presents Need help? the 2002 starwood festival - july 23-28, 2002 - brushwood folklore center

Here are some photos of Starwood 2002, to whet your appetite for next year or ease your jones from this year. As always, if you got 'em, send 'em along to
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Some pics from (and of) Mari-anne and Charlie And from Revelry
Charlie basking in the Shadow of the Great Cthulu. Perhaps you saw their campsite? Dubbed the "Flying Dragon". Mari-anne henna'd. Pagan Fest Barbie™

Rangoli Pictures from CC Jones
Creating the Rangoli The completed Rangoli The Rangoli at dusk with candles integrated Tending the fire and the dance of destruction

Misc. Photos from Chuck
Chucks Mask for the Starwood Bonfire Dance. The bonfire at approx. 2:30 PM. Mr. Leaf Chucks Campsite Tent City

Starwood Radio (88.3FM) from Chuck
Thaelo and Chuck - the driving force behind Starwood Radio on-site. Starwood Radio Pirate infotainment jockey Chuck - and the provider of these pictures. Ar Matey...
DJ Jeff - an admiral in the Starwood Radio Fleet.
DJ Morgan
CAW, Utilikilt Member, E-group regular.
DJ Kelle. Slick Radio Goddess and life coach. Deb aka Thaelo, E-list co-moderator Potluck Mama, and Starwood Radio chick.

A few misc shots:

The fire doctors' first 2002 bonfire shot. Craigs pics from Starwood are always among the best! The Woodbusters by the Fire Doctor. Ro and Dragon all dressed up and a tiki fantasy fetish ball to go to!

Some StangCam shots:
ACE's Executive Director Jeff Rosenbaum catching some needed slack with the Rev. ivan Stang in the Blue Lady Cafe. Lisa, M.A. and Victoria on stage Friday night as Revelry. No, not Mardi Gras, it's the Starwood Childrens Parade!

Photo's by Maeve
A picture of the Rangoli done in the Roundhouse on Thursday. The unique, eclectic and ever changing Roundhouse altar. Billy Woods in a... hat? Or was Blond "in" this year? Ah, the hat. Looks far better on Maeve than Billy.
A couple more photo's by Maeve
Halim El-dabh, Billy Woods, Roy
Jones and friends in concert on Saturday night.
The bonfire under construction.

Here's what pitifully few pics the webmaster could take...
Entertaining and jamming with some of the guys from Gaelic Storm Tommy the Gaelic Storm piper squeezes the bag  
The Childrens parade wends it's way through Merchants Row Always a popular time, folks come from all over to watch Michael the Puppet Guy in his pink hair and clown suit
The bonfire as of 5PM on Saturday Afternoon. 18 hours later, this is all that's left...



- - check out the pics of Pan at the bonfire!

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