are encouraged to bring their own drums if they have them.

The Goddess
Gives Birth

The ultimate feminine ritual remains forbidden. Outlaw Cowgirl Pearl, a straight-shooting mid-western midwife with a twenty-year trail of homebirth episodes rekons that giving childbirth back to women gives birth and life to the Goddess. Discussion includes water birth, unassisted birth, and the powerful post-partum ritual known as Lotus Birth. - Pearl Breitbach

Themes in Contemporary Woodlands Music

The band members of No Reservations will discuss their lyrical content and how it details modern realities with today's 20 something urban, Anishnabe people. Some of the topics discussed will include: religious/cultural beliefs, family and environmental issues and dreams.

Exploding Wiccan Dogma

Why the Threefold Law is bull, and other ideas to aggravate, stimulate, and provoke. We are in danger from our own dogma, but as the Taoists say: in danger there is opportunity. Phyllis intends to take advantage of that opportunity, and you can say you heard it here first: a revolutionary theory about who we really are and what our ethics really should be. - Phyllis Curott

Out of the
Broom Closet
and Into the Fire!

The Right Wing has just attacked - are YOU prepared? This lecture is both a survey of Wiccan legal and religious rights, and a call to arms. Despite a history of brutal persecution, Wiccans and contemporary Pagans are increaseingly visible in the media, publishing, popular entertainment, news reports, university life, and mainstream awareness. But this increasing presence, and newfound acceptance, has also placed us on the radar screen of the Right Wing... and in their gunsights. Teenage Witches are expelled from school, Pagans in the military are harrassed both by Christian Fundamentalists and key Right Wing politicians quoting the Malleus Malifacarum (Hammer of the Witches) and pledging to illegalize the practice of Witchcraft, and even George W. Bush has declared the Old Religion to not be a "real" religion protected by the First Amendment.

Attorney and activist Phyllis Currott shows us what's really going on in the political scene, and what positive steps we can take to keep informed, protect ourselves, become involved in the struggle for our own rights, and to open up dialogs and form alliances with freedom-minded organizations.

The Labyrinth of Light

Walk the sacred labyrinth of light and experience a journey of magical transformation. This ancient method for shifting consciousness and moving between worlds dates back thousands of years to Goddess worshipping Crete and is found in other indigenous cultures, including the Hopi. You are invited to join us as we ritually consecrate and open the Labyrinth at midnight. Silently walk the labyrinth anytime between midnight and dawn. It will be ritually closed at dawn. Midnight, Friday - Phyllis Curott

Post Tribal Shamanism

Parts 1 - 3

Shamanism is not something we, as modern "westerners", have to appropriate from indigenous societies. The modern Shamanic practitioner has resources far beyond that of a tribal Shaman, and at the same time, much less substantial than the tribal Shaman. These workshops will explore these resources, as well as the similarities and differences between the Shamanic arts as practiced in pre-technological societies and in our modern western world. We will also put some of these techniques to use, through some basic exercises in "consciously altering consciousness". - Kenn Deigh

Part I: The Map of the Post Tribal Shaman: Explore the cosmology of the Shamanic realms, using the World Tree to access the three worlds.
Part II: Creating the Shamanic Body: This is a vessel of the Shamanic states of consciousness. Practice moving and sensing in this new body.
Part III: Journeying in the Shamanic Body: Exploring the larger world in Shamanic state, safely and effectively, through the use of the Shamanic Body.

Bonfire Lighting Ceremony Rehearsals

Dancers who wish to be part of the ceremony, check the schedule for the two Bonfire Dance Rehearsals (Thursday and Friday at 5:00 PM) and the Drummers' and Dancers' Rehersal (Saturday during the Dinner Break at 6:30 PM). All dancers should attend at least one dance rehearsal, preferably both, and drummers are welcome at each. ALL drummers and dancers must be at the Saturday rehearsal. Learn the ritual dance steps and rhythms we will use for the Bonfire Lighting Ceremony and become part of that Magic! (Of course, any and all drummers, dancers, and others are urged to attend the ceremony, and join in on the drumfun for the rest of the night, straight on towards morning!)

Moving With Energy

Join us for a morning attunement and gentle exercise blending a little bit of Tai Ji, some Chi Gung, breathing exercises, a bit of meridian self-massage from Do-In, and perhaps I'll throw in a couple of Casteneda's Magical Passes, for good luck. Our focus is more on getting the feeling right, getting the energy to flow, and letting the energy or Chi do the moving. - Jonathan Dickau

The Healing Power
of Rhythm

This is a participatory workshop for people of all levels of experience in music and healing. Experience the various traditions of percussion while utilizing specific aspects that involve healing, such as trance, song, breathe and movement. Bring your rhythm instruments; some will be provided. - Michael DiMartino

ADF's Study Plan -
Where Do We Stand?

The first stage of the ADF Study Plan is now nearing completion. We have Guilds working students through the program and we've been receiving feedback from those students. The workshop looks at exactly where we are today and talks about some plans for where we want the Study Plan to go in the future. - Skip Ellison

The Way of the Trees

This is an introduction to the Magical training system that Skip has developed. It's a nature based training system that uses the trees of the forest to teach us how to become competent magicians. The system divides the trees into four groups, shrubs, herbs, peasants and chieftains, based on a classification system used in ancient Ireland. The program itself though is Pan-Indo- European in scope. - Skip Ellison

Daily Worship Rites

This is an experiential workshop. You will be lead through short rituals that can be done on a daily basis to strengthen your ties with the Kindreds. Ways you can enhance your spiritual practices in your journey along the Druidic path will be discussed. - Skip Ellison

Who are "The Elders" and Do We Need Them?

