the 2002 starwood festival - july 23-28, 2002 - brushwood folklore center

Living at Starwood is centered around camping. Whether you're a seasoned backpacker or occasional van camper, we're preparing some suggestions for a better stay.

On Being Sky-Clad
You'll be surprised how quickly you get used to it! Relax, enjoy the freedom, and wear good sunblock, especially on parts that rarely see the light of day! Don't work, build fires or go hiking skyclad - you'll thank yourself later - and remember, if ya' don't wanna, ya' don't gotta!
Skyclad means "clothed in space" or "nude". Yes, there may be naked people there. If you don't like that, then don't look! Nudity is not an invitation for sexual behavior. Innappropriate public behavior or treatment of others may be grounds for removal with no refund.

You must eat! Please remember this often and remind your friends and neighbors. We've prepared some suggestions and resources to aid you in this. Eat! It's easy to forget when you're cruising around and have that "Starwood High" going, but please, do yourself and us a favor by eating.

For your privacy and security, you must sign a waiver stating you have read and will abide by our rules to receive your Starwood ID to wear throughout the event. Those without an ID will be subject to removal. Parents of small children will be given a KidSafe form to attach to the outside of your tent, so we can find you on site if necessary.

First Aid
Supplies are always available at the Safety Shack, a small building near the Pool House. In case of a medical emergency, contact FirstAid at the Safety Shack or an A.C.E. or Brushwood Staff member immediately! Do not move anyone who is unconscious or has fallen! Wait for staff. Licensed physicians are at the nearby local hospital.
If you have a pre-existing medical condition, register at First Aid so we can help you if you need us!
Asthmatics, keep ventilators with you at all times.
Wash all cuts or bites with soap and water before bandaging.
If you start to feel bad, get thee to First Aid!
Have fun, but play safe. Watch your sun exposure, drink plenty of water, and look out for one another. Sunscreen and condoms are always available at the Safety Shack.

Brushwood Traffic
Your VEHICLE ID TAG must be visible in your car which you'll park across Bailey Hill Road in the Parking Area immediately after you unload. Merchant vehicles that MUST stay on-site must be approved by Starwood Staff, and should be left there until Sunday afternoon or departure. Absolutely NO non-staff vehicle traffic is allowed in the camping area from 1-8 AM.

will be closed each night between 12AM and 9AM. Plan to arrive outside these hours or contact us to make prior arrangements. Our parking area is located at the front of the site. Vehicles must be parked there once loaded. If your vehicle absolutely must stay on site, special arrangements MUST be made when you check in.

On-site Information
For first-timers, we suggest either the Wednesday or Thursday Orientation workshop.
Other info sources: Starwood Radion (88.3FM) the Information Booth, Bulletin Boards, and roving Heralds. Changes are inevitable; check these sources to stay current.