presents Need help? the 2002 starwood festival - july 23-28, 2002 - brushwood folklore center

Ritual is at the core of Starwood. From the Opening Circle on Tuesday, until the closing Circle on Sunday, every day (or night) has a large public ritual scheduled and perhaps several smaller ones. Some of the highlights include:

  • Opening Ritual on Tuesday, 7pm by Liafal. As we join our energies together, we invite the spirits to protect and guide us during Starwood. Join hundreds of people as we spiral dance to raise the power to envelope the festival in blessing.
  • Masonic Style Ritual on Wednesday at Midnight, presented by the Starwood Masonic Valley. A stately rite encompassing virtues like civic pride, tolerance and liberty. Aprons optional.
  • Druid Rite of Blessing on Thursday at Midnight, presented by StoneCreed Grove and ADF. We will make offerings to the Ancestors, Nature Spirits and Deities in this Druidic Full Moon Rite.
  • Celebration of the Pomegranate on Friday at Midnight presented by Spirit Weavers Church & Church of All Worlds) . I, Hades, invite you to a visit to the underworld while the Sun is absent this night. Join me, a few others of my colleagues and their ilk, for the Celebration of the Pomegranate. Don't forget, sooner or later you'll be here. Doesn't it make sense to honor the Underworld prior to your moving here?
  • The Labyrinth of Light on Friday from Midnight by Candlelot. You are invited to join us as we ritually consecrate this maze of luminaria and open the Labyrinth at Midnight. Silently walk the sacred Labyrinth of Light anytime between midnight and dawn & experience a journey of magical transformation. This ancient method for shifting consciousness and moving between worlds dates back thousands of years to Goddess-worshipping Crete and is found in other indigenous cultures, including the Hopi. It will be ritually closed at dawn.
  • Bonfire Lighting on Saturday Night. We will process as usual from the Main Stage to the Bonfire area.
  • Closing Ritual on Sunday, location variable... We thank those who have aided us during the festival and ask for protection as we return home.

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