An open discussion about eldership-crones and sages. What is their purpose-if any- in the community? Do we need them? What are their duties? How do we identify them? Who decides? Bring questions and answers to this workshop. - Elspeth

Building a Sacred Relationship with Money

Money, the earning and spending of it, is not separated from any part of your life, certainly not your personal spiritual path. This workshop discusses how and why these aspects are related. - Elspeth

Raising, Storing, Focusing and Sending Power

Call it Vril, or Prana, or Chi, or Bio-Plasmic Energy, it is still a physical force, one that is amenable to, and obeys, certain well-known rules. Somehow modern Wiccans seem to have forgotten this simple fact. The fairies-at-the-bottom-of-my- garden group, enthusiastically abetted by the fantasy crowd, too often try to break the physical laws of the multiverse. A successful ritual or even a simple spell has to be performed in accordance with universal laws; otherwise it is foredoomed to failure. In this lecture you will learn about the Ho-Tei Phenomenon, Stone god-esses, Mt. Olympus Savings & Loan, tables of correspondences, the use of emotions to make things happens, and the use of gender differences and diet to improve your success rate. - Gavin & Yvonne Frost

Altering Your State of Consciousness

Yes, psychedelic drugs allow one to achieve ASC's, but in this lecture we will not use or discuss illegal substances. Here we will consider the methods used by Korean Shamans, Native American groups, and German Zauberers among others. We will relate it with the Church of Wicca methods, discussing such techniques as: Hypothermic, sweat lodges & cold sits, baths & climbs, physical exhaustion, multiple orgasms, western rhythmic and eastern free-form drumming, and dance. - Gavin & Yvonne Frost

Tantric Yoga: The Royal Path

This lecture is based on Gavin & Yvonne's successful book of the same title, now available in four languages, and selling well in India - the first by a westerner to do so.

The workshop explores the use of gender differences and sexual energy, and the orgasmic increase of endorphines which allows the participants to reach Nirvana via the royal Kundalini path. The meanings of each chakra shall be explored, which become clear only when the gods and goddesses are separated: the goddess principle activates, and the god principle illuminates. Through several chakra meditations we will explore the (East) Indian colors, sounds, tastes, and imagery of each chakra and bring it into our western frame of reference. This workshop gets people in touch with their shadow selves and takes them into the Nirvanic realm. - Gavin & Yvonne Frost

The 2nd Annual
Fabulous High Faerie
Tea Party & Potluck

A Fabulous romp through wonderland in the Faerie woods. Join us for a spot of tea and strumpets... err, crumpets. Hosted by Darth Faerie and the Lake Circle Coven. Put on your best Faerie garb, (costumes are encouraged) polish your ruby slippers, grab a bag of chips and hightail it over to the Faerie community fire. Chat, meet, divine the future, or just be divine. All are welcome.

Starwood Faerie Community Meeting

An open house for the gay community at Starwood; this is as much a social event as a goal-oriented one, with an opportunity for new people to meet one another and old friends to get together. The topic for discussion will be networking, and generating new programming of interest to the Starwood Faerie Community. If we can come out of this discussion with a method for communicating interests in speakers, workshops, and programs we will have met our goal. - Vinnie Russo

Faerie Welcome Circle

Enter the Gatway to the twilight realm and emerge a Faerie! Join us for this ritual which will help us make the transition from the mundane world into the realm of our magickal community of Starwood. Bring your beads, feathers and finery! All are welcome! - Vinnie Russo

Queer Community

What is it, what was it, and what will it be? How does spirituality fit into it? This workshop will be a round table discussion on the ever changing nature of our community and how we (and others) define it. All are welcome! - Vinnie Russo

Patrons and Matrons and Guides, Oh My!

Discussion based workshop on choosing/being chosen by a God/dess and what that entails. We'll share knowledge of Queer aligned deities and personal experiences and myths. All are welcome! - Vinnie Russo

Themes in
Ojibwa Paintings

Mark will speak on the Woodland Ojibwe traditional symbols and their manings in modern Anishnabe art, in particular, painting. Beginning with a brief overview of modern Woodland art history, and concluding with Mark's own Woodland Style of painting, the workshop covers topics such as the Snake Dance, the legend of the Young Man on his Vision Quest and the visiting of a serpent, the meaning of Clans, and how they appear in painting, and the meaning of traditional dance regalia. - Mark Seabrook

Wiccan Ritual For Large Groups

The Wiccan Ritual form was originally designed for small groups. What is this form and how is it adjusted for large groups? Led by a Wiccan Priestess with 12 years of experience in community ritual, this workshop will provide a general introduction to Wiccan Ritual forms with examples of common problems and solutions, and standard variations the participant is likely to encounter in open rituals. This workshop is aimed at the absolute beginner, but may interest the perennial lurker who just wants to know what is going on. - Lady Sheherazahde

Introduction to
the Sacred Clown

An introduction to the concept of the Sacred Clown with a brief overview of world religions that embrace or exemplify the concept. This workshop, lead by a Wiccan Priestess with a BA in Religion and Social Change (sociology), will focus on the manifestations of the Sacred Clown in our own community (e.g. the Church of the Subgenius and the Discordians) and the social function these movements fulfill. Recommended for people who feel guilty for enjoying them so much. - Lady Sheherazahde

